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Nô Tchon Nô Arte

Scenic-cultural exchange residence. Guinea Bissau 2018

Colectivo NOMAS

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Between September and November 2018 we are going to carry out a residency for artistic creation and training in Guinea-Bissau, which will be developed according to three areas:

A. Creation of common collective training.

B. Cultural exchange with the community.

C. Sharing of the learned and integrated work and development of the artistic project.

At the same time, we will invite different guinense artist groups to participate in our training sessions and we will bring our work tools closer to the "tabancas", sharing theatrical and circus games.

Why Guinea Bissau?.

Guinea-Bissau is a territory full of ancestral cultural elements whose traditions are still present in their daily lives. In this country there are more than 20 ethnic groups, each of them with its dialect, music / dance and particular traditions.

The first of us who took contact with this place was Joao Carlos Silva, one of the members of the group, in 2015 from the residence of his family in that country.

On December 2017, Joao, as part of a working group in the Scenic Project "Ikarus" (belonging to the Norkisk Teaterlaboratorium of Denmark), produced a first cultural exchange, sharing his working methods and the tools used in their project stage with several local artistic groups, among there were the "Netos de Bandim". On the other hand, they exposed their work modes, creation experiences and typical songs.

One of our aim is to continue with this work collectively.

Netos de Bandim.

Symbol of the Guinean culture, the Cultural Group "Netos de Bandim", created on 11/12/2000, is a cultural movement whose aim is to contribute to a society based on creativity and exchange between the different socio-cultural horizons inside and outside his country. It also seeks to establish a transversal communication within the population through art and culture, taking children, adolescents and young people as its target audience, and grouping them in the work for greater personal and intercultural training.

Creation collective common training.

One of the pillars of this project is that each of the members during the first month will give workshops / training in the respective disciplines in which he specializes (theater, dance, circus, open dramaturgy), in order to build a collective common training that includes and integrates each one of them, and the one that will serve as a bridge both for the exchange with the local artistic groups and for the development of the final show.

Quiénes somos.

Our first meeting was in Barcelona, ​​studying at the International School of Theater Berty Tovías, where we had the opportunity to play from different artistic universes in an intensive laboratory of creation. Our goal is to continue with this line of work collectively and self-managed.



Each of the members will give workshops / trainings in the respective disciplines within their specialization with the aim of generating a common training.


The collective will share the training generated with the group "Los Netos de Bandim", obtaining as an exchange dance classes and traditional folk music.

Besides, in these two months, as part of our training and integration with the place and its culture, we will go to Orango Grande Island, in the Bigajós archipelago, whose society is governed by matriarchy and we will try to witness rituals of different ethnic Guinean groups.


Performance of the training generated after the 3 months of residence.

Open classes of physical theater to the community.

An open show. show.

Destination of the contributions.

The contribution we receive will be used to finance plane tickets from Lisbon to Guinea Bissau for all the members of the artistic collective as well as accommodation and food expenses for the three months of residence.


For your inestimable help we have thought about some rewards that we hope you would like.

We have photographs of Guinea Bissau, typical elements of their culture, DVD which will consist of the work done after the three months and even the attendance to a training seminar that the members of the collective will provide with all the tools acquired during the residency.

These rewards will be delivered in the first quarter of 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which does not imply that it can be coordinated, depending on the case, with the contributor, by post.


Please contact us via email at [email protected]

or by facebook Colectivo NOMAS


Collective NOMAS

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