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D.OAK nº02

D.OAK is a documentary photography magazine that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the projects developed by OAK stories.


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D.OAK: Storytelling with Designation of Origin

D.OAK nº02 is the second issue of a magazine born with the intention of showing procese behind the stories developed by OAK stories as a producer and agency of documentary projects.

This new issue of #DOAKmagazine brings us the reportages made by our teams in Japan and in Bolivia during the past year. We also present the macro-project NORDEN, and for the first time we introduce the #OAKcommunity section, where we will share with you the stories of other photographers and colleagues whose work we admire.

For the first time on paper, the reader will be able to fully see the pictures of the different reports produced around the world, besides reading the experiences on the ground of the human teams that have made possible its realization.

Through their stories and testimonies, we will discover what situations and decisions have allowed them to access the stories that have subsequently been published in different national and international media.

This is the second issue of a series of collectibles where we seek to share our experience as storytellers with readers who have wondered what the tale behind the story is. A formula for the public to know firsthand this profession and what makes us unique. Our designation of origin.

What will you find in D.OAK nº02?

In this second issue of D.OAK the reader will be able to see the photos that make up the complete narrative of the Matagi project, made in 2017, about a a traditional hunting community in northern Japan; Plus the project Amazon Tears, carried out in parallel that same year, on the consequences of rubber fever in Bolivia through the people who live in the region nowadays.

  • MATAGI : In this project we portray a community of traditional hunters who live in small towns and villages in the northern highlands of Honshu, the main island of Japan. From its origins in the mid-sixteenth century they have earned their living selling meat, skins and other products derived from hunting. Its main prey is the Japanese black bear, a subspecies classified as vulnerable and threatened according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

  • AMAZON TEARS : In this report we dive into the Amazon rainforest of Bolivia to portray the still-alive consequences of the rubber boom of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With the extraction of rubber latex and its commercialization to produce tires for bicycles and automobiles, there was a wide expansion of European colonization in the Amazon that caused cultural and social transformations, especially dramatic for indigenous populations.

Also in D.OAK you will find The Cask, a section that you can follow on our website too, dedicated to the projects that are still in maturing process.

On this occasion we are pleased to introduce NORDEN, our most ambitious project to date. For its realization, the composer Pedro Alcalde and the photographers Raúl Moreno and Guillem Trius are joining the team to work alongside the journalist Wayra Ficapal, the researcher Alex Rodal, and the photographer Javier Corso. In the next few years we will divide among ourselves the titanic task of documenting the lesser-known face of the Nordic countries.

The text on the magazine has been written by our collaborators and the signatures of the editorial team of OAK through their experience on the field: Mingo Venero, Wayra Ficapal, Lautaro Bolaño, Alex Rodal and Javier Corso.


Limited Edition: Sealed and numbered

Bilingual: Spanish and English.

Dimensions: 30 x 23 cm

Pages: 62

Interior paper: Munken Print White, 150 gr.

Cover paper: Munken Print White, 300 gr.

The OAK Team

The writing, layout and management team of this initiative is composed of Javier Corso, as the designer and coordinator of the project; Alex Rodal, as content supervisor; Wayra Ficapal, as communication director and Lautaro Bolaño, as audiovisual adviser of the launch campaign.

Who is with us?

This adventure has been adding friends along the way. The entities that accompany us are linked to photography, having in addition a close relationship with OAK stories. For this first edition we have sought the support of leading brands in the sector, outstanding festivals and renowned schools:

SIGMA - Joan Altimira, Manager at REFLECTA S.A.

  • "When we first meet the OAK team, we felt a real crush. The reason is very simple: its way of working, prioritizing the depth and quality of the projects above the immediacy, seemed to fit perfectly with the philosophy behind Sigma Art products, where the only priority is to obtain the highest quality over any other pretension."

IMAGINARIA - Daniel Belinchón, Festival Director

  • "We think with words. We remember with images. From the advent of photography to the present, the processes of socialization and communication are increasingly based on the use of fixed images that lacerate and move us, but do we know how to read them, or do they simply possess us? D.OAK was born as a platform from which to think the image and remember the word, an initiative that Imaginaria wants to be part of." *

What will you do with our contribution?

Reaching the goal of 3,000 € will allow us to publish the second issue of D.OAK. You will have helped us continue this wonderful editorial adventure, and we hope that the magazine and the rewards we have prepared for you will live up to such good patrons.

All the money raised above the previous mark will be used to finance new documentary projects and to subsidize the costs of editing our audiovisual productions.

We want you to know that the authors who participated in this initiative do not perceive any direct benefit from the sale of copies, contributions to the Verkami, or sponsorship.

This is a bet for a greater good: to be able to continue doing what we do with the freedom that characterizes us. If you like our work now, be prepared for what is coming up.

Thanks for your support!

About the rewards

In the case of a publication in which photojournalism is so important, we wanted all the rewards to be related to photography.

The star reward of this campaign is our beloved magazine, thus we dedicate a whole page to recognizing your support including each of your names in the publication. In addition, from OAK we have squeezed our brains to offer you a series of very attractive packs, in agreement with our sponsors, designed for students, collectors and professionals. Find yours!

GREAT NEWS!! Polaroid Prize Draw

It is a real pleasure to announce that Polaroid has decided to join the campaign of the second issue of our magazine, #DOAKmagazine! Among all those who acquire via Verkami one of the packs that includes the publication, we will raffle a Polaroid Cube Plus courtesy of Tienda Polaroid.

