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"Puro de Oliva", Spanish Brass & Chano Domínguez (new CD)

"Puro de Oliva” is the fusion of the musical visions of Chano Dominguez and Spanish Brass in a unique, original and innovating show.

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For this new recording project, as for previous ones, we need to enlist your support to help make it a reality. For us, crowdfunding is not merely a financial necessity, but a way for you and us to collaborate in a creative undertaking.

Last July 1st, 2017, during the Spanish Brass Alzira Festival, Spanish Brass and pianist Chano Domínguez gave the premiere of their new show, Puro de Oliva. In this concert two music styles come together to create one of the most original shows ever seen on stage. Chano Domínguez’ art and virtuosity, and Spanish Brass’ versatility and excellence, combine to create Puro de Oliva.

Chano Domínguez needs no introduction. His prolific international career representing flamenco guarantees artistic perfection in every sense, and Spanish Brass represents chamber music at the highest level.

After a meeting in Seattle (USA), where Chano attended a concert by the quintet, a magical connection emerged between the musicians that led them to create this new show, Puro de Oliva.

Chano composed a new piece for brass quintet, piano and cajón flamenco entitled “Never Settle for the Oyster Light.” The rest of the program includes other pieces by Chano, such as “Solo con verte,” “Mi Prima de Riesgo,” “De Cadi a New Orleans” and “Rumba Pa Jerry,” that he composed for artists such as Wynton Marsalis and Jerry González and has now arranged for Spanish Brass, piano and percussion. All of which makes Puro de Oliva the perfect ambassador for the music and culture of Spain. A special guest artist is Bandolero, on the “cajón flamenco.”

After a number of performances, the show has matured enough to give birth to this new CD project that will be recorded shortly, and we trust that it will delight the listeners.

(music by Chano Domínguez)

**Solo con Verte

Never Settle for the Oyster Light

Mi Prima de Riesgo

De Cadi a New Orleans

Rumba pa Jerry**

What will we do if we get more money than requested?

By collaborating with Puro de Oliva, patrons are making an advance purchase of the CD that will allow us to carry out the recording, mastering, editing and production. If we finally get more money we would like to be able to make a demo video of the show to present to promoters.

Anticipated schedule

February and March 2018: recording

May 2018: mastering and production

September 2018: release


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  • Spanish Brass

    Spanish Brass

    about 6 years

    Gracias a todos por vuestra ayuda!!!



    about 6 years

    Vinga que falta res per aconseguir-ho, nosaltres ja som mecenes!!!!

  • Javi Colomer

    Javi Colomer

    about 6 years

    Molta sort en el projecte. ;-)

  • Matías López López

    Matías López López

    about 6 years

    ¡Vamos, que la historia, además de escribirse, se hace!

  • Joan F. Vidal

    Joan F. Vidal

    about 6 years

    Gràcies per seguir transmetent el mateix entusiasme fa gairebé 30 anys, felicitats pel nou projecte -m'encanta el nom!-, endavant i que no s'aturi la música!!

  • vicen palau ibiza

    vicen palau ibiza

    about 6 years

    Te molt bona pinta,anim i avant sou inpresionans!!!

  • miquel gallen negre

    miquel gallen negre

    about 6 years

    Gran projecte. Endavant sempre!!!!

  • rubenperezcardona


    about 6 years

    Molta sort!!

  • Unai


    over 6 years

    Suerte con vuestro nuevo CD. Un abrazo desde Corea!!!!

  • celestinoluna


    over 6 years

    Qué buena pinta tiene este proyecto... y qué mérito y valentía tienen los de Spanish Brass.

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