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UBUNTU DIOSAS, feminist dolls that rescue girls from ablation.

Social and feminist entrepreneurship that uses hand knitted, ecological and ethically produced dolls to empower girls and women.

Ada Galán

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UBUNTU DIOSAS is a collection of ecological dolls that connects the power of women around the world to help girls who flee from ablation and empower mothers in poverty.

UBUNTU is an old African philosophy that means: "I am because we are".

DIOSA (goddess in spanish) is the ultimate symbol of female power, a power that is not the domain of some over others, but freedom, the capacity to create and empowering care.

From the union of these two ideas is born UBUNTU DIOSAS, a social enterprise that claims our interdependent nature.

We are not isolated. The violence of women from all parts of the globe has a common base: the patriarchy. Practices such as ablation or child marriage obey the same misogynistic logic that underlies gender violence in the West.

We, who are in a privileged situation, can respond to these problems with indifference, with resignation or with empathy. Everything depends on realizing, or not, of two things. The first: they are not only their problems, they are also ours. The second: we have much more power than we have been led to believe. UBUNTU ... GODDESS.


#1. Prevent 10-year-old girls from undergoing genital mutilation in Abakuria (Kenya)

In December, while in a large part of the world children are looking forward to Christmas celebrations and gifts, in many places in Africa the time of mutilation begins and, with it, horror comes.

Female genital mutilation or ablation is one of the most extreme forms of patriarchal violence that exists. It supposes the partial or total extirpation of the external genitalia of the girls. Of course without anesthesia and carrying tremendous risks and sequels for all the life.

200 million women have already suffered it and 30 million girls are at risk of suffering it in the next decade.

But now let me tell you the good news: more and more girls are seeking help to avoid this terrible tradition and find it in non-profit organizations that work throughout the year in these countries.

This is the case of a small but effective ONL, the Kirira Foundation, which has managed to reduce mutilations by 70% in Tharaka, the Kenyan area in which they have been working for 10 years.

Thanks to our alliance with Kirira, every 50 UBUNTU GODDESSES sold will be used to pay for a rescue trip. 50 dolls = 1 child safe.

How will the rescues be made?

A rescue includes transportation from Abakuria to the Shelter House Estrella Giménez in Tharaka and stay and maintenance there throughout the month of December (only during this month mutilations occur, then the risk disappears completely).

After making this trip in 2020, Kirira Foundation will send us a report of the rescued girls (to which all the people that support crowdfunding can have access).

If you have any questions about the procedure, you can write us at [email protected] or contact to Kirira Foundation: [email protected]

#2.Provide decent income to indigenous mothers in situations of extreme poverty.

With the support of people like you, we can make wayúu mothers from La Guajira (Colombia) obtain decent income with which to feed their children.

It is an honor for us to have these artisans because for the Wayúu people, weaving is an ancestral practice, a way of conceiving and expressing life. Who better than them to become weavers of Goddesses?

However, and despite being expert knitters, these women receive a meager reward for their work and a lack of social recognition. They are the last of the chain. Therefore these dolls will be woven under Fair Trade conditions guaranteed by the Fundación Talento Colectivo.

Thanks to our alliance with this local foundation, the UBUNTU DIOSAS project will provide these artisans, not only much higher income than they obtain in a conventional trade scenario but also: training and professional qualification to help them to leave the circle of poverty, transportation to the workshop and nutritious food ** every working day (6 hours) and a **space for dialogue and personal and community empowerment.

#3. Empower girls in a world that wants them submissive and vulnerable.

Do you know what message the world continues to send to girls today? You are vulnerable. (conclusion of the study *It Begins at 10: How Gender Expectations Shape Early Adolescence Around the World

Through limited social stereotypes, women are taught to behave passively and that makes us vulnerable to future aggression. It is what we might call "learned gender helplessness". The good news is that empowerment in childhood immunizes against adult helplessness.

For this reason, we have rescued these ancient archetypes of feminine power. The collection starts with 4 dolls: Kali or life force, Lilith or freedom, Yemayá or creativity and Thea or empowered motherhood.

