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La mugre (The grime)

Three lovers. One death. One party. One take. A short film which explores the limits of human morality.

La mugre

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The story is set in a student flat, during a party. In one of the rooms, three poeple involved in a polyamorous relationship are having fun and fooling around. As they are about to have sex, two of them, Rita and Marc, experience something they haven’t been prepared for. An extreme situation which completely eludes the logical sense of their lives: the sudden death of Ada, the cornerstone of their love triangle. This moment represents the core of La mugre.

cornerstone of their love triangle. This moment represents the core of La mugre.

The characters’ reactions to this situation are the common thread of our story: the conscious denial of doing what would seem right and the incapability of facing the problem. Together with the clash of their personalities, which seem to be complementary but turn out to not be enough for each other, they are our short film’s backbone.

The three main characters have been involved in a romantic relationship for some months, although they have not really talked about it or classified it yet. Rita and Ada have been best friends since forever and met Marc when they started college, three years ago. They care about and love each other and, without knowing really how, they started to share everything.

After Ada, the realtionship’s catalyst, dies, Rita and Marc find themselves wandering around a party full of people having fun; a claustrofobic setting which literally traps them. Their vulnerability, their failed attempt of individualism and their inability to deal with such strong and extreme emotions will push them to the limit of their morality.




La mugre is a drama short, filmed in a single 15-minute take. Time flows without cuts, decisions are made in situ, and so happen their consequences. The project is the debut feature of a group of Media students at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, who decided to bring to live a script which was created by them over a year ago.

Your contributions will make it possible to bring La mugre to live, and by that turning our illusion into a reality on a professional level.

Actors: Berner Maynés, Cristina Colom, Laura Roig

Directors: Pau Bösch and Berta Galvany

Assistant director: Anna Asensio

Scriptwriters: Lúa López and Sara Ros

Producers: Alba Arenas and Anna Asensio

DOP: Lúa López 

Art direction: Pau Bösch and Sara Ros

Sound: Jorge Espitia

Gaffer: Toni Alcalde

Your contributions will be used to cover the technical expenses implied by a single-take shoot. Many elements are required to carry it out, and a good technical equipment is key to achieving the very best result.

We are launching this Crowdfunding campaign right in the middle of our pre-production fase, during which we are approaching different ways of financing our project. We recently organized the first La mugre Party (Esta Muerta Está Muy Viva) and are also informing about all the details of the process on social media.

The shooting will take place during the first week of May, so that the finished film is scheduled to premiere in late June.

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You will find more info about the project on:

Do you want to know more about Ada? You can follow her on Instagram:


  • Why don't you do a normal, written project?

    Good question! The truth is that we also ask ourselves the same question a minimum of three times a day. Actually we care so much about this project that we can't imagine ourselves doing anything else. In spite of the hours of work and the effort, we are happy to know that our motivation stays strong. To make "La mugre" real fills us with adrenaline.

    Maybe it's called love, maybe massochism.

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  • PaulaT


    over 2 years

    más vale tarde que nunca heheh :')

  • Víctor..N.D..


    over 2 years

    Quiero ve escena sexo en pelicula. Gusta mucho chicas me podeus dar su telefono garcias.

  • AdrianaRafi


    over 2 years

    La mugrebeliever

  • AdrianaRafi


    over 2 years

    La mugrebeliever

  • AdrianaRafi


    over 2 years

    La mugrebeliever

  • AdrianaRafi


    over 2 years

    La mugrebeliever

  • AdrianaRafi


    over 2 years

    La mugrebeliever

  • Anna Moreno Lasalle

    Anna Moreno Lasalle

    over 2 years

    Molta sort!!!

  • Danielw Alario

    Danielw Alario

    over 2 years

    Por la cultura! Italia os apoya!!!!

  • cmuntaner


    over 2 years


#01 / Assajos!

Hola mugrers!

Primer de tot volem dir que no cabem en nosaltres mateixos de tota l'alegria que ens provoca veure les vostres mostres de suport cap al projecte. Som conscients que es tracta d'un projecte complicat ple d'entrebancs, però amb el vostre carinyo i el nostre esforç està tirant cap endevant, i està més viu que mai!

Actualment estem tots els membres de l'equip 100% immersos en els nostres càrrecs, treballant perquè això no decaigui en cap moment. La Rita, l'Ada i en Marc assagen dos cops per setmana i ens regalen moments màgics com els que us ensenyem a continuació! Les imatges són del passat dijous 1 de Març, i en elles podeu veure un petit tastet de La mugre

Així podeu anar obrint boca!

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