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To continue bringing happiness and love in so many homes with our new LP "Living in Death", we need your collaboration. Help us!

Dirty Army

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A little bit of history…

Dirty Army was conceived in a trip from Madrid to Malaga in which Javi Mauriño (rythm guitar and singer) after a year of studying and working in the capital, started back home.

By the way (and with his hands free), he spoke on the phone with Tomás Mérida (drums) and then with Alejandro Castilla (solo guitar), calling them to a "meeting" so they could meet.

Finally the ¨meeting¨ was a success (At the second beer Tomás and Alex already insulted Javi together) and a few weeks later they already had a place to rehearse in Málaga.

A few months later the band was completed with the fourth member, Mr. Jorge Lara, in charge of the bass.

Obviously Rock is a hard road to travel, and as you do not live of this (at least we) the work rules, and precisely because of that the rhythmic section of the Dirty Army has changed a couple of times. Tomás was replaced by Dani Vivar on the drums, and Lara was replaced by Boke Tejero on the four strings, with whom the first LP "Dirty Army" was made, published in February 2017.

Once again the vicissitudes of life again made a dent in the band, (which seemed to be unlucky) until finally, the young Álvaro Olmo (bass) and the intrepid Jesús Gómez (drums) entered the files of Dirty Army, stabilizing and renewing the band, just in time to start working on our second album.

Artwork: Kantz (The Braves Church)
Artwork: Kantz (The Braves Church)

About the Project ¨Living in death¨

As in our first and only one album, we have opted for self-management. As things work nowadays and taking into account the current panorama of the industry, we have decided to make a "Juan Palomo" and trust in ourself and in our aptitudes to conceive this second work. So, following the path of DIY philosophy, we agree that nowadays we can carry out our aspirations through our own means, despite the headaches that this entails and the hours of effort involved.

In this second work called "Living in death" we have drawn a line that separates the classic sound of alternative rock and Stoner rock that defined us in the past in a more mature and evolved way, in which you will find sounds and incursions into other horizons that we are very excited to show you.

Here is our first single "Nothing to say" that we published as an advance:

Destination of the contributions

As we have explained, the process of self-management has led us to look for all that entails designing this project. So the money collected among all will be destined to:

  • Recording

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Artwork

  • Merchandising: T-shirts, physical copies of the CD, badges, stickers ...

  • Promotion and publicity

  • Videoclip recording

  • Tour 2019

This is the artwork that has been done by the great KANTZ (The Braves Church) for our new LP:

Artwork by Kantz (The Braves Church)
Artwork by Kantz (The Braves Church)


Once the campaign is finished (and hoping to have achieved the objective), we will have a time to outline the details of the rewards, (sizes, models, shipping addresses, etc.) for which we will send you a form, and while these details are outlined , all the patrons will have the anticipated digital download to be able to practice for the live shows.

These are the rewards delivery dates:

All patrons who have purchased rewards with ENTRANCE TO THE PRE-PRESENT CONCERT will receive their rewards at the preview concert on Saturday, February 2, 2019

All patrons who have acquired rewards with ENTRANCE TO THE PRESENTATION CONCERT will receive their rewards at the presentation concert on Saturday, February 16, 2019

The rest of the rewards will be sent the same week the presentation concert (week of February 11 to 17, 2019)


Here you have a small sample of some of the items that are part of the rewards:

This is the cover of the 1st LP "Dirty army"

This is the shirt model of the 1st LP ¨Dirty army"

And now, what can you take home?

  1. If you are ducky recruit, you can download our new album Living in death and listen to it before the official release of the album. This way you will know all the songs before the concert!

  2. If you decide on the Cowboy Recruit, you will also get a physical copy and a sheet to pick up at our presentation concert (16/02/2019 in Sala Theatro, Málaga) ... The concert ticket is included!

  3. Do you want to be a Space Cadet? Fuck, who does not! You will take home, apart from the above, a Living in Death shirt to choose from and two stickers to stick to your school folder. You will be the envy of the place and you can go well uniformed to the presentation concert! (16/02/2019 in Sala Theatro, Málaga)

  4. Is it hard for you to decide on a shirt, since both designs you love? The Cape of Fear will be your favorite place since you will get TWO!