In the web that we will build thanks to the contributions received in this crowdfunding, we will offer free information in English and Spanish about the history and message of each goddess, so that you can understand and deepen its meaning and also share it with your little one.

#4. Take care of the Earth, our only home.

We have made a great effort to make our dolls with natural and biodegradable materials

For the exterior, we use soft and rich 100% organic cotton thread (we do not use conventional cotton, much cheaper, because it has a high negative impact on the nature and life of millions of people and we think it's worth it that these goddesses are free of suffering and toxic).

For the interior, nothing of the usual cheap Polyester (not renewable or biodegradable) but spongy organic wool, not bleached or dyed, only washed with an agent approved by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

In short: a UBUNTU GODDESS doll is not just a beautiful crochet doll. It is a symbol of hope, commitment and hope for the creation of a new world, where the care (of the environment, of the people, of the most vulnerable ...) occupy the priority place they deserve.


Kali is the Hindu mother goddess in her destructive facet. Carrier of a complex and powerful symbolism, represents aggressiveness at the service of life. That vital force that allows us to go with determination towards what we want, put limits to protect our integrity and express our needs and emotions.

Playing with Kali empowers against gender violence. This markedly active character breaks with the stereotype of the "good girl" that affects passivity, weakness and complacency.

According to a Jewish legend, before Eve, God created another woman, Lilith, but she, seeing that Adam demanded that she submit, took off her wings and flew away. Yes, Lilith decided to leave Paradise rather than submit and renounce her freedom. Is not it a beautiful myth? Okay, it's not really a goddess, but we could not leave this story behind!

Lilith is natural, wild, sensual, innocent and free. She is all that our corrupt society disapproves of.

And, things do not change as fast as we would like: the Observatories against domestic and gender violence speaks of relationships of affection between adolescents "based on control", whether mobile, family environment and social relations , and of the absolute permissiveness of minors.

Lilith legitimizes girls to fly away when their freedom and dignity is questioned.

Yemayá is the Afro-Caribbean mother goddess. In UBUNTU DIOSAS is a symbol of resistance against an educational system that crushes diversity, inhibits the imagination and penalizes originality.

Playing with Yemayá is allowing girls and boys to be what they already are.

Yemayá is a symbol of confidence in one's creativity and the development of one's own talents.

Thea doll (Goddess, in Greek) is inspired by an ancient figure present in all cultures of the world: the Great Mother.

Playing with Thea is empowering against Obstetric Violence, because she teaches that women have authority over their bodies, their babies and their experiences of gestation and childbirth. It is a symbol of empowered motherhood. Our daughters will give birth as goddesses ;-)

Are the UBUNTU GODS just for girls?

Do not! We have taught dolls to girls and boys alike and everyone loves to play with them :-) That these dolls are based on female archetypes and on a feminine conception of power does not limit their use to girls. That could be the first mistake, do not you think?


To our goddesses you already know them :-)

In addition, we wanted to offer cheaper rewards so that whoever wants to support this project and its values can do so. We need you!

  • Sponsors: for only 10 eur you will be a patron of the project and your name will appear on our website.

  • T-shirt “Cada día más bruja y menos princesa” (Every day more witch and less princess, in spanish) in organic cotton. As Starhawk, a feminist witch, said: claiming the word witch is claiming our right to, as women, be powerful. We are almost 100 witches who have it! We are a Spanish movement but we want to enchant the world!

  • Vulva crochet, woven in organic cotton. You can choose a keychain format or an original bookmark format.

Its name is vulva, we should say it more!
Its name is vulva, we should say it more!

About us

In front of the project I am Ada Galán, graduated in Philosophy and mother. But UBUNTU DIOSAS would not be possible without the collaboration of Sandra Espinosa, Social Educator addicted to crochet, who has given life to these dolls that were only in my imagination. Our intention is to continue giving life to other goddesses together. Next goal: Hecate!

In addition, thanks to the work of ** Patry Lara ** you can see the dolls in the photographs and video that accompany this crowdfunding.

To what we will destine your contributions

Once the donation to Kirira has been deducted, the cost of manufacturing the rewards, shipping costs, taxes and commissions of Verkami and Paypal, we will use the remaining money to create a website for the project from which to start operating.

