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Estreno y gravación en DVD de "NEVERMORE", espectáculo de danza-teatro.

“NEVERMORE” is a dance-theatre show with original music, for 3 dancers and 10 musicians, inspired by the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe.

Jordi Morales Mateu

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Original work of dance-theater with live music, based on The Raven and other works by Edgar Allan Poe. We will record a video of the premiere, in two unique showings.

Barcelona based Frederic Gómez Martínez, dancer and choreographer, and Jordi Morales Mateu, musician and composer, have joined efforts, lots of love and dedication to create and give life to this project.

Frederic Gómez Marínez
Frederic Gómez Marínez

Jordi Morales Mateu
Jordi Morales Mateu


With your donation you contribute to the realization of this project. With each Euro you help us pay the theater, the video production team, the wardrobe, the interpreters and the technical team.


“NEVERMORE” is inspired by the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe, with The Raven as guiding thread. Characters from his tales, poems and legends, like The Raven or The Masque of the Red Death will come alive in the shape of dance and music, and the very Annabel Lee herself will sing us her tragic and, at the same time, sweet story. This tale is, really, a look into the life of the writer, indissolubly linked with his work.

On scene, 3 dancers and 10 musicians will take us through this voyage.

The premiere and recording will take place on the 28th of October, at NunArt Guinardó, in two unique showings at 7pm and 9pm. Telègraf 67-71, Barcelona, SPAIN.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)
Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)


Creative Team:

Frederic Gómez Martínez - Coreographer

Jordi Morales Mateu - Composer


Sergio Pla - Edgar Allan Poe

Montserrat Selma - The Raven

Claudio Rojas - The Red Death

Flàvia Camacho - Annabel Lee


Flàvia Camacho - Soprano

Anna Meli - Piano

Laura-Leena Pauni - Flute

Laia Queralt - Clarinet

Otilia Dan - 1st Violin

Aleix Mercadal - 2nd Violin

Jorge Retuerta - Viola

Irene Labrador - Violoncello

Aina Forteza - Doublebass

Salvador Toscano - Percussion

Jordi Morales Mateu - Direccion

Technical Team:

Daniel Estévez - Repetiteur

Leticia Estévez - Wardrobe design

Carmelo Sebastián Pérez and Susanna Rodríguez - Tailoring and Atrezzo

Marc Costa - Multimedia and video realization

The dancers and the choreographer
The dancers and the choreographer

The musicians during the recording of the CD
The musicians during the recording of the CD


  • How do I choose the performance (7pm or 9pm) ?

    To choose the performance, leave us a comment with your name and the time you wish to attend.

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  • pinypon


    over 6 years

    Hola, sóc en Xavi Heredia, 4 entrades a la sessió de les 21h. Merci!

  • Regina Porcel


    over 6 years

    Otra entrada a nombre de Regina para Marc, a las 21h.

  • Regina Porcel


    over 6 years

    Ya tengo entrada a nombre de Regina a las 21h Gracias!! Mucha suerte!

  • Tania Otero

    Tania Otero

    over 6 years

    Tania Otero, función de las 19h.

  • Marc Grajal

    Marc Grajal

    over 6 years

    Marc Grajal, función de las 19h.

  • Patricia Maestre Pera

    Patricia Maestre Pera

    over 6 years

    Soy Patricia y ya tengo entrada! Y la quiero para el pase de las 21h!! Muchas gracias y mucha mierda

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