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'In Broad Daylight' - Short Film

A dramatic thriller to denounces trafficking people for sexual exploitation, a business of 3,500 million euros a year in Spain.


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Until 05/16/18, the extraordinary contributions we receive can help us in the distribution of the film through educational centers throughout Spain.

Do you want to know more about our film and social project? Read below ...

Showing reality throught fiction

According United Nations, trafficking people for sexual exploitation is one of the main economic engines worldwide, surpassing drug trafficking. Only in Spain, European leader in consumption of paid sex, this business moves more than 3,500 million euros a year. 43% of victims are captured in their own countries. We don't talk about remote places or in underdeveloped cultures... we talk about here and now.

Manipulating action movies clichés, 'IN BROAD DAYLIGHT' is a dramatic thriller to focus a terrifying reality beyond the fiction shown in the screen.

But we don't want to make only a movie. This short film will be the tool to make some many round tables with a clearly goal: to sensibilize audience, specially young people, about the truth behind trafficking persons (women and girls mostly) for her sexual explotaition.

Film Production

‘IN BROAD DAYLIGHT’ is a co production between MITAD y MITAD PRODUCCIONES and SEPTIMA ARS SCHOOL OF CINEMA AND TV OF MADRID. Big proffesionals formed in this school will be the staff of the movie. Shooting days are going to be June 16th and 17th 2018, and the picture will be relased in most important national and international film festivals after summer.

The Stars

  • AITOR MERINO (San Sebastián, 1972) is a very remembered actor for 'Stories from the Kronen'. He worked with filmmakers as Montxo Armendáriz, Pilar Miró, Vicente Aranda or Icíar Bollaín in his four decades filmography. In 2007 he relased his first direction working, 'El pan nuestro', a Goya Award nominated short film. And in 2013 codirected with his sister Amaia the film documentary 'Asier eta biok'..

  • CARLOS OLALLA (Barcelona, 1957) has a long career as actor, writer, poetry and director. He is very popular thanks movies as 'Lasa and Zabala', 'B. The movie', '[REC]2', 'Unit 7' or 'The Promise', and also TV shows 'The Time in Between', 'Acacias 38', 'Cuéntame', etc. He's director of International Film Festival for Democratic Memory (FESCIMED) and codirector of 16 kms. Cañada Real International Film Festiva. With six books published, since eight years ago he teaches theatre solidarity workshops for people at risk of social exclusion in several foundations an NGOs.

  • NURIA NADIM (Alicante, 1994) debuted in theatre with 'En el sur del olvido', work selected in 1st International Show of Theatre by Students in 2009 Almagro Theatre Festival. After 'Semen-terio' and 'Romeo and Juliet' she works in 'Do you want a peace of me?', 'La irresistible pero inevitable ascensión de Arturo Ui', y 'La herida del tiempo (La familia Conway)'. In 2017 she did her first movie, 'The Hidden City' documentary.

  • JUAN BARAZA (Turre, Almería, 1976) worked in plays as 'El casamiento a la fuerza', 'El precio', 'Salem's Witches' or 'Zapping'. Notable appearances short films as ‘Virgencita’, ‘Cuentista’, ‘Murcia’, ‘Operación aborto’, ‘Relato de un error’ and ‘Dile a las mujeres’. In the last times is easy found him in successful TV-series 'Estoy vivo', 'La zona' and 'La que se avecina'. In 2013 worked with awared director David Trueba in 'Living is Easy with Closed Eyes' motion picture.

  • DANIEL GALLARDO (Madrid, 1977) debuts in 1998 with the plays 'Bajarse al moro' and 'Fuenteovejuna', and in last 20 years he didn't stop with around thirty works and characters, classics and contemporarys. In theatre he also has been 1st assistant director and in 2008 directed play 'La vida de los pequeños burgueses'. In films, he starred short films as 'Sunrising', 'Mandarinas', 'El reflejo' and 'Code 13', and worked in motion pictures 'Puenting' and 'Last Akhenaten'.

The director

ISRA CALZADO LÓPEZ (Madrid, 1978) credits a long proffesional experience in AV sector, both in media press and short films. He directed 'Trágame, Tierra!', 'Muriel Town', 'Luck', 'A picture in grey', 'Talk to him', 'V.O.S.' and 'Café solo' and worked in other several areas (production, camera operator, editor) in many other projects. He's a prominent member of many cultural groups and associations, Spanish Photography Confederation (CEF) and production coordinator of International Film Festival for Democratic Memory (FESCIMED) and 4661 Film Fest. At present he's AV producer in Mitad & Mitad Producciones and usually collaborator in some media press as EsRadio and Cultura EnGuada.

About our project

  • Phase 1: Screenplay. This story borned in 2016, but first version was wrote in January 2017. From this point we are were working both the nature of characters and described episode about trafficking women for sexual explotation. In present we are still working in this phase with cast.

