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VERDUGO | An ethical, sustainable and local fashion is possible.

Spanish fashion brand inspired by the natural beauty. Timeless, comfy and functional design.


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VERDUGO is my surname and the brand name. A contemporary fashion firm produced in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way in Spain.


They are pieces that will not never stop being trendy and which you will be able to combine in many ways.


We don’t believe in our consumption system where is compulsory have always new outfits, that’s why VERDUGO fights for other business model, a sustainable one.


My name is Lourdes Verdugo and I am the person behind the brand. Since I was little, I was very passionate for fashion, sewing, artesian and traditional processes and creativity.

Lourdes Verdugo | Meraki Project by Rubén Suárez & Daniel Ramos
Lourdes Verdugo | Meraki Project by Rubén Suárez & Daniel Ramos

I studied Psychology but, after I finished my studies, I decided to follow my passion and make my dream true.

I moved to Barcelona to study Patterns in Felicidad Duce School to be able to create my own designs. Through the course, I developed my own pieces and, little by little, I defined and evolved the brand’s essence.

Lourdes Verdugo | Meraki Project by Rubén Suárez & Daniel Ramos
Lourdes Verdugo | Meraki Project by Rubén Suárez & Daniel Ramos


I have always admired nature, specially the sea, and its life cycles. Because I have such a special connection with nature, I always want to protect and look after her in the best possible way.


My designs are functional, because they enable many different combinations; comfortable, they let you move with freedom; and timeless, because, based on minimal designs, they will never stop being trendy.


That’s why I give importance to the materials and pattern’s lines. I use basic geometry for the cuts and austere colors with neutral chromaticism.


Conscious humans that are looking for products where is not only important the aesthetic, also the history and the soul.


The product not only satisfies their consumption necessities, it also fits with human, environmental and social responsibility criteria.

They look for timeless, quality, comfortable and functional pieces, also produced in a responsible and ethical way.


Verdugo’s philosophy is based on:

Now is more important than ever what is behind every piece of cloth we wear. In the XXI century, this concern is going further. It means buying with principles and consciousness.

We got used to an accelerated rhythm with massive productions, where the humans, animals and environment rights are in a second stage

It is not only an “ECO” trend; there is a necessity for a cultural movement and a social RE-education to improve the society.

That’s why I bet for quality pieces, non-related to the swinging trends, but focus in a timeless fashion, to be able to last in time.


I believe in a different fashion model than most of the brands and designers offer nowadays.

ETHIC, working with transparency, generating projects to help minorities, promoting environmental responsibility in resources and reaching fair commercial relations in the distribution. My aim is affecting positively the quality of all the agents that participle in the process, creating sustainable livelihoods and minimizing the environmental impact.

SUSTAINABLE, changing the massive consumption for a responsible one, giving a holistic answer to all the creation process and generating a positive impact, socially and environmentally.

TIMELESS I truly believe, that products with clean and minimal design are long-term investment. They are created to be used for years, season to season. All my pieces are a mix between a contemporary design and the local and artisanal production.


I founded Verdugo for myself, with no financial support and, until now, I have been working in all the processes by my own: inspiration, fabrics, suppliers, searching ethic ateliers and the creation of the patterns. In addition, I have worked in the creative process and the branding, taking care of marketing campaigns, communication and social media.

Now is the moment to make a step ahead to give a response to international customers. I want to keep producing at local level, maintaining all the ethic aspects that make my company trustful, but I need to improve my production level to keep growing up, which means a bigger investment.


The campaign resources will be used for financing:

  • Materials and compensation’s production

  • Shipping

  • Taxes

  • % platform benefits

  • Showcases of new collections.

  •      Search of new materials and sustainable methodologies.  

This is the minimum amount to assume the creation costs and to keep making possible VERDUGO.

The bodysuits are equivalent to a size between 36 / 38-40. Thanks to their elastane %, they adapt themselves to all women silhouettes types. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us in verdugoclothing@gmail.com.


I want to thank all the incredible people that have helped me in this beautiful and difficult adventure, inspiring with their creativity and dedication. Thanks to Ibone, Greg and Inma, for creating this beautiful video and for their friendship.

Thanks to all my friends, family, customers and people that I met because of VERDUGO, thank you for believing in me and for giving me the strengths and the love to not give up.

Finally, thank you for your time and for supporting my project. I truly believe that this is another way of fashion consumption.



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  • Giorgia D'Agostino

    Giorgia D'Agostino

    over 3 years

    Good luck girl!

  • Sbaronio


    over 3 years

    Insegui i tuoi sogni!!!

  • Moni Pérez López

    Moni Pérez López

    over 3 years

    Animo Lourdes,te deseo mucha suerte.

  • Noé Ramos

    Noé Ramos

    over 3 years

    Gracias Lourdes por ser como eres y por intentar cambiar el mundo a escala local y global

  • Sergi Castellà

    Sergi Castellà

    over 3 years

    paz, verdugo y amor!

  • Esperanza


    over 3 years

    Porque Verdugo se merece la Esperanza de una moda mejor y mas sostenible

  • Yago Zapata

    Yago Zapata

    over 3 years

    Me alegra ver que existan iniciativas tan bonitas y necesarias como esta

  • AGUAribadesella


    over 3 years

    Enhorabuena!!Excelente proyecto 😊

  • AGUAribadesella


    over 3 years

    Enhorabuena!!Excelente proyecto 😊

  • Juano


    over 3 years

    Mucha suerte! Esperemos que lo consigas, tus diseños molan

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