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Publication of the novel "Ratas", new paradigm of science fiction.

The frantic epic of a man victim of a mass deception forced to flee unfailingly forward.

Juanj Cuesta

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The project consists of publishing, with a certain standard of quality, the novel that I have written, in which I have great hopes for the future.

The novel has as a central character * an adorable neurotic * trapped in a continuous inner storm that is removed from his placid rural existence, perfectly adapted to social self-marginality, perpetual lover of animals and conspiranoias, and in short with an ideal existence in disability It is a quasi-permanent labor, due to a swirling whirlwind of events that will drag you to an uncontrolled flight forward, within a reality hidden from view by all.

  • The character will soon become endearing: * conspiranoic, high cultural level, distiller of poisons, eternally tormented by his neurosis. * In a word, the maximum exponent of the future human being *. He takes affection for the poor, antihero as he is, prey perhaps to situations that, not only escape his control, but are definitely great, but before which he does not get upset, prey to his own vital inertia.

I have done a previous job of shuffling different self-publishing options, although they are not the only ones that have been tested. Finally, I opted for an editorial that is among the five most important in the desktop publishing landscape, which offers a series of additional services that, for me, are much more interesting than simple self-publishing and printing on paper. The publisher is * Caligrama *. Among the services it provides, besides being located in the European group Penguin Random House, it could be
break down the following:
1. Preparation of an editorial report
2. Certified orthotypographic correction.
3. Obtaining a quality seal that allows access to certain catalogs.
4. ISBN registration and digital edition.
5. Distribution in 2000 libraries by catalog.
6. Presence of the digital format in the main online sales websites.
7. Direct distribution to criticism.
8. Permanent printing on demand.
9. Printing of a limited number of copies, most of which would be for the rewards of the participants. - Around one hundred copies, with the possibility of expansion.
10. Direct participation in several awards.

I have had editing experiences before, not in the literary field, but in music, and I know perfectly well that it is of little or nothing to get to edit. if you do not have a good distribution. Therefore, I have tried to eliminate this factor from the maldistribution of my proposal


We have tried to develop an attractive merchandising, which we will deliver around 2 months after finishing the Crowfunding process in Verkami. * This period is the one requested by the publisher to carry out the procedures. *

As you will see, we have estimated various levels of reward, recompense that we will make effective through the following procedure:

  1. ** After the closure of the Crowfunding ** ** and only if the project has covered the economic objectives **, ** we will contact each of you through a Verkami form that will be sent to you, where you can select the models of the chosen objects **, especially with regard to cups and t-shirts -the garment or model between the two that exist-, given that the reward of level 1 is no doubt, it would be a printed book and there is no more options.

  2. The order will be sent within 2 months to the agreed address at no additional cost, given that ** in the value of each reward a collaboration with the standard shipping costs ** has been included.


LEVEL 1: A dedicated book, in paper edition, of this first print run. Contribution of € 25 (€ 20 for the book + € 5 for collaboration in shipping costs)
LEVEL 2: Dedicated book + 300 ml cup with logo of the promotion. Contribution of € 35.
LEVEL 3: Dedicated book + 300 ml cup with promotion logo + T-shirt with logo to choose from. Contribution of € 55.
LEVEL 4: Dedicated book + 300 ml cup with promotion logo + 2 T-shirts with logo to choose from. Contribution of € 70. (For fans of t-shirt collectors).

I have a degree in medicine, a degree in veterinary medicine and I even have a university master, with which I can be confused with any politician, but, although I have killed abundantly in fiction, I am not so criminal in reality. I have worked on many things - lifeguard, dance teacher, certifier, FPO teacher, teacher of the disabled ... - and I have among my biggest hobbies music, which I love, animals and family. Currently, I have been working in Animal Health programs for fifteen years.

I thank you in advance for the time spent reading the promotion and, perhaps, for having seen the "advertising fiction" that we have created for the campaign. We are very excited about the project and we hope that you decide to be part of it.


tnmfraternity@gmail.com -To RECEIVE ORDERS-.




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    about 1 year

    El libro te prende

  • I. José Rivera vaquero

    I. José Rivera vaquero

    about 1 year


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Obtaining a copy of the novel in electronic format.

Without Shipping costs.

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Obtención de un ejemplar dedicado de la primera tirada de la novela.

*** Gastos de envío incluidos

1 backer
Obtención de un ejemplar dedicado de la novela + Una taza de 300 con logo bicolor o monocolor

Tipos de Logo en taza:
+ Logo Negro
+ Logo Bicolor

Gastos de envío incluidos

1 backer
Obtención de un ejemplar dedicado de la novela + Una taza de 300 con logo + Camiseta con logo

Tipos de camisetas
+ Camiseta logo Negro
+ Camiseta logo Monocolor

Los tallajes de las camisetas se indicarán por mail (Disponibles S/M/L/XL)

Gastos de envío incluidos

3 backers
Obtención de un ejemplar dedicado de la novela + Una taza de 300 con logo + 2 Camisetas dos logos

Los tallajes de las camisetas se indicarán por mail (Disponibles S/M/L/XL)

Gastos de envío incluidos

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