1- Follow us on Instagram: OAK stories

2- Pick one of the many rewards that include the second issue of D.OAK magazine

Support us and be part of our second editorial adventure!

As a patron, your name will appear in the magazine, you will be among the first to have it, and you will enter the draw for a Polaroid Cube Plus.

OAK Prints by Impressionart

If you want to acquire a photographic copy of the projects developed by OAK stories, this is your chance. Among the rewards we offer several pictures of the reports made in Japan and Bolivia. And as always, printed with the highest quality and the guarantee of professionalism that characterizes our trusted laboratory in Barcelona, Impressionart.

OAK Academy & IEFC

At OAK we believe that educational training is the basis for giving professionals tools to help them solve future projects. We offer you an special Workshop, in partnership with Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, aimed at professionals of journalism and documentary who want to know the dynamics of teamwork when telling stories.

The workshop will consist of a theoretical part, in which each member of a branch other than OAK (research, journalism, video and photography) will talk about their individual tasks within the global project, the distribution of tasks and the coordination of such activities. The practical part will consist of a team preproduction simulation against the clock.

  • Duration: 16 hours

  • Dates: September 29th and 30th, 2018

  • Lugar: C/ Comte d'Urgell, 187 (Barcelona)

  • Limited places

PACK SIGMA Ambassador

Do you want to try out a full pack of SIGMA Ambassador?

Now you have the chance to receive in your home the Ambassador Pack, composed by two lenses of your choice. Give it a good use for a week and check out why at OAK we work with SIGMA. In addition, if you finally want them to be yours forever, you will obtain a 10% discount to redeem in all the stores that you will find detailed in the following link:

CONDITIONS: SIGMA will contact the patrons who choose this reward to schedule the loans of the equipment. You will be asked for a deposit of € 1,000 that will be fully returned when SIGMA collects back the lenses in perfect condition at the end of the test.


We offer you a golden opportunity to obtain the optics you have always wanted from the SIGMA range, with all the guarantees of SIGMA Photo Spain, at a price you will not find in the market and with shipping costs included for Spain and the rest of the European Union. Compatible for NIKON, CANON and SONY.

We know that if you support us by buying a new lens it is because you want to use it as soon as possible, and for that we commit ourselves to send your rewards as soon as the campaign ends in July. The magazine will arrive at no additional cost in September.
Warranty Description SPAIN (Spanish)


The production of the magazine will be completed before the end of July and the rewards will be ready for delivery alongside the issues of the magazine in September.

Those who acquire one of the SIGMA lenses will receive them at home in July.

Among the acts planned for the presentation and / or delivery of copies in hand include:

· October (Barcelona) : Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.
· October (Albarracín) : Jornadas de Fotografía y Periodismo de Albarracín
· November (Madrid) : Escuela PIC.A - Alcobendas

In addition we will be present in the 2019 editions of all the festivals that have sponsored the magazine: PHOTON Festival (Valencia), IMAGINARIA (Castellón) and Formentera Fotogràfica (Formentera).

+ Info

Do not forget to follow us on social networks to keep up with the new features of the campaign. You support us, and we like having you around!


  • Goal achieved! Now what?

    Let's go for the next goal! This editorial adventure aims to continue funding our documentary projects, whose content nurtures this publication. Your support fuels our ability to freely choose which stories we want to tell, and makes us more independent with respect to the media.

    Above the 3000€ mark, already achieved, all proceeds will go entirely to the NORDEN project, which tackles the lesser known aspects of the Nordic countries and for which we have involved three photographers, a journalist, a researcher and a composer. Our most ambitious project to date, in which we will document the eight members of the Nordic Council over the next three years. We invite you to follow its development in the CASK section of our website: http://oakstories.com/norden.html

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#02 / D.OAK vol.03 - 1 de Octubre en VERKAMI

¡HOLA MECENAS! #DOAKmagazine está de vuelta y disponible en #VERKAMI a partir de MAÑANA martes 01 de Octubre.

D.OAK nº03 es el tercer volumen de una publicación nacida con la intención de mostrar el trasfondo de los trabajos realizados por OAK STORIES como productora y agencia de proyectos documentales. Esta nueva entrega de #DOAKmagazine es un especial centrado en nuestro macro-proyecto NORDEN, que versa sobre la otra cara de los países nórdicos. Un relato en escala de grises entorno a un mismo concepto: el silencio. Un documento sobre la fragilidad de las cosas que se callan y con las que se convive de forma latente.

De los ocho territorios en proceso de investigación y exploración, os traemos imágenes de los dos primeros capítulos ya concluidos: Finlandia y las Islas Feroe. En ellos han trabajado los fotógrafos Guillem Trius y Javier… read more

#01 / SORTEO Polaroid Cube Plus


¡Es una auténtico placer anunciar que Polaroid ha decidido sumarse a la campaña del segundo número de nuestra revista #DOAKmagazine! Entre todos aquellos que adquiráis vía Verkami uno de los packs que incluye la publicación, sortearemos una Polaroid Cube Plus cortesía de Tienda Polaroid.

1- Síguenos en Instagram: OAK stories

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It is a real pleasure to announce that Polaroid has decided to join the campaign of the second issue of our magazine, #DOAKmagazine! Among all those who acquire via Verkami one of the packs that includes the publication, we will raffle a Polaroid Cube Plus courtesy of Tienda Polaroid.

1- Follow us on Instagram: OAK stories

read more

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