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City Unfinished – Voices from El Ermitaño

Documentary that through some of its inhabitants tells the story of the self-built settlement El Ermitaño from the 1960s until today.

Claudia Chavez Levano

A project of

Created in

Rimac, Peru
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The El Ermitaño neighborhood is a self-built settlement in the North of Lima which was shaped and built by immigrants since the early 1960s. The film „A Roof of my Own“ (UNTV, 1964) documented its formation process and the way in which the Peruvian government at the time gave support to the settlers.

''A Roof Of My Own'' (UNTV,1964)

![Alejandro Roca, invasor de El Ermitaño cuenta su experiencia.

Fragmento del documental ''A Roof of My Own''](https://dg9aaz8jl1ktt.cloudfront.net/uploaded_files/000/177/745/verkami_09dd8c2662b96ce14928333f055c5580.jpg?1535059834)

![Mercado de El Ermitaño a inicio de la invasión.

Fragmento del documental ''A Roof of My Own'' ](https://dg9aaz8jl1ktt.cloudfront.net/uploaded_files/000/177/746/verkami_10fb15c77258a991b0028080a64fb42d.jpg?1535060004)

In 2016, after the rediscovery of the old film, we gave back this memory to the people, showed it in the neighbourhood and by reactivating the local memory we started the project of making a new film: we wanted to know and tell what this neighbourhood has become today, what the struggles of the past have been able to achieve, what its people long for and dream about today, how they live, which environmental and social problems they are facing, and which imaginaries are driving its people today.

Proyección del documental en el tercer sector
Proyección del documental en el tercer sector

We have documented the place and are telling its story through the voices of some of its inhabitants.

Jointly with its inhabitants, we want to imagine a better urban future. And start a platform of visual imaginaries and oral testimonies of this and other self-built neighborhoods in Peru, in Latin America and in the world.

![Visita a la parte alta de El Ermitaño

con el Sr. Pacheco (ex-presidente del tercer sector).](https://dg9aaz8jl1ktt.cloudfront.net/uploaded_files/000/177/748/verkami_9ab81d8e3b08e46548dd49cb5598de7c.jpg?1535062727)

Who we are

With the architect John F C Turner as father of the project and the architect and urban planner Kathrin Golda-Pongratz as initiator of the documentary Project, we are a multidisciplinary Peruvian team around the collective “Imaginario Colectivo” to which the director Rodrigo Flores and the team of sound and image belong.

Imaginario Colectivo
Imaginario Colectivo

This is our team:
• Concepto y dirección de proyecto: Kathrin Golda-Pongratz
• Dirección: Rodrigo Flores (Imaginario Colectivo)
• Asistencia e investigación: Dayan Zussner y Rosa Paredes
• Guión: Rodrigo Flores, Noelia Crispin y Kathrin Golda-Pongratz
• Producción: Claudia Chávez
• Asistencia de dirección: Totó Flores
• Dirección de fotografía: Ian Ilbert
• Fotografía adicional: Audrey Córdova Rampant, Kathrin Golda-Pongratz, John F. C. Turner
• Cartografía: Dayan Zussner
• Edición: Miguel Reyes
• Sonido directo: José Carlos Valencia
• Musicalización: Rafael Benavides
• Colorización y Post: Oswaldo Montufar
• Operador de drone: José Aragonés
• Movilidad: Jorge Gomez
• Policia: Victor Condezo

Una parte del equipo
Una parte del equipo

Otra parte del equipo
Otra parte del equipo

The main characters of the documentary film:

Maryori Cotrina Vigo: Girl of 11 years. Listening to her dreams and fears we can get to know better the place where she lives between El Ermitaño and Pampa de Cueva.

Maryori Cotrina
Maryori Cotrina

Domingo Becerra Guadaña: Theatre teacher and cultural promotor, son of a family of first invaders convinced about the role of culture as a motor of change

Domingo Becerra
Domingo Becerra

Silvina Patiño: One of the first invaders of El Ermitaño. Nowadays, a third generation lives with her in the house. She spends her days working in the small internet place which she has opened in her former living room.

Silvina Patiño
Silvina Patiño

Yessenia Uñaupe: – Local leader who participates actively to improve the neighborhood, organizes the population and has many political and social proposals for a better future.

Yesenia Uñaupe
Yesenia Uñaupe

Dante Sánchez: Leader and son of one of the leading figures of reference of the first generation, Octavio Sánchez Medina.

Dante Sanchez
Dante Sanchez

Why do we need your support?

