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Ruth´s journey

It recalls the Ruth M. Anderson stay in Galicia, following her steps throught her photos and confirming the changes happened.

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Synopsis of the documentary

Between the years 1924 and 1926, the American photographer Ruth Matilda Anderson travelled twice to Galicia accompanied by his father Alfred, who was a photographer himself, by appointment of the Hispanic Society of America, foundation directed by Archer Huntington.

During her visit to Galicia Ruth took about 5500 pictures of great quality and, as some experts state, no other work from those times can be compared to it.

Our documentary The journey of Ruth tries to reminisce about this trip almost 100 years after, making a Galician photographer, Xosé Reigosa visit some of the most important places she portrayed, trying, if it is possible, to take a similar shot in each occasion and testing how Galicia has changed over the years. The target is providing evidence above all of a fundamental change: the change from a rural society to a mostly urban one.

Apart from this, we interview different experts in the field of culture who will broaden our knowledge on photography and the Galicia of those years.

Recreations of different moments of the journey performed by the Asociación vecinal Liga Santballesa de Vilalba Residents Association and the Aula de Teatro del Ayuntamiento de Sarria Theatre Workshop.

About rewards

This documentary is being produced by the Asociación Cultural Dous Punto Oito Association, with no profit motive in mind or public funds, reason why we are asking for your help to finish it.

To make the reward more attractive we will provide you with the poster of the documentary, a painting made especially for the occasion by the renowned painter from Lugo: Quique Bordel printed on a special paper to provide you with a copy also signed by the authors of the documentary.

cartel realizado por Quique Bordell
cartel realizado por Quique Bordell

We will also print T-shirts with the painting.

About us

The production company of this documentary is Asociación Cultural Dous Punto Oito association with no profit motive in mind aiming at the diffusion of the Galician audiovisual arts among its social ends.

The director, Jaime Pardo Valdés is a photographer and produces documentaries. He directed or produced documentaries such as: ”El Mariscal Pardo de Cela: Leyenda, Mito y Realidad” (Marshal Pardo de Cela: Legend, Myth and Reality), ” Lembranzas da Escola, recordos da infancia” (School memories, childhood memories), “DE LVCVS a LUGO, 2000 años de historia” (FROM LVCVS to LUGO, 2000 years of History), ”Villanueva de Oscos es…” (Villanueva de Oscos is…), and ”O percebeiro que liberó Paris” (The barnacle fisher who liberated Paris).

The host, Xosé Reigosa, is a photographer and documentary maker and his last projects have been: ”Entre Marbella and Torremolinos, imaxes de manicomio” (Between Marbella and Torremolinos, madhouse images), ”A muralla cohabitada” (The cohabited Wall), ”A Chocolateira” (The chocolate girl) and *”O piloto” (The Pilot).

The scripwriter "María Vázquez López", is graduated in Geography and History. Her lastest work as a scripwriter is "Amanece Despejado", of Catrobé Films, whereby has won differents prizes and national and intenational mentions.

The soundtrack is by Arturo Vaquero, musical composer awarded with a Mestre Mateo award, and a nomination for the Goya Awards for his cinematographic works.

Destination of the funds

Although the documentary is almost finished as regards shooting, we need your help to finish that shooting, to edit, to have a soundtrack, to subtitle in different languages and to carry out some promotion in different national and international festivals.

Expected schedule

The premier of the documentary will take place around the middle of September in the Festival de Cine de Autor de Lugo (Author-Cinema Festival of Lugo)

The rewards will be ready at the beginnings of September before the official premier.

+ Info

Facebook: A viaxe de Ruth, el documental


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  • Lostregos lvcvs

    Lostregos lvcvs

    over 5 years

    Lostregos Lvcvs

  • mariacastrovet


    over 5 years

    Suerte y fuerza!!!!

  • Nanú Ares Sarceda

    Nanú Ares Sarceda

    over 5 years

    Non vos perdais este interesante documental

#04 / Premiado o documental A viaxe de Ruth

O documental "A viaxe de Ruth, que foi posible grazas a vosa participación no crowdfunding, resultou premiado na 40 Semana Internacional de Cine de Lugo, como "mellor película documental".

Grazas a todos.

#03 / Esrea de A Viaxe de Ruth

Aforo completo na estrea de A viaxe de Ruth. Grazas Aforo completo na estrea. Grazas a 40 Semana Internacional de Cine de Lugo por contar co documental na sua programación.

Grazas a todxs por asistir e sentímolo polas máis de 50 persoas que quedaron fora. O aforo soio é de 150. Esperamos ter outra oportunidade de proxectalo de novo.

Grazas a Liga Santaballesa, Santaballa e Aula de Teatro do Concello de Sarria, pola súa colaboración desinteresada na gravación do documental.

Grazas tamén polos vosos comentarios que nos animan a seguir "dando guerra".


#02 / Estrea " A viaxe de Ruth"

Ola amigos. Por fin despois de 3 anos de traballo, hoxe dia 13 ás 20:00 H estrearemos o documental. Grazas a todos os que de un xeito ou de outro colaborastes en este proxecto. Estades invitados a estrea.

Xa estamos coas recompensas. A ver si para a próxima semana o temos todo listo.


#01 / Objetivo conseguido!!!

Hola a todos y buenos dias!!!

Tenemos el gusto de comunicaros que pasados estos 40 días de nuestra campaña de crowdfunding, ¡¡¡Hemos logrado nuestro objetivo, recaudando 3274€!!! para poder terminar nuestro documental "A viaxe de Ruth"

Gracias a todos los que os habéis interesado y compartido este proyecto, y sobretodo a los que habeis hecho posible que con vuestras aportaciones podamos conseguir terminar el documental.
¡¡¡mil gracias a todos!!!

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