  • Phase 2: The motion picture. This is your moment: great profesionals has united to this project and we wanto to give you the opportunity to be part of it with your contributions. We'll shoot the film in the last days of may and we'll relased, presumibly, after summer.

  • Phase 3: Distribution. We'll don't limit to film festivals, every place we could show the movie and organizace talks and round tables, we'll go there.

What we will destine your contributions?

Although we have very advanced negociations both with public entities and private sponsors, we need your support to garantee the covered of natural expenseves in every film production, and also to can make the first steps of Phase 3 (Distribution) after relase the movie.

Planned calendar

  • Winter 2017-2018: Presentation of the project to public entities and search of private sponsors.

  • Spring 2018: Crowdfunding campaign releasing. Preproduction, actors essays, shooting plan, camera tests, staff hired, budget closed and confirmed.

  • June 23th-24th, 2018: Film shooting in natural set in Valdeluz (Yebes, Guadalajara, Spain). Production estimated: 2 days. Some crowdfunder could visit us (see rewards table).

  • July-August 2018: Picture & sound editing, mixing and postproduction.

  • September, 2018: Relase in Madrid and Guadalajara (Spain). Cinemas and dates pending confirmation. In this event will gave first rewards.

  • October, 2018: Rewards sending to the rest of crowdfunders and supporters.

  • Autumm 2018-Winter 2019: Distribution and showing in the most important film festivals in Spain and around the world, and in all schools, colleges, libraries, social centers, etc. wich wish participate in our awareness campaign agains sexual trade.

Do you want to know more?

Find us in the movie Facebook official page and Twitter official account where we'll centralize all project information. You can also contact us in produccion@mitadymitadproducciones.com.


  • May I do more than one contribution?

    YES, there are no problem at all to make several contributions to the same reward or to different rewards.There's no limits.

  • I've made a contribution. Can I change it for another?

    Yes, you can. First, you have to cancell the first contribution sending a mail to info@verkami.com. When you receive the notice you can take the new reward as long as the campaign is still running.

  • Can only be contributed by card or PayPal?

    This crowdfunding platform works with this two ways of pay. Don't worry, Verkamy offers all the guarantees for your money.

  • My card doesn't work

    We have detected that some debit cards do not work correctly. We suggest you use your credit card or create a PayPal account. If the problem persists, contact your bank.

  • What happens if I can not go to the shooting or premiere day?

    Here there could be two possible circumstances.

    If once the contribution was made and the campaign closed you could not come to visit the film location or to premiere day for any reason, we could not return the contribution: so, it's very important that you make sure you have those dates available before making the contribution.

    If, for reasons beyond production, the filming should be postponed or suspended, we will contact you as soon as possible to notify you the new date or reimburse your contribution at no cost to you.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Luculo Loureiro

    Luculo Loureiro

    over 4 years

    Al límite pero lo prometido es deuda Isra y Mariam ;)

  • Alfredo


    over 4 years

    Ahí va un empujoncito de parte de los tíos de Segovia, Mª Jesús y Pablo. ¡A por ello que casi está!

  • Alfredo


    over 4 years

    ¡Gracias por vuestra estupenda iniciativa!

  • estamoscontigoguadalajara@hotmail.com


    over 4 years

    Aquí va nuestro granito de arena para que este proyecto, que es mucho más que un cortometraje, salga adelante con todas las garantías de los profesionales que lo vais a hacer posible. No necesitáis suerte, sino mucho ánimo para sacar el mejor resultado del gran trabajo que tenéis entre manos! Adelante, mis valientes!!!!!

  • adkicker


    over 4 years

    Un proyecto con un tema muy interesante (Está producido por mi antigua escuela de cine) Espero que alcancen su objetivo y sirva para concienciar a la gente sobre la explotación sexual..

  • Mitad & Mitad Producciones

    Mitad & Mitad Producciones

    over 4 years

    Gracias por los ánimos y las aportaciones. ¡Seguimos! :)

  • ARTuroXXI


    over 4 years


  • Laparicio


    over 4 years

    Mucha mierda amigos. Tengo claro que va a salir genial

  • Mitad & Mitad Producciones

    Mitad & Mitad Producciones

    over 4 years

    ¡Muchas gracias, Alberto! :)

  • Alberto Miguel López Antón

    Alberto Miguel López Antón

    over 4 years


#01 / ¡Objetivo superado! ¡¡Gracias!!

Querid@s mecenas:

Objetivo alcanzado... y superado!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

De corazón os decimos que nada de esto hubiese sido posible sin vuestro apoyo y colaboración.

Ahora, aunque ya hemos rebasado la meta, aún estamos a tiempo de recaudar más fondos para el proyecto.

Por si queréis compartir con amig@s, conocid@s, familiares o en vuestras redes sociales, la campaña seguirá activa hasta el próximo 16 de mayo.
¡Abrazos mil!

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