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The story of 4 women that together manage to face the daily discrimination they suffer just because they were born women

Clara Santaolaya

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What is Nuestra Calle?

Nuestra Calle is a short film that tells the story of four women that, although being very different from each other, they share the fact of undergoing some type of oppression in their everyday life just for the mere fact of being women.

However, a spark of strength and empowerment starts to spread among them, just like an insignificant fire that starts to grow, and ends up calling an everyday revolution up.

At the end, thanks to that network of sisterhood and courage, all of them manage to face and overcome those discriminations, making the streets their own.

Final scene
Final scene

If you want to know more about where the idea of Nuestra Calle comes from, have a look at the Filmmaking report:

Who is our pack? 🐺🎬🎬🎬

Alba Galocha 💜

👩‍🌾 Vera is a woman committed to the founding of associations and the creation of an urban garden to boost her neighbourhood's social fabric. However, she sometimes finds it hard to find her own voice and to overlap it to her partners’, Sergio.

Vera will have to learn how take control over some spaces behind closed doors 💪

You might have seen Alba in El hombre de las mil caras, Plan de Fuga, No culpes al karma de lo que te pasa por gilipollas y La Zona. You can find out more about this fantastic actress and her recent works by clicking here.

Ana Rujas 💜

🙋‍♀️ Alma finds it quite difficult to identify the patriarchal attacks that she daily undergoes. She got so used to those attacks that she simply considers them normal.

However, one night she opened her eyes to all of that and she screamed ENOUGH🖕, and that's how she started an everyday revolution that would spread like a virus amongst the women in her street.💥

Ana has worked in 90-60-90, Ángel o demonio, Hispania, Con el culo al aire, La que se avecina, Gente en sitios o Toc, toc. Just to mention some of them. Get to know her better here.

Adelfa Calvo 💜

👩‍👦‍👦 Soledad has spent all her life focused on her husband and children and she lives very happily according to the gypsy culture she belongs to.

Nevertheless, when she is bewidowed she feels for the first time an overriding necessity against what is established and that will make her confront her family and what people may say. ✊✊

She doesn't need an introduction, you might have seen her intepriting Adelfa in A cambio de nada, Grupo 7, La isla mínima, El Secreto de Puente Viejo, El Ministerio del tiempo y El Autor, amongst many others. This year, she won the Goya for her role as “best supporting actress” in “EL AUTOR”. In case you want to know anything else, here you have her previous works.

Abril Zamora 💜

👩‍🎤 Libertad is a trans woman who works as a prostitute in the street. She's brave, determined, generous and extroverted. Getting to recognize and reassert herself in front of the mirror has not been an easy path for her.

However, the whole process she's been through, made her become a self-confident, brave woman that doesn't mince her words. Libertad has a lot to say...💣💥

Abril is not only an actress, but also a film director and screenwriter. Besides, she's currently undergoing a process of gender reassignment. You can see her in Vis a Vis, y Señoras del (h)AMPA, if you want to know more about her click here.

Juan Blanco 💜

🙆‍♂️ Sergio is a courageous and strong man that is very committed to social movements and associations. Despite being familiar with feminist theories and supporting them, sometimes his self-confidence and his expertise trick him and he is unable to give Vera, his partner, the space she needs to find her own voice. 🙊

Juan has worked in Vis a Vis, Sin miedo a soñar, Las altas presiones y Todo el mundo lo sabe. Take a look at his previous experiences.

And...behind the camera? 🐺🎬🎬🎬

The whole team of Nuestra Calle is very professional and has years of experience in the field of the audiovisual world.

Clara Santaolaya shotting
Clara Santaolaya shotting

Most members of the team from Nuestra Calle had already worked together in Pangea, the previous shortfilm of the film director and screenwriter, Clara Santaolaya.

Therefore, confidence, understanding and complicity won't have to be built from scratch.

Producer: Stopandplay

Producer: Carlos Azorín

Executive Producer: Naiara Chinchilla

Production Manager: Carmen Gándara

Cinematographer: Raúl Peña

First Assistant Director: Daniel Ramírez

Script: Elena Moreno Martet

Camera Operator: Maider García Letona

Art Director: Paula de Granvar

Costume Designer: Carmen Beloso

Make-up: Alejandra Moreno

Editor: Adoración G Elipe.

Sound engineer: Lin Chang y Carla Silva.

About the rewards

The rewards that you will receive, if you decide to support our project, will vary depending on the amount of your contribution.

Anyway, you have to know that, from now on, you count with the enormous gratitude of the entire team.

If you have any questions about the rewards that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll help you as soon as possible.

What will we do with your contributions?

Expected planning

We would love to release Nuestra Calle as soon as possible, so you can all watch it.

In order to achieve that, we have in mind something like this:

Pre-production: /May-June/

Shotting: /23,24,y 30 de June y 1 de July/

Post-production: /Julio - Septiembre/

Premiere: /October/

Delivery of the rewards:
+ The ones related to the shooting: /July/
+ The ones related to merchandising: /July/
+ The ones related to the product when it is finished: /October/

Supporting entities:


The original soundtrack will be performed by many artists and music bands such as:

Mercedes Sosa


+ Info

If there's anything else you want to know or you want to keep updated how the project is progressing, follow us on our Facebook.

You can also contact us clicking below on or leave a comment.


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  • Francisco Cabezudo

    Francisco Cabezudo

    over 3 years


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    Goyi y ma

    over 3 years


  • Pedro Borja

    Pedro Borja

    over 3 years

    Ninguna agresión sin respuesta

  • Clara Santaolaya

    Clara Santaolaya

    over 3 years

    Muchas gracias a todos! Seguimos peleando y vuestra ayuda es imprescindible. A por ello!!

  • Pedro Borja

    Pedro Borja

    over 3 years

    Para que construir si estamos de paso

  • Yara Milani Hidalgo

    Yara Milani Hidalgo

    over 3 years

    Proyectos así son NECESARIOS para la visibilización y para el cambio. Ánimo! Qué ganas de verlo crecer :)

  • Carlos García Marcos

    Carlos García Marcos

    over 3 years

    ¡Mucho ánimo!

  • Clara López-Mingo Moreno

    Clara López-Mingo Moreno

    over 3 years

    Proyectazo que va a dar mucho que hablar! Todo mi apoyo para el equipo! Mucho ánimo y a por ello!!

  • Patricia Hernández

    Patricia Hernández

    over 3 years

    Suerte con el proyecto Clari!!

  • Clara Santaolaya

    Clara Santaolaya

    over 3 years

    Muchas gracias a tod@s compañer@s. Sigamos luchando. LA CALLE ES NUESTRA!!!

#01 / Nuestra Calle Avanza

Hola a todos:

Después de la resaca post-rodaje, queremos informaros primero a vosotros, que habéis contribuido a que Nuestra Calle sea posible, de que** el rodaje salió tal y como esperábamos** y la **próxima semana comenzaremos la postproducción. **

Vamos a cumplir los plazos y esperamos poder estrenar el cortometraje en Octubre, tal y como planeábamos. Cuando estemos a punto de terminar el proyecto, os enviaremos un formulario para que nos digáis tallas, direcciones, etc. en las recompensas en las que sea necesario.

Por el momento, solo os enviamos un formulario para que nos digáis cómo queréis aparecer en los créditos, para poder ir montándolos.

En medio del veranito, solo queríamos deciros que todo sigue su curso **y que no nos olvidamos de vosotros. **

La calle sigue siendo vuestra!!!!!

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