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Maxi Caballero - Debut Album

Ambitious first album of the guitar player Maxi Caballero, in whose improvisations converge jazz, folk or electronic music .

Maxi Caballero

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About the Project

Hello everybody and welcome!

I am Maxi Caballero, a guitarist and composer from Murcia. After a long time and many roads travelled, I have decided to make come true the idea that I have been postponing for so long. Now, that the time and the mood is right, I have finally decided to take the leap. I want to record my music.

You can help me to achieve this goal through this crowdfunding campaign! But, if you do not know how this ‘crowdfunding campaign’ works, I will explain it in a simple way:

In the list in the right there is a number of possible contributions to the project. Each contribution has a reward. The money raised will go to make this project goes forward, so I will always be thankful for your contribution!

But, what is on this CD? Who are the musicians?

My debut album is the result of my labor as a composer for the last four years, in which I have travelled and lived in cities as different as Pamplona, Barcelona or Murcia. These tracks explore the sounds offered by numerous influences from the most contemporary jazz, rock, pop, singer-songwriters, or electronic music.

Numerous influences that go from Gilad Hekselman, Ambrose Akinmusire, Tigran Hamasyan, Radiohead, Olivier Bogé, Nir Felder, Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau, Nirvana, Matthew Stevens, Sufjan Stevens to Bon Iver.

Such a wide range of artists and music styles have made the eight tracks of the disc able to mature and flourish. A fresh and original repertoire that moves in an organic way among slow times and tracks full of energy that make you vibrate. In this way, combining such a variety of influences, the sounds of what I understand as music appear in the improvisation.

To do this, I have the support of my great friends, both in the musical as in the human side: Jesús Caparrós /bass/ and Alfonso de Miguel /drums/.

Although the album bases its sound in the format of a trio, we want to expand the possibilities that our instruments offer in an acoustic way. We have looked for effects, textures, created loops, added synthesizers, incorporated atmospheres… In addition, various collaborations that will be announced soon will make the final mixture richer. We are looking for a unique sound of which we have few references and we are working very hard to find it.

On the 10th of December we will make our way to the base of operations chosen for recording, mixing and mastering the album: “Mecca Recording Studios”, in Oiartzun, very close to Donosti.

I count on your collaboration! Thank you so much for contributing to make this project goes forward!

Who are we?

Jesús Caparrós, Alfonso de Miguel y Maxi Caballero have been friends for more than 10 years. Break friends, high school friends. We were all born in the same town in 1992. We shared a generation, lessons, first steps in the music path, inspiration, curiosities.

We all started to experiment with our instruments at the same time, when, one day, between lessons we agreed to make music and start a band.

Since then, our friendship has been getting stronger with every new experience, in every stage.

All together moved out of the town to find out what the Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies was. In Pamplona we played Led Zeppelin and Path Metheny, we gave shape to our first compositions, and listened to Pantera, Charlie Parker, Nirvana and the Beatles.

We studied harmony and searched new combinations to improvise. We grew up together.

  • Maxi Caballero · Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, effects, synthesizer.

  • Alfonso de Miguel · Drums, percussions, varied electronic devices, cosmic sounds

  • Jesús Caparrós · Electric bass, effects, synthesizer.

What will your contributions for?

Thanks to your contributions we will be able to record, mix and master the eight songs in which I have been working for the last four years. This will be carried out in the amazing Mecca Recording Studios (www.meccarecordingstudio.com). This will not be possible without the involvement of the fantastic musicians who I am counting on.

From then, the copy and the distribution of the physical copies will be defrayed. The same will happen with the awesome design work carried out by the artist Roslim Dew.

I also have to take into account that a 5% of the money raised will go to the platform Vermaki for the services provided, as well as there is a 21% VAT.

The rewards

First of all, if you have decided to support us and contribute: thank you so much! You are contributing to make this dream come true! We want to thank you for your help and this is why we are giving out rewards for everyone’s taste. We wanted a wide variety of rewards adaptable to different people and interests.

You only have to follow these steps:

1) In the right there is a list with all the possible rewards. They are grouped in different packs, so you have different combinations.

2) Search and find what you like the most.

3) After 40 days, and not before, in the case of having achieved the budget, your contribution will become effective.

4) Once the disc has been recorded and a few days before its release, we will contact you to give you your reward as soon as possible. Honestly, I would love to hand everything to you and thank you for your help, but if it is not possible, shipping costs are included!

NOTE: If for some reason we would not reach the target, you will not be charged anything.

In addition, we think that it could be very interesting to add new rewards that you may think of and we may not. You can let me know via email ([email protected]) and we will do everything that is possible to put it in the list. If you have any doubt, let us know through that email too.

Planned calendar

On the 10th of December we will make our way to the north of the country, to our beloved Donosti. Mecca Recording Studio will be the place where we will cook this project. The recording, mixing and mastering will be on the 11th and 22nd of December of the same year. And by the 23rd we will be travelling again to the south of the country, with the album in our hands!

During the month of January of the year coming, we will close all the details (copies, distribution, legal issues). If everything goes well, in February we will be able to release the disc officially and start to send you all your rewards. I wish we could meet in any of my presentation concerts that will be on these dates and I could hand you the rewards personally as well as thank you for your help! But if this was not possible… shipping costs are included!

Once again, thank you very much.

By Roslim Dew
By Roslim Dew

+ Info

If you want to keep up to date with all the news with regard to the Project, follow us in the next links:

For anything else, you can contact me through my email [email protected].


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  • Usuario dado de baja

    Usuario dado de baja

    almost 6 years

    Enhorabuena y suerte con el proyecto!! Pinta muy bien ;)

  • Jose Angel Lorente Parces

    Jose Angel Lorente Parces

    almost 6 years

    atope chicos

  • Jose Angel Lorente Parces

    Jose Angel Lorente Parces

    almost 6 years

    atope chicos

  • Gema


    almost 6 years

    Ya queda muy poco, seguro que sale genial!

  • Guillermo


    about 6 years

    ¡Vamos pa'lante, chicos! ¡Esto tiene muy buena pinta! Un abrazo.

  • Lucas Fernández

    Lucas Fernández

    about 6 years

    Mucha suerte!! El esfuerzo, la constancia y creer en lo que haces es tu mejor arma. No dejes de creer para crear ;)

  • Norma Sax

    Norma Sax

    about 6 years

    Esto va a molar mucho!!

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Si llegamos a 3500€ os proponemos dos nuevos incentivos:

· Aún teniendo dos arreglos de cuerdas escritos para los temas, tuvimos que dejarlos fuera por no poder asumir otro gasto más. ¡Si llegamos a 3500€ tendremos cuarteto de cuerdas en el disco!

· Recompensa añadida para todos los mecenas: ¡recibir por correo electrónico uno de los temas del disco antes de que acabe el año (mucho antes de la publicación y el lanzamiento del CD)!

¡Difundid y compartid! Entre todos podemos conseguirlo. ¡Seguimos optimistas! ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos los que ya han colaborado y a todos los que colaborarán, por creer en nosotros! ¡Hazte mecenas hoy mismo!

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