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Marcos García - First Album

"They will always be glorious birds" is Marcos García's first LP. The album is a honest summary of three beautiful years of composition

Marcos García

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Welcome everybody! My name is Marcos García. I am a musician and composer from Murcia, Spain. I grew up in a little town called Bullas, amongst vineyards and fresh air.

And now, after a lot of travelling, living abroad, studying, playing for a number of different projects and learning from many people... the time has come, one of the most special moments that I have ever experienced with music: I AM GOING TO RELEASE MY FIRST ALBUM!

This is the amazing result of a process that started when I bought my first instrument. I was just 7 years old. That's why I am so excited introducing this project!

The album is already recorded, but I need your support for releasing it. For that reason, I've decided to do Crowdfunding!

With your contribution, not only are you buying the album before it comes out, but also, if you look at the list on the right, you will find some rewards that I've prepared, and that you will receive with your contribution. These rewards are so exciting! With your support we will carry this album forward!

However, before explaining how to contribute, I'd like to speak a little bit about the record, so you know more about what you are contributing to. Thank you so much!

About the album

Cover (Ángel Ninguno)
Cover (Ángel Ninguno)


It is a compilation of 8 tracks (30 minutes) that varies from the purest and most delicate folk, to the hardest rock. Furthermore, everything is influenced by electronic music.

I wrote the songs over three years. Therefore, they have absorbed, little by little, all the things that have happened to me during that time. They have ripened and become stronger, like me, and for that reason they are very special.

I have worked a great deal on the lyrics: literature plays an important part. The lyrics are related to each other across the album, and they have been written in a honest way. I feel really happy when I listen to the record -it expresses so many things that I felt inside, and I could not have conveyed them in any other way.

The influences come from amazing bands such as The Beatles, The band, The Shins, R.E.M., Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Smiths, as well as brilliant songwriters such as Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen.

I am really excited about this work, and I hope that I can give it to you very soon!!!

Who has been involved?

For doing this album, I have been surrounded by wonderful musicians. We are:

Marcos García: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, keyboards, effects, main vocals and vocal harmonies.

Marcos García
Marcos García

Maxi Caballero: Electric guitar and atmospheric effects.

Maxi Caballero
Maxi Caballero

Alfonso de Miguel: Acoustic drum, electric drum and various percussions.

Alfonso de Miguel
Alfonso de Miguel

Jesús Caparrós: bass, keyboards and vocal harmonies.

Jesús Caparrós
Jesús Caparrós

The quality of these musicians is overwhelming, because, apart from the huge amount of hours that we have spent studying, we've got a common desire for doing creative and original stuff.

Also, we have had contributions from the amazing saxophonist Daniel Juárez! His wonderful talent gives a marvellous colour to the album.

Daniel Juárez
Daniel Juárez

Brais Ruibal has been at the studio table control, for both recording and mixing. His addition to the record has been terrific; it was a privilege to have such a professional and kind person working with us. You will notice the impact of his work on the quality of the final result.

Brais Ruibal
Brais Ruibal

The place that we chose for recording and mixing the album was Estudios Reno, in Madrid. A wonderful place where we experienced what a professional studio is like, and it had a marvellous and friendly atmosphere, which is very important for creating music. You will also notice that on the final result.

Estudios Reno
Estudios Reno

For the mastering, we had the awesome Fred Kevorkian, from Avatar Studios (New York). Fred has worked with incredible artists that I admire, such as The National, Iggy Pop or Willie Nelson. His contribution is the final step for making the album sound stunning!

Fred Kevorkian ( http://avatarstudios.net/in-residence/fred-kevorkian/ )
Fred Kevorkian ( http://avatarstudios.net/in-residence/fred-kevorkian/ )

I'd love to have your support, so that I can afford to pay for the costs of making this record, which I am preparing with a great deal of excitement! Thank you so much again!

About us

Maxi, Jesús, Alfonso and I have played together since we were teenagers! This was when we decided to start playing my songs as a band.

Our friendship is evident in every moment of the album: the wonderful connection between us, and a unique energy. Our experience in the studio has been one of the best that I have ever had; everything felt natural, and passion, enthusiasm, effort and talent have shaped all the songs.

This is important, because music is communication, perhaps the purest kind that exists. When such feeling is shown by members of a band, the final quality is really magical.

