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Paula Ferraz's first album

"CHANGES", Paula Ferraz's first album, can become a reality with your help.

Paula Ferraz

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It's not over!

We've reached the goal of 1.600 € that will make "CHANGES" a reality. I don't have the words to thank you for all your support. But this is not over: we still have 24 more days of campaign. This is my proposal to you: if we reach 2.500 € (which will allow me to promote the album and make it go further), each patron will receive exclusive material of the production process, and maybe some other surprise. Will you help me reach this second goal?


In three years, I've written songs that have made me become who I am now and have helped me understand myself. Now I want to share them with the world, and I need your help.

The goal of this crowdfunding is to fund the recording and editing of my first album, "CHANGES", with eight songs that tell my story.

The recording and mixing of the album will be in the hands of Álvaro Molinillo (Duerme Simón).

Apart from the album we will make a travel journal, a special booklet in which many artists will collaborate and where you will find texts, illustrations and photos related to the songs.

About the rewards

Depending on your contribution, you will be able to choose among different rewards:

  • Your name in the album's acknowledgements

  • Anticipated digital download

  • Signed CD and travel journal

  • Handwritten lyrics of a song in the album

  • Poster and postcards with the album design

  • Ticket to the presentation concert

  • T-shirt with the album design

  • Dedicated cover: cover of the song you want

  • Custom original song: tell me your story and I will write a song about it

  • Acoustic concert at your house (transportation expenses not included)

The ideal would be to give you the rewards in person, be it at the presentation concert or meeting some other day, but if that's impossible you'll receive them at home (shipping costs included).

Who I am

I was born in Marbella in 1997, but my life as Paula Ferraz started in 2014, when I gave my first concert at a bar called Saltaluna. There, I performed the first song I wrote by myself and I realised that I could get used to playing in front of an audience.

I moved to Madrid 3 years ago to study Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. One day I'll be able to express everything that this city has given me. Between open mics, concerts and a lot of movement, inspiration started coming and more songs appeared.

Those songs have turned me into who I am now, they have helped me get to know myself and they tell my story. I hope they mean something to you, and you can enjoy them as much as I do.

What are your contributions for

If we reach the goal, the money raised will be used for:

  • The recording and editing of the album

  • The printing of the travel journals

  • The preparation of the rewards

  • The promotion of the album

Planned calendar

If everything goes as planned, the calendar will be the following:

  • April-May: recording and mixing of the album

  • June: edition of the album, preparation of the travel journals

  • July: printing of the journals, preparation of the rewards

  • September-October: album release, presentation concerts, delivery of the rewards

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  • Jaime


    over 5 years

    Vaya viaje que llevamos ¿eh? A por todas Pau

  • Rosana Ágreda Castellano

    Rosana Ágreda Castellano

    over 5 years

    ¡Hola Paula! Somos Luis y Rosana, amigos de Isa (de fiestas de Alfaro).. nos encantó tu mini concierto privado así que queríamos aportar nuestro granito de arena a tu proyecto para poder escuchar pronto tu disco. Esperamos que tengas mucha suerte, y ya sabes que eres bienvenida a nuestro humilde poblado cuando quieras jajajajaj ¡Un abrazo!

  • Luis Carlos Romero Vergara

    Luis Carlos Romero Vergara

    over 5 years

    Mucha suerte con tu proyecto. ¡Espero que vendas muchos discos!

  • Isa Ladrón

    Isa Ladrón

    over 5 years

    ¡Deseando poder escuchar ese pedazo de corazoncito tuyo en tus canciones!

  • Toñi Montes

    Toñi Montes

    over 5 years

    Cumple tu sueño!

  • Inés García

    Inés García

    over 5 years

    Sigue tus sueños, ellos saben el camino.

  • Paula MB

    Paula MB

    over 5 years

    Más vale tarde que nunca :)!

  • Andres


    over 5 years

    que curioso es esto de verkami

  • Andres


    over 5 years

    si esto se publica significa que se pueden poner mas de un comentario seguido, sino no

  • Andres


    over 5 years

    ohhh ya me deja escribir por aqui, VENGA QUE SE LLEGA LOS 2500

#02 / ¡Lo hemos conseguido! / We made it!


No podía empezar de otra forma. Gracias a todas y cada una de las personas que habéis decidido participar en este crowdfunding, "CHANGES" va a convertirse en algo real y llegará mucho más lejos de lo que yo habría imaginado. Esta campaña ha sido increíble: no solo llegamos al primer objetivo en la mitad del tiempo, sino que ¡hemos alcanzado también el segundo objetivo!

GRACIAS. Por todo. Siempre. Os prometo que valdrá la pena.


I couldn't begin writing anything else. Thanks to each and every person who decided to participate in this crowdfunding, "CHANGES" will become something real and get much further than I would have imagined. This campaign has been amazing: not only did we reach the first goal in half of the time, but we have also reached the second goal!

THANK YOU. For everything. Always. I promise it will be worth it.

#01 / ¡Objetivo alcanzado! / Goal reached!

¡Hemos superado el objetivo de 1.600 €!

Gracias a ti, "CHANGES", mi primer disco, va a hacerse realidad. No te imaginas lo agradecida que estoy y las ganas que tengo de que veáis el resultado de todo esto en unos meses.

Pero esto no se acaba aquí: aún quedan 24 días de crowdfunding, y podemos hacer que "CHANGES" llegue mucho más lejos.

Te propongo lo siguiente: si llegamos a 2.500 € (lo que me permitirá costear la promoción del disco para que lo escuche más gente) te llevarás, además de la recompensa que ya has elegido, material exclusivo del proceso de grabación en forma de un pequeño libreto.

Comparte este sueño materializándose con cualquiera a quien creas que pueda interesar. ¿Me ayudas a llegar más lejos?


Paula :)


We've reached the 1.600 € goal!

Thanks to you,"CHANGES", my first album, will become a reality. You can't imagine how thankful I am and how much I want you to see the result of this all in a few months.

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