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Circular Concert 'Palestine Beats': Al Kamandjati Ensemble and Strings of the World

We want the Palestinain voice and music to be listened loud and clear.

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The concert will take place in Barcelona in the Sala Moragues of the Cultural Centre El Born. On the 1st of December at 7pm. It will count with the participation of the Palestinian musicians of Al Kamandjati Ensemble and Strings of the World, with the special collaboration of the guitarist and singer Ana Rossi and the cellist Marta Roma.

What is Palestine Beats?

Palestine Beats is a campaign coordinated by the Catalan Association for Peace (ACP) that aims to bring Palestine to the citizens of Catalonia, it wants to give the voice to the Palestinian people, through Palestinian culture, with music, cinema, circus, theatre and poetry. The campaign proposes to open cultural spaces of dialogue, exchange, learning, reflection and at the same time denouncing the systematic violation of human rights on the Palestinian people.

The ignorance about the Arab world and the Palestinian cause, added to a certain prevention on some part of citizens towards this region, makes it really difficult to generate a solidarity and a strong commitment to peace, dialogue and human rights.

The Palestinian conflict is an embedded and long-lasting conflict; often, a forgotten crisis in our society. For the past 70 years the Palestinian people livies under a systematic violation of their human rights and fundamental freedoms: Israel, despite its appearance of democratic country, does not comply with the resolutions of the United Nations and violates the Internationa law.

Over this 2018, the Gaza Strip has seen a sharp escalation of the conflict. Since last March 30, nearly 200 Palestinians, including children, have been killed by Israeli Security Forces, adding more than 20,000 people injured on the border line. At the same time, the attacks of the settlers to the Palestinians in the West Bank this summer have been the highest in the last three years.

The demolition of houses and the forced displacements recorded in the last twelve months are more than 350. Strategic planning on the part of Israel of construction of new settlements continues non stop in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. In Israeli prisons, there are a total of 440 Palestinian men and women, under the so-called system of "administrative detention", among them, hundreds of children (some without charges).

The complex situation of the Arab world, as a result of the intersection of historical factors, conflicts without apparent solutions in sight and the sum of regional interests, strategic and economic factors of the world powers; all this added to the complex geopolitical situation of the region and the fact that it is a very prolonged conflict over time, results in an increase in the perception of the Catalan public opinion, hardly, you can do anything from the civil society to promote a peace process based on justice and equity.

This proposal of a concert aims to listen to the music and the voice of the Palestinians, to learn, share and create new synergies with the aim of opening borders and extend bridges of dialogue and solidarity between the two cultures. The aim of Palestine Beats is to clearly denounce the violation of the permanent human rights to the Palestinian people.

Who are the Al Kamandjati Ensemble?

Al Kamandjati Ensemble is a group of Palestinian musicians created by the association Al Kamandjati (AK). AK was created by the internationally renowned Ramzi Aburedwan. It was founded in 2002, with the aim of providing musical education to the Palestinians without resources. Beyond his musical aim, AK has also become a tool to strengthen the Palestinian identity and cultural recognition.

AK has schools and centers in six towns of Palestine and two in Lebanon for Palestinian refugees. These schools incorporate the teaching of Western classical music and the Palestinian, Arab and Eastern traditional music. Have the students and programs of classical Orchestra for adults, as well as Eastern teaching programs that network at the international level

According to his words, "Al Kamandjati exists to teach music to young Palestinians, especially to those living in marginalized areas, and to make music accessible to all the Palestinian community, strengthening the recognition of the Palestinian identity, as well as of the Arab culture. Al Kamandjâti seeks to spread the musical culture among all members of the Palestinian society, boost their creativity, make them aware of their national identity and contribute to the construction of a cohesive society that respects the freedom of expression, pluralism, tolerance, equality and cooperation".

Who are Strings of the World?

Strings of the World was born in Parets del Vallès from the hand of director Ernesto Briceño, creator of Musical Studies Centre Maria Grever. The Ethnological Museum of Barcelona and the Taller de Músics School of musical studies are scientific and methodological contributors.