  5. For lovers of the INTIMATE ... Secret Sergeant will allow you to attend a secret preview concert on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 9:30 p.m., in a secret place that will reveal itself to you once the crowdfunding is over...

Listen to the album live before anyone else! There will be free snacks and refreshments (Your two shirts, your two stickers, your badge and your CD Living in Death you pick it up in the secret preview concert)

  1. The Iron Sarge is the favorite of the couples. You take the anticipated digital download, 2 Cds Living in Death with their respective t-shirts, two stickers and two badges ... with SHIPPING INCLUDED TO ALL SPAIN!!

  2. Apart from the above, with Virtual Dirty you can be one of the privileged to see a fucking concert of Dirty Army by SKYPE, in which, obviously, things will happen that can not be said here ...

  3. Do you want to catch up on the Dirty Army world? If you are a Captain Collector you will take our 1st LP “Dirty Army”, with two T-shirts from that tour and our new LP Living in Death, with the two t-shirts you want from the new LP, two badges, 4 stickers and shipping to all of Spain included. ENTRANCE TO THE PRESENTATION CONCERT INCLUDED !!

  4. Relaxing cup of Dirty Army allows you to be one of the 10 privileged to attend the most intimate concert: in our rehearsal room. You will return home full of love, with two CD'S Living in Death, two shirts to choose, two badges and two stickers, and of course, your digital download in advance (to be able to sing all the songs on the day of the show).

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the final fire ... Fasten your belts and put on your best clothes because if you are a Dirty Lover, we offer you a FUCKING DINNER ALL INCLUDED (for two). Surely after you do not have the strength to carry the rest of things: 2CD'S, T-shirts ... etc, etc.

  6. SEXY ARMY (+18) ... We go crazy ... come to a Tupper-Sex with DIRTY ARMY, with an erotic gift item, and also:

PRIVATE CONCERT in rehearsal room

Early Digital Download of Living in death

CD Living in Death signed and dedicated by the group

1 Physical copy of the 1st LP Dirty army signed and dedicated by the group

2 T-shirts Living in death (To choose between two models)

2 T-shirts of the 1st LP (To choose between two models)

2 Badges

4 Stickers

  1. The most, for the most fucking mad among the crazy, we PLAY IN YOUR HOME, or wherever you want. Anywhere in Spain. In your bathroom, in your grandmother's house, in your garden ... WHEREVER. And of course, all these products:

Early Digital Download of our 2nd LP “Living in death”

4 Physical copies of Living in death (Digipak) signed and dedicated by the band

4 Physical copies of the 1ºLP Dirty army signed and dedicated by the band

4 T-shirts Living in death (To choose between two models)

4 T-shirts of the 1st LP (To choose between two models)

8 Badges

8 Stickers

(If you are from outside of Malaga or you can not attend the presentation concert and you want to help us, we have put at your disposal the EXPRESS rewards, with deliveries to all Spain)

Do you have any doubt? Contact us!

For more info:


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  • Piturda


    almost 5 years

    Vaya mierda cari!

  • thejoshead


    almost 5 years

    Me habría faltado la opción de participar en uno de los temas de la banda en directo gritando "¡vaya mierda!" de manera orquestada y planificada, además de grabada en vídeo, con el objetivo de crear un momento para la historia. Tendré que conformarme con gritarlo aleatoriamente en una de vuestras paradas sonoras. Será épico. Enhorabuena por el curro chavales. :)

  • John Man-Well

    John Man-Well

    almost 5 years

    a tope con el sirope

  • Arjan


    almost 5 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • Guille cadete espacial

    Guille cadete espacial

    almost 5 years

    Juro defender la dirty flag con mi vida

  • JJPG


    almost 5 years

    Support your local suene!! Apoya la escena malagueña!! Apoya a Dirty Army!! ¿Que más quieres?

  • Carina


    almost 5 years

    Que en los bares no suenen más mierdas ofensivas a la mente y el oído y que se abra paso el talento. Apoyemos a los buenos que se lo curran con pasión. Mucha suerte que la MUSICA ya la tenéis! xx

  • Alejandro Vidal

    Alejandro Vidal

    almost 5 years

    Ayudad a esta pobre gente, sé que también os dan pena :D <3

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