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Make snowboard great again.

Abstract Films

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Project description

Why we choose Japan?
You can be surprised for the result of this project. Hokkaido, this small island north of Honshū (is the main island of Japan). It receives between 15 and 20 meters of snow per season and by proximity to Siberia, temperatures are between -10º and -15ºC during the winter. As you can see, if you are looking for snow, it seems that this is the place to be

Furthermore, part of the team of "Shiro" We have several winters traveling to Japan to work as mountain guides and snowboard coachs, so in recent years we have been discovering more and more spots of this island that, if you follow us on our project, you will also discover and who knows, maybe the next one to travel there will be you.

And now, if nobody told you that before, you already know that Japan is one of the best destinations for snow, and this was the first reason why we decide to discover it, But when someone travels through that country it falls in love with his culture, his landscapes, the people, mmmm ... the food, etc.

This is how it was made, we traveled one month more than 2000km in a van around the island to tell it to you.

In addition, the documentary will be presented at different mountain festivals:

Pamplona Skimetraje, Barcelona Sports Film, Freeride film festival,...

¿Who we are?

Shiro's team is formed by a group sharing the same passion, the mountain and the snowboard. This passion gave us the opportunity to travel together different places on the planet to explore their mountains. After having been very cold together, we decided to start this adventure called Shiro (white in japanese), a very special project for all of us

Jordi Brusca
Yujiro Kondo
Jaume Pons
Pablo Sáncez
Charly Ranza
Life in white (Laura Donet y Gabriel Mojón)

Staff crew
Director: Miquel Soler
Production: Abstract
Cameras: Miquel Soler, Jose Villalva
Photograhy: Juan Aizpuru
Graphic designer: Ezequiel Macchi
Texts: Edu Palau
Voice off: Daniel Rived
Music: Bazz Boyz
Sound design: Tortuga Sound

Some of our team in the top of mount Asahidake
Some of our team in the top of mount Asahidake

Well, now the team is almost complete.
We just need you We would like you to be part of our project, we would like you to help us growing by contributing your part.

As you can see we are here with a lot of desire and commitment. Help us to make this film jump to the big screen as it deserves. You know why? Because it is made with love, dedication, passion and there is no way to pay for it with money.

Your team,

¿Where will be destinated your help?

  • 10% of incomes will go directly to POW fundation (Protect Our Winters) to fight against climate change.
  • Other part of incomes will go to pay all the campaing workers (graphic designer, soundtrack, narrator, postproduction and sound design).

Tortuga Sound team in the audio studio
Tortuga Sound team in the audio studio


  • The mountage of the documentary will end at the end of October, later the postproduction will take place.
  • The premiere is scheduled between 10 and 19 November 2018, probably at the Skimetraje mountain film festival in Pamplona. The calendar of rewards is scheduled to start once the campaign ends. So you will receive your reward during the first weeks of December.

How to colaborate?

If you want to colaborate to this project, you just have to click on the top button to the right and select the gifts that you prefer.
Verkami will ask for your bank and contact information.

Do not worry! Verkami will not make any charge on your card until the campaign has been completed and the goal has been achieved.

All contributions are welcome, so cheer up!



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  • Sònia Lecha

    Sònia Lecha

    about 1 year

    De camí al èxit. Endavant artistes!

  • Alejandro Allain

    Alejandro Allain

    about 1 year

    Michi exutoire gente !!!

  • chiru


    about 1 year

    ¡¡¡¡A muerte ahí con el happy riding!!!!!

  • Aldanaperalta


    about 1 year

    Gran proyectoo!!! Y enormes aquellos que van con esas gran mochilas con la nieve que te llega hasta el cuello!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Miguel Ángel Puisac

    Miguel Ángel Puisac

    about 1 year

    All riiiight!!!

  • Roger PoGa

    Roger PoGa

    about 1 year

    A tope!!! 😃

  • carmen alonso

    carmen alonso

    over 1 year


  • carmen alonso

    carmen alonso

    over 1 year


  • Alex Carabi

    Alex Carabi

    over 1 year

    Molta sort amb el projecte!!!

  • Abstract Films

    Abstract Films

    over 1 year

    Muchas gracias a todos por colaborar. En menos de 1 semana hemos conseguido nuestro primer objetivo.
    Juntos estamos haciendo que Shiro sea cada vez más grande.

2 backers
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits.
7 backers
  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
10 backers
Soyu Ramen

Entre todas las fotografias del proyecto, haremos una selección para imprimir, con papel de alto gramaje.

Among all project's photos a SHIRO private high quality selection will be chosen for printing.

  • 3 image in 10x15 cm
  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
4 backers

  • Shiro Movie Poster
  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
34 backers

  • Shiro Limited edition t-shirt (black or white)
  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
14 backers

Change your living room's view. We have a great selection of panoramic photos shot while SHIRO was filmed. We really want to share them with you.

  • Panoramic photo (75 approx width)
  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits

2 backers

· Mitts hight quality 10 Peaks

· Pack 3 photos 10x15

· Private link for online viewing

· Thanks on the credits

Shipping costs included

5 backers
Miso Ramen

If you are a true fan of photography and paper, this is your kit.
A hardcover book with a selection of the best images of our adventure.

  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
  • Shiro Movie Poster
  • 5 photo set 10x15cm
  • Shiro Book with Shiro movie DVD

3 backers

If you are a true photography enthusiast, this is your kit.

  • Private Link for online viewing
  • Gratitude and aparence in movie credits
  • Shiro Movie Poster
  • 5 photo set 10x15cm
  • Panoramic photo (75 cm width approx)
2 backers

If you make a contribution of this magnitude, is that you are a true fan of photography.

  • Pack 10 photographs 10x15.
  • Poster Shiro.
  • Shiro book limited edition (approx 40pg) + DVD of the film.
  • Panoramic photo.
  • Private link for online viewing.
  • Thanks in the credits.

  • Shipping costs included Peninsula and Balearic Islands *

Shipping costs included

0 backers

Si haces una aportación de está magnitud, serás un auténtico samurai y formarás parte del proyecto igual que nosotros.

  • Aparecerás en los créditos como Productor ejecutivo.
  • Pack 5 fotografias 10x15.
  • Poster Shiro.
  • Camiseta edición limitada Shiro.
  • Link privado para visualización online.
  • Agradecimiento en los créditos.

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