The achievement of this first and humble objective implies the achievement of our social goals: the first rescue in Abakuria and 2 months of work for our artisans.

And from here: as far as you want to take us :-)

Scheduled calendar

Once the campaign is over, we will get to work immediately, we will buy the necessary materials and start the Colombia workshop. However, we need time to do things well and ensure the welfare of all the people involved in this project. The dolls will start arriving in May 2019. But it is now, at this exact moment, when we need your help and your confidence to start the project!

The t-shirt and the keychain / bookmark vulvas will be sent starting in February and the webinar will be carried out in the spring.

A hug and ... Ubuntu, Goddess!

+ Info

The alliances that make our social purpose possible:

[Fundación Kirira](http://www.fundacionkirira.es/)
[Fundación Kirira](http://www.fundacionkirira.es/)

[Fundación Talento Colectivo](http://www.talentocolectivo.org/acerca-de-la-fundacion/la-fundacion)
[Fundación Talento Colectivo](http://www.talentocolectivo.org/acerca-de-la-fundacion/la-fundacion)


  • Can I choose the doll model or do you assign it randomly?

    You can choose it, of course! Once the crowdfunding is over, and if the funding objective has been achieved, we will contact you by mail so you can tell us which one you want.

  • When I made the payment, Verkami did not ask me for any address, where are the dolls going to arrive?

    Don’t worry. At the end of the campaign, we will contact by email all patrons to give us the addresses. This is done once the crowdfunding has achieved its objective and after 40 days of campaigning.

  • What happens to the girls after the rescue?

    Currently the Kirira Foundation and its counterpart Kirira NGO rescue girls who escape FGM and who respond to two profiles:

    • they either run away from home and take refuge in the schools or in the Shelter permanently (thanks to the existence of sponsorship programs)

    • or they remain refugees during the period of the mutilations and after that time they return home.

    This is possible because the mutilations are practiced only and exclusively in Abakuria during the month of December. After the old women who practice it leave and the danger of being mutilated completely disappears until within 2 years (in Abakuria the FGM is not practiced annually).

    However, in many cases, when the girls return home they suffer the stigmatization of the family and the community. That is why the Kirira Foundation and Kirira NGO, in addition to rescue trips and campaigns against FGM throughout the year in schools, also works with families.

    How is this delicate work developed with the families of the girls? Fundamentally through the microcredit groups. These groups are formed by women from the community who receive financial aid each year to start their own business, who have received training on the risks and consequences of FGM and who become activists against FGM. They identify the most vulnerable cases and, in many cases, they are the first to welcome girls who do not accept to be mutilated. We must not forget that FGM is illegal in Kenya. Despite this, in places like Abakuria it is practiced in a massive way. These women go to schools to report these cases and often also intervene and mediate with the families of the girls.

    The age at which they usually mutilate a girl turns around 10 years. Of course, if that girl is not mutilated and her context does not change, after two years she will be at risk again. That is why Kirira follows up on all the cases and works to offer protection to the girl and alternatives for the future.

    The rescue trip should therefore be viewed as an emergency aid within a broader framework of action, not as the solution to the problem of FGM. Once the child is not mutilated, she continues to be helped through sponsorship, work with families, campaigns in schools and the influence of microcredit groups in communities and families.

    The final goal is for the community to gradually abandon the mutilation, as has already happened in Tharaka where Kirira has been working for 10 years and in which FGM has decreased dramatically.

    For any questions, you can write to [email protected]

Do you have any other queries or questions?

Ask the author


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    Espero que salga adelante este bello proyecto y poder tener noticias de como va

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    Estela Parra Lubary

    over 5 years

    Proyecto doble o triple proderechos humanos, imposible no participar. Gracias a las fundadoras y emprededoras :)

  • Elena


    over 5 years

    Graciassss! Me encanta el proyecto

  • agatazb


    over 5 years

    Preciosa iniciativa! Os apoyo 100% y espero recibir muchas buenas noticias por vuestra parte :)

  • Toñi Carrero

    Toñi Carrero

    over 5 years

    jejejeje lo sabía!!! Y van dos!!! Sigamos en ello!!!