The project of social, cultural and educational guidance, based on your musical content in the stringed instruments and is designed to participate from a musician to a total of twenty-two, depending on each and every issue. Strings in the world incorporates anthropology to their shows, through musical creations of traditional base, jazz and experimentation.

The Palestinian and Catalan musicians of Palestine Beats

Iyad M. S. Staiti: lute and director

Henneh H. M. Alhajhasan (Al Kamandjati): singer

Mohammed N. M. Khamaysa (Al Kamandjati): ney

Ayham B. To. Ayesh (Al Kamandjati): qanun

Yanal M. M Staiti (Al Kamandjati): percussionist

Ernesto Briceño (Ropes of the World): violin and director

Ana Rossi (Ropes of the World): guitar and singer

Marta Rome (Ropes of the World): cello

Marta and Ana, accompanied by the Catalan Association for Peace (ACP), have travelled the second week of October to Ramallah, to meet and create synergies with Al Kamandjati, with the aim of preparing the repertoire of the Circular Concert Palestine Beats. Good synergies, good tones and many expectations!

We present a circular concert...

An aural sound experience designed from music therapy and intelligent music. Inclusive and merging. It has the aim of creating a sensory atmosphere through the sound, the lighting, the active meditation and binaural sound immersion. The public will be in a great mandala, receive the Palestinian and Catalan musicians from four sound rings that evolve from pure sound, voice, strings and percussion.

The musicians of Al Kamandjati and Strings of the World will transport us in the life and in the streets of Ramallah, Jenin, Jericho and Jerusalem, with a repertoire that includes: samai, longa, classical music on the classical Arabic songs (like taktoka), traditional songs of the Palestinian and Catalan music and numerous sensory emotions.

Who we are?

The Catalan Association for Peace (ACP) was founded in 1990, driven by a group of men and women, linked to several organizations and social movements engaged in the struggle for peace and disarmament and in the transformation of the North-South relations on the planet.

We are an organization committed to the transformation of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged populations and in the achievement of social structures more fair, the full expression of the individual and collective rights and the eradication of poverty.

We work to enable all the exercise of those rights that ensure the dignity of the people. We do it from instruments such as development cooperation, humanitarian action, education and awareness-raising, social mobilization and advocacy.

In Catalonia, we add synergies and share efforts with other organizations and institutions which are also involved in a world that is more just and supportive. In countries where we develop projects, we do it together with local partners that are part of civil society, all committed to the creation and strengthening of the social network.

Why we need your collaboration?

Your contribution will allow us to organize and coordinate with guarantees all tasks and expenses involved in making this concert. So, we will be able to cover costs of transport (flight ticket) and accommodation of the musicians, the rental of materials or the publication of a poster and the realization of a good promotion campaign.

About rewards

If you help us with this initiative, we will book your tickets, we will recognize your contribution including your name in the program and on the website. In addition, you can have access to the rehearsal that we will do on the day of the concert. Also you will receive tickets for the social circus of the Palestinian Circus School SARAB, which is scheduled for the second week of may, 2019, an activity included in the campaing Palestine Beats. SARAB is a story of the siege and survival, a representation of the history living people who seek refuge in all stages

You will receive various gifts related to the campaign Palestine Beats and with Al Kamandjati, as the book The Children of the Stone: "The Power of Music in a Hard Land (English Edition) (https://www.npr.org/2015/07/12/421752385/in-palestine-a-child-of-violence-becomes-a-music-educator?t=1538129971357): tells the story of Hussein Ramzi Aburedwan, a boy in a field of Palestinian refugees, who compares the army occupying, get an education and become a professional musician. Through his charisma and his persistence, inspires other young people to make their dreams through.

"The Children ot the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land"
"The Children ot the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land"

Thank you

With your cooperation, we will bring the music of Al Kamandjati to the catalan citizens, bringing the voice of the Palestinian people and to know the conditions of permanent violation of their rights because of the occupation that suffers by the State of Israel. Help us to make possible this initiative of solidarity!


For any doubt or query, you can contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 933 188 444

Facebook: Associació Catalana per la Pau

Twitter: @_acpau


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