To produce this documentary we had a large support from the population and an initial support by the British Building and Social Housing Foundation BSHF(today World-Habitat).

But we need more money for the final post-production steps and the musicalization of the documentary.

Do you want to be a micro sponsor of the project? And would you like to see your name in the documentary?

Do you want to help us constructing new urban imaginaries of the city that was built by the people themselves?

We invite you to help us!

About the rewards

  • Credits: You will appear as micro sponsor, sponsor or macro sponsor in the credits.

  • Special invitation: You will be invited to the film launch in Lima on October 9th.

    Serás nuestro invitado especial
    Serás nuestro invitado especial

  • Digital poster of the project (A3 format)

  • The online link: you will receive the link to the online version of the film

  • Stamped bag: You will receive a stamped bag of the project


  • Guided visit to El Ermitaño and La Bella Durmiente: The visit will be co-organized with a local leader and will be done in small groups. It will start at the square in front of Independencia municipality (meeting point)

Recorrido en el barrio
Recorrido en el barrio

La Loma de Amancaes o La Bella Durmiente (en el distrito de Independencia)
La Loma de Amancaes o La Bella Durmiente (en el distrito de Independencia)

Flora y Fauna en las lomas
Flora y Fauna en las lomas

  • Future presentations: you will be kept posted on all future presentations of the film in other parts of the world

  • Macro sponsor: the logo of your firm will appear in the credits

Our calendar

The documentary edition will be ready in August.

The film launch will be in Lima in October at Goethe Institut.

We will have more presentations at El Ermitaño and in ''Universidad Privada del Norte''.

Awards will be given one week after the main presentation in Lima.

Thank you so much for your support!

+ Info

Facebook City Unfinished: facebook.com/barrioautoconstruido

Facebook Imaginario Colectivo: facebook.com/ImaginarioColectivoOficial


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  • Bruno GE

    Bruno GE

    over 2 years


  • Rossana Poblet

    Rossana Poblet

    over 2 years

    Congratulations for such an amazing project!

  • Gerhard Kienast

    Gerhard Kienast

    over 2 years

    Settling this area was an amazing achievement. I can't wait to see the movie!

  • Toni Moya

    Toni Moya

    over 2 years

    Qué proyecto tan bonito. ¡Ánimo con la campaña!

  • nickwates


    over 2 years

    I am so looking forward to seeing this film.

  • itziar González Virós

    itziar González Virós

    over 2 years

    Felicidades por el proyecto! Todo mi apoyo!

#03 / "Ciudad Infinita" al Festival de Cine de Lima!

Queridos mecenas,

Dear sponsors,

Liebe Sponsoren,

Nuestro documental „Ciudad Infinita – Voces de El Ermitaño“ fue seleccionado para el Festival de Cine de Lima y se mostrará en el marco de la „Muestra Itinerante“ este jueves 15 de Agosto 2019 a las 7.50 pm en la sala de conferencias del CCPUCP in San Isidro / Lima. Los que están en Lima ojalá puedan venir! Y pasen la voz!

Por otro lado comentarles que el documental ya está subtitulado al inglés, gracias a la generosa ayuda del Barcelona Hub de la Academia Europaea, y así pronto iremos presentándo el documental también a festivales internacionales. Les mantendremos informados.

Our documentary „City Unfinished – Voices of El Ermitaño“ has been selected for the Festival de Cine de Lima and will be shown within the „Muestra Itinerante“ this Thursday August 15th 2019 at 7.50 pm in the Sala de Conferencias of the Cultural Centre of PUCP in Lima.

read more

#02 / proyeccion del documental en lima mañana_subtitulación con el apoyo de la Academia Europaea

queridos mecenas, dear sponsors,

os informamos de dos temas / we would like to inform you about two issues:

primero, otra proyección: mañana jueves 11 de abril el documental de mostrará en la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC de Lima, Campus Monterrico, Auditorio Bancalari a las 19 horas. Quienes están en Lima, están muy bienvenidos.

firstly, another screeening: tomorrow thursday 11th of april, the documentary will be screened at the UPC in lima at 7.00 pm.

segundo, que a raíz de una proyección en la UB de barcelona, invitada por la Academia Europea (AE) y la Catedra UNESCO de la Universidad de Barcelona hace un mes, la AE ahora está apoyando la subititulación del documental al inglés. otro paso importante.

secondly, after an invited screening at the Universidad de Barcelona (UB) a month ago, the Academia Europaea (AE) is now supporting the subtitling of the documentary into english - a very important step.

abrazos y muy cordiales saludos,

hugs and all our best,

read more

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