  • Yolanda


    over 5 years

    Un proyecto precioso!! Y las muñecas súper lindas,estoy deseando ver los libro.

  • Menda


    over 5 years

    Ánimo chicas! Woman Power!

  • Rossana


    over 5 years

    Qué bonito proyecto... Me encanta!!!

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    Paula Ros Bres

    over 5 years

    Deseando leer a Sara estos cuentos!!!



    over 5 years

    Espero que lo consigáis! ánimo y mucha fuerza estamos juntas en esto.

#07 / ¡Arranca los envíos de las muñecas!

Empezamos por enviar las recompensas de 69 euros = 1 muñeca Lilith, que ha quedado increíble, da gusto verla, ¡creo que os va a encantar!

La primera remesa de Mumbi tiene algunos errores y por tanto no es apta. Apechugo pérdidas, una vez más, y repetimos.

Nota: Al margen de su significado, su fin social o de la apuesta por el cuidado por el medio ambiente, las muñecas Ubuntu Diosas deben ser unas piezas de artesanía únicas con un acabado excelente.

El calendario de inicio de envío de las recompensas queda así:

20 de mayo:

  • muñeca LILITH

  • packs Lilith + cuento

27 de mayo:

  • muñecas KALI

  • Camiseta + Kali

3 de junio:

  • muñeca THEA y YEMAYÁ

  • Camiseta + Thea y Yemayá

11 de junio:

  • muñeca MUMBI

  • packs Mumbi + lámina

  • packs de 2, 3 y 4 muñecas

No me olvido de los mecenas que tenéis las anteriores recompensas pendientes porque me habéis facilitado el haceros llegar todo en un único envío. Gracias de nuevo.

read more

#06 / ¡Aleluya! ¡Cuento de Lilith ilustrado! (y me tiene loca)

Lilith, indómita
Lilith, indómita

¡Felicidad! ¡Ilustraciones de Lilith terminadas! Y, tengo que decirlo, estoy encantada :-) Ver mi historia plasmada en colores y acuarelas me llena de satisfacción. ¡Sonrio mientras escribo!

Le hemos puesto mucho corazón, tanto al texto (requetepulido y requetemimado) como a las ilustraciones, con las que Trini Mañogil se estrena como ilustradora de cuentos. Sí, es su primera vez, a mí me encanta que crezcamos juntas.

En estos momentos lo están maquetando y estoy gestionando el ISBN. En cuanto tenga ambas cosas, a imprenta. ¡Mi primer libro! Cuyo borrador escribí un día de 6 a 9 a.m. con un impulso creativo que me sacó de la cama (y gracias a que mi bebé se alió milagrosamente con mi propósito jaja).

Es un cuento escrito en lengua de sueños (ese lenguaje incomprendido y… read more

#05 / “Este viaje ha empoderado mi vida y mi futuro” V. (niña que ha evitado la mutilación gracias al viaje de rescate)

Hoy, Día Internacional de Tolerancia Cero con la Mutilación Genital Femenina, quería compartir con vosotros los testimonios de las dos niñas que participaron en el viaje de rescate realizado el pasado mes diciembre por la Fundacion Kirira, y cuyos gastos cubre este proyecto gracias a vuestro apoyo.

Voy a proteger sus identidades y tampoco voy a publicar una foto individual en la que se las pueda identificar (si algún mecenas necesita alguna información, se proporcionará de forma privada y siempre de acuerdo a lo que establezca la fundación Kirira al respecto), pero sí quería haceros llegar al menos el eco de sus palabras y de sus ilusiones, porque la ayuda que prestamos fue real y ocurrió y es bueno saber cómo lo vivieron ellas y qué esperan del futuro.

V. (14 años)

¿Cómo era tu vida antes del viaje?

Me enfrentaba a muchos desafíos como ser aislada por miembros de mi familia, ser forzada a someterme a la MGF y al matrimonio precoz, y abandonar la escuela.

read more


Aún no sé dónde estáis pero sé que estáis. ¡Ahora sí que sí!

Cientos de mujeres y, me alegra, un puñado de buenos hombres a los que la palabra diosa no les asusta sino que les inspira. Personas capaces de ver el valor de un producto, no solo su precio. Gente con ganas de sacudir las patas del sistema.

