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Participate in the new album "CUENTOS SIN LEYENDAS" by Dwayna & The Band

We are already working to record our 3rd album. 9 stories made songs and we will do it BIG with VIDEOCLIP included.

Dwayna & The Band

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We decided to take a step further and record our first true album, with the whole band and recorded in a studio as God intended, also if you give us the money we want to record and produce our first professional video clip.

9 songs-story, with a walk through several musical styles, with a lot of rock and blues base.

Some sure you know them because we've been playing them for some time at our concerts and others have not, because they've just been born!


We will make the recording of our third work "Tales without Legends" but the first in a professional studio. 9 Songs - Story, full of adventure, fantasy, and a lot of rock!

We also want to create a professional videoclip to present ourselves as professionals who are what we really are and who can all enjoy our music for much longer, giving us another little step in the adventure that leads to our dreams.

To make the album we will have the ORIGAMI SOUND BARCELONA producer, and for this occasion, we will have Mikel Bazquez on bass and Sel Lee on drums !!! All a LUXURY!

We need to finance part of the project, **specifically the part of the recording**, the cost of renting and moving materials and staying those days.

Part of the money will also go to merchandising material and an official presentation of the Disc, whose entry can only be obtained as a reward for the campaign.

An unforgettable party where you can enjoy our album but closer than ever!


We have been brewing all this for almost a year and betting on doing a job well done, with time and all our affection,

and every time we feel more supported, we notice that we are more in the direct, and do not stop receiving requests for when the next ...
That is why I have dared to ask you for a small advance collaboration, which we certainly hope to be able to do and that we will undoubtedly try to give you back in style with THE BEST DISC, a private concert to suit you, a recording day in which participate, with a song made exclusively for you, in short, with the reward you like the most.

Thank you very much in advance, because it is increasingly difficult to throw yourself into this pool.


We will be able to deliver the discs at the beginning of May, the rest of the rewards that do not imply digital download, or the disc, we will be able to carry them out as soon as this campaign is over. You will be kept informed at all times and with time so that you can organize it quietly.


Dwayna & The Band, born from an illusion of the heart of Dwayna, and the crossroads between each one of the collaborators that form it. a musical family that does not leave indifferent.

A mix of many firms and cultures that make their own sound where different styles and musical variety intermingle with a very personal fusion and a great influence of rock, blues, and soul, but with a taste of reagge, indie, ska, flamenco, rumba , classic....

For this project we will have a surprise that will be unveiled at the time!

Letters with strong messages, and with those that come straight to the soul ...


2nd National EARPRO OFF Award THE BEATEN TRACK the SHURE 2018





(Composer, Piano, Guitar and Lead Voice)

Dwayna responds to the artistic name of Laia Melgosa, singer-songwriter, composer, and writer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar ...)

From very small, he sang and wrote at all hours, and after many years dedicated to classical music, and an important break with it .. A turn in his life unexpected, made him play again and embarked on the challenge to create modern songs from the poems written throughout his life.

Passionate about life, music and art, she stands out for her ability to compose, making a very personal mix of many styles, with a great influence of rock and blues.

You can not imagine a world without fantasy, illusion but above all music, lots of music!

Spotify | Facebook | YouTube

(Choirs, Guitar, Percussion)

She started writing songs as a child. "I've always believed in magical beings" and that's how "La Duende" was born, a nickname that defines it perfectly.

The Duende enchants the listener, is creative and artistically intrusive. His lyrics, his hardness to express himself and his strength are pure feeling.

Their first single, Cosas buenas, is a bittersweet song, which, despite the pain, is optimistic, because in life there are always good things.

Her first artistic steps took her as a dancer on stage, but at age 18, a turn in her life put the guitar in her hands and she began to compose her first songs. His parents listened to flamenco and grew up musically drinking from that art, although he moves with great ease through styles such as hiphop and rap.


Facebook | YouTube

(Flute Travesera, Harmonica, Guitar, Baansuri)

He began with 16 years with the Spanish guitar but fast step to the electica and to play in groups.

Alquitran Expres was the first, followed by The Kabul Countri Band (KCB) with whom he developed the Blues, Rock and Electric Bass with which he played 9 years for Madrid, Leganes ...

The Orien expres, Sueell cover ... Then a change of life took him to the wind ... Flute Travesera,

Baansuri from India, Armonica, Kena Bolibiana.

The Troba De Aulàs, Aulàs Al Son and Con-Fusion Band, the latter untied its composer part being all the themes themselves. Today keeps

that facet compositor shaping Trastavillaos to one of the themes.