With your support, we will be able to release this special record very soon! Thanks again!

The band
The band

How to contribute

If you contribute to the project, you can have several rewards, such as the album in different formats, tickets for the presentation concerts -there will be 2 officials: in Edinburgh (Scotland), and Bullas (Spain)-, a DVD showing the recording and making of the album, and even a private concert where you prefer (includes Spain and Scotland). I will also release a LIMITED VINYL EDITION.

The steps are as follows:

1) On the list at the right, you have all the possible rewards. They are grouped in different packs, so you have several combinations.

2) Look for and find the one that you like more.

3) After 40 days of campaign, if we have achieved the target budget, your contribution will be charged, not before.

4) Once the campaign will be finished, we'll order all the physical copies and I will get in touch with you to make the reward arrive as soon as possible.

The delivering costs are included on the price!

Note: if for some reason we don't achieve the goal, you will not be charged anything.

What is your contribution for?

With your support and your contributions I will be able to afford the cost of this album and to release it, so that you can enjoy it! The money will be for:

Mastering expenses: Fred Kevorkian has a special price for independent musicians, which will give us the opportunity to work with this legendary artist. The album will sound stunning!

Paying musicians: every single musician involved in the album will get paid for his work.

Distribution: with your contributions, I will be able to make the first physical records.

Promotion expenses: I need to invest in videos, photos, etc. If everything goes well, we will release a videoclip made by the great Sem-Art. Also, the whole studio recording process has been filmed by the amazing Alejandro S. Fdez!

Cover design: the album design is being made by Ángel Ninguno. He is an artist, musician, luthier and composer from Murcia. He has an amazing talent and I am so happy to have him as part of the project.

Furthermore, the website Verkami will receive a 6.35% plus taxes, and the company PayPal will get a 3.4% from every contribution done through them.

Planned calendar

If the campaign is a success after 40 days, I will be able to release the album in October! We are in the final stretch! Therefore, if you support the project you will have your reward very, very soon. Come on! This is almost ready!

Thank you so much again in advance for your support, I am looking forward to releasing this work. I composed it with effort, love and sincerity, and we have recorded it with a huge excitement. I promise you that it will be a stunning record!

In case that you have any questions, you can contact me here: [email protected]!

Again: thanks, thanks and thanks!!!

Instagram: @pmarcosgarcía

Facebook: Marcos García


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  • Inma Serrano

    Inma Serrano

    almost 5 years


  • Aurelia


    almost 5 years

    “Dice la esperanza: Un día

    la verás, si bien esperas...”contigo espero! Muchas felicidades Marcos! 😘

  • pafluxo


    almost 5 years

    Suerte. Te deseo lo mejor. Mucha Música

  • Mensajero Alimentación

    Mensajero Alimentación

    almost 5 years


  • RMV


    almost 5 years

    Good luck - can’t wait to hear the Album!!

  • Sebas García Collados

    Sebas García Collados

    almost 5 years

    Suena cojonudoo compadreeee

  • Josefina Valera

    Josefina Valera

    almost 5 years

    Toda las sonrisas del mundo para ti, Marcos! Felicidades por ese disco, artista.

  • amelie


    about 5 years

    Y a volar... Un abrazo ilusionado.

  • GermanG


    about 5 years


  • pepi


    about 5 years

    Mucha suerte!!

#01 / ¡Nuevo objetivo! ¡3500 €!

(English below!)

¡Hemos conseguido el primer objetivo! ¡Mil gracias por este impresionante apoyo, gracias a vosotros ahora el disco será una realidad! Y ya queda menos de una semana para que acabe la campaña.

Aunque hayamos conseguido el primer objetivo, y gracias a vosotros ahora el disco será una realidad, todavía no conseguimos cubrir todos los gastos que está llevando este disco. Además, tenemos que pagar el 6.35 % más IVA para Verkami y el 3.4 % de cada aportación realizada con PayPal.

Así que, propongo un nuevo objetivo: 3500 €!

Si llegamos a esta segunda meta, podremos:

  • Hacer un libreto más largo, que contenga todas las letras del disco, con fotos de los miembros del grupo y del proceso de grabación en el estudio. También, una hoja dentro del vinilo con el mismo contenido. Este trabajo lo realizará el increíble Ángel Ninguno.

  • read more

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