Así me lo tomo. Si tú intención era otra, ¡ya es tarde! ;-)

Así que me pongo al frente de este emprendimiento con la intención de ponerlo al servicio de la expansión de la vida y no de la mera ganancia económica.

¿Podemos construir empresas sobre nuestras necesidades sociales y no solo sobre necesidades individualistas? ¿Sobre nuestro deseo de ayudar, cuidar, sostener, vincularnos, proteger? ¿Sobre un nosotros/nosotras y no sobre un yo entendido de forma aislada? ¿Podemos crecer ayudando a crecer a otros? Eso preguntaba en… read more

#03 / Ada en la radio y Mumbi en tu casa :-)

¿Quieres conocer mejor el proyecto y a su impulsora? ¡Ubuntu Diosas en RNE! Puedes escucha esta entrevista que Carles Mena hizo a Ada Galán

Y mira la nueva recompensa que hemos preparado para animar la recta final de crowdfunding: una preciosa y cálida lámina de Mumbi, la última muñeca en unirse a la colección.

Inspirada en la figura de la madre ancestral de la mitología Kikuyu, Mumbi habla de cuidados, de naturaleza, de creatividad, de vínculos y de humanidad... “Las raíces de la Tierra son mis raíces”, nos recuerda. Inspiración y color en tamaño grande 25 x 25 cm para iluminar la habitación de tu peque, ¡o para donde tú quieras! ¿Tú dónde la pondrías?

Y lo que más te va a gustar: al llevarte esta lámina a casa proporcionas 10 comidas completas a las niñas refugiadas de la ablación y otras formas de abuso y violencia en los proyectos de la Fundación Kirira.

¡No la dejes escapar! Sólo cuesta 14 eurosread more

#02 / Nos vamos a Kenia. ¡Difunde la voz!

Carta a los mecenas de Ubuntu Diosas:

Nos vamos a Kenia.

Un trocito de ti y un trocito de mí.

Un trocito de cada uno de los (!) 85 mecenas.

¿Que ha pasado en los últimos días? Estoy un poco shockeada. Y yo que quería escribir un mensaje personal a cada uno de los mecenas y charlar un rato y ¡ahora no puedo ni responder a los mensajes y correos que estoy recibiendo! ¡Ni de periodistas!

Lo primero. Lo hemos conseguido. El 100% del objetivo en 5 días. Y no solo eso, es que ya vamos por el 144%.

Y dado que he gastado en publicidad 3 euros, la única razón por la que esta semilla ha germinado debes ser tú. O más bien: lo que tú y yo, a pesar de las diferencias, tenemos en común. Lo que yo y tú y ella y él tenemos en común.

(¿Cómo lo llamamos?)

Anoche iba en el coche por una carretera secundaria. La oscuridad era total. Y, por un instante, me sentí impulsada. Como cuando te subes en una ola en el mar y dejas que te lleve. Esa sensación.

read more

#01 / Diario de una emprendedora: 13 diosas

En este post yo debería decir cosas optimistas y positivas, energizantes, estimulantes.

Y, sin embargo, ¿sabes? Estoy cansada. Son casi las 12 de la noche, mi bebé sigue dando saltos en el sofá, escribir en este IPad me va a provocar una lesión cervical y tengo miedo.

Cerramos el segundo día de campaña con el 23% del objetivo conseguido. Pero casi todo se logró el primer día.

Así que hoy ha sido una jornada agridulce en la que incluso me he sentido incomprendida. Y, sin embargo, las felicitaciones y el apoyo han sido infinitamente mayor que las críticas, los silencios o las ausencias. ¿Cuándo dejaré de dar más importancia a un ceño fruncido que a una amplia sonrisa?

Supongo que este no es el tipo de cosas que una CEO debe compartir en un post de una campaña de crowdfunding pero, sabéis, mi corazón me dice que siga haciéndolo, que no repita roles y consignas, que esto es otra cosa. Que Ubuntu Diosas es otra cosa.

(-¿No es evidente?, me dice el corazón).

read more

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