Dwayna and La Duende offered her the great opportunity to express her music with a wide variety of instruments. On the other hand, new knowledge, rhythms and structures mold them with their first steps in Popular Folklore.

( Spanish guitar )

Cuban by birth, he tried ten years ago in Spain. It takes all the life dedicated to the classic one.

Classical guitar teacher. Graduated higher in the University Superior Institute of Art of Havana.

Head of the Guitar Chair of the National School of Art of Havana from 1992-1999

Member of the guitar ensemble of Havana, and member of the ESAUDI group. (1990-2000)

In 2013, he began to collaborate with Dwayna until today.

A Master of the Magic Strings.

(Percussion - Choirs)

Adrián de Labor, responds to the name of Adrián Carles León. Born in Lleida on 04/01/1982.

He started playing the guitar when he was twenty-one years old.

Composer and self-taught, enthusiast of the sacred music of India (Mantras) where it is reflected in each of his musical compositions.

Married to Laia Melgosa in 2014 (Dwayna), he joins in his musical project giving brushstrokes with his choirs and percussion.

(Electric and Spanish guitar)

Of Italian origin, born in Perugia (1985) Andrés Generotti began with his first chords at the age of 16 years.

He took to the rock and tried to get the songs out, until one day an electric guitar came to his hands that he would enjoy a lot thanks to its infinite amount of effects.

Soon after he formed a group with some friends playing covers of the groups that they liked the most.

A few years later he moved permanently to Spain where he settled in Córdoba, where he discovered what would become his greatest musical passion, Flamenco. He noticed that he had not heard until then a more beautiful sound reproduced by an instrument, the flamenco guitar.

In 2014, he meets Laia (Dwayna) in Ibiza, and they spent the whole season together doing concerts all over the island.

Then he formed the group De Lunares. The songs were of own composition, lyrics, melodies, harmonies, arrangements ...

By Causes of life, De Lunares got rid of, and to this day he continues to collaborate with Dwayna actively.

+ Info that may interest you .. video clip, previous albums, interviews ...


Videoclip de Acqustic
Videoclip DIABLO

Disco El Guardián de Sueños 2017

Disco Las Nubes de la Feria

Entrevista en El Mundo de Tulsa

En Notícies de la Terreta
Último disco en Mundo de Tulsa

Currículo Musical

I am so excited to continue creating songs, playing and keep making records, that a million of thanks from the heart for making it possible.

I love you!


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  • Helen Claridad

    Helen Claridad

    over 5 years

    Dónde puedo comprarlo?SUERTE

  • De les teves companyes De les dominiques!

    De les teves companyes De les dominiques!

    over 5 years

    Molta sprt! Per un conte sense llegendes!

  • Paloma


    over 5 years

    Espero que vuestro proyecto se convierta en realidad.

  • Maria jose rocaspana

    Maria jose rocaspana

    over 5 years

    Estic molt orgullosa de tu. Mama

  • Germanes Garcia Martí

    Germanes Garcia Martí

    over 5 years

    Venga venga!!! Amuuunt!

  • Germanes Garcia Martí

    Germanes Garcia Martí

    over 5 years

    Molta sort! Ho aconseguireu!

  • Germanes Garcia Martí

    Germanes Garcia Martí

    over 5 years

    Molta sort! Ho aconseguireu!

  • Eva Melgosa

    Eva Melgosa

    over 5 years

    T’estimo xermaneta! Sort!!😘

  • Lucas cervantes

    Lucas cervantes

    over 5 years

    Molta sort mama!😘

  • Unitat de doctors de l’Arnau de Vilanova

    Unitat de doctors de l’Arnau de Vilanova

    over 5 years

    Molta molta sort rebonika!!!!❤️

#01 / Ya tenemos los nuevos diseños del nuevo disco!!!!😍

Pues ya tenemos el diseño de las camisetas y la portada del nuevo disco!!! Esperamos poder haceros llegar vuestras recompensas lo antes posible! Un millon de gracis a todos y Feliz año!!!! Nosotros estamos rebosantes de alegria, ilusión y con ganas de darlo todo!

Seguimos trabajando para hacer realidad este sueño!

Muchas gracis a todos por formar parte de nuestra leyenda! Os queremos!

Dwayna & The Band

Portada del Nuevo disco
Portada del Nuevo disco

Aqui estan las nuevas camisetas!!!!
Aqui estan las nuevas camisetas!!!!

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