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Biblioteca La CALA

First titles: “El París”, a novel by Grassa Toro and “Este cuerpo es humano · This Body is Human”, by Grassa Toro & Karishma Chugani Nankani

Carlos Grasa Toro

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La CALA is extending its artistic and cultural activity with a section of Publications added to the existing sections of Exhibitions, Residencias abiertas (Open Artists Residencies), Ensayar el ensayo (Auditioning the Essay), Courses, Workshops, Summer Experiments, Theatre/Music, Tropical Film.

La CALA, in Chodes, Spain.
La CALA, in Chodes, Spain.

La CALA is a place in the world

A place where for twelve years there has been uninterrupted activity including thought, contemplation, creation, research.

Art, writing, film, theatre, illustration, reading, music, graphic design, thinking. Is something missing? A collection of our own publications was missing. To say it was missing does not mean it was necessary, it was simply missing. 
Publishing books is not of value in its own right, despite what the commercial discourse insistently repeats; the value, if any, is given to each particular book.

It was missing and now no longer is. Introducing:

Biblioteca La CALA

In Biblioteca La CALA new titles as well as new editions of out-of-print titles will appear, following the rhythm of agricultural chores (planting, watering, pruning, protecting, harvesting).

For a title to belong to Biblioteca La CALA, the totality or a part of its creative process would have had to have taken place within the walls of the library of LA CALA.

Manuscript of El París
Manuscript of El París

First titles

Biblioteca La CALA begins its collection with El París y This Body is Human . Este cuerpo es humano.

El París is a novel, the first written by Grassa Toro

Este cuerpo es humano · This Body is Human is a poetic atlas of scientific anatomy. It conserves the original text by Grassa Toro from past out-of-print editions, and includes images by Karishma Chugani Nankani. This new edition offers a very different reading to those dedicated to children’s literature.
 This bilingual Spanish-English edition is translated by Claudio Cambon.

Original artwork of  Este cuerpo es humano · This body is Human.
Original artwork of Este cuerpo es humano · This body is Human.

First authors

Karishma Chugani Nankani was born in Casablanca in 1978, to a family of Sindhi origin. She has told and continues telling stories through words, through images, with an object or two, or through set designs. Her images can be seen in books titled: Raconte-moi Chqara et la musique andalouse, Leyendas del Rin. Words and images reunite in other books of hers such as: To Night and Back · Mece la noche and Las visitas de Nani. She has lived in Morocco, England and Spain. She currently lives in Paris, France as a sedentary nomad.


Grassa Toro is a writer. He is the founder and director of LA CALA.
Grassa Toro was born in the European Zaragoza in 1963. He has written and continues to write theatre, essays, stories, conferences, columns, comic strips, a poem and a song or two. Children and adults can read books by him titled: No necesito sombrero, Moon & Do, Una pierna, Hombres contados, Cuaderno de vacaciones, Une femme et un homme, Conquistadores en el Nuevo Mundo, Fábulas morales de una vez para siempre, El Barranco, Una niña, Una casa para el abuelo. 


The reason for a crowd funding campaign

In 2015 La CALA launched is first crowd funding campaign: La CALA: seguimos creando (LA CALA: let’s continue creating). The invitation to participate in the campaign included this sentence: “this is not a desperate call, this is not “this or nothing””. The campaign was a success and contributed to the activity of La CALA over the past three years, which can be summarised as:

12 exhibitions

8 Open Residences for artists and researchers

10 Courses

2 Auditioning the Essay

3 Documentaries and

7 short documentaries

16 Fictional microfilms

3 Recitals

1 Disc

150 artists, researchers, scholars

1700 visits

1 web: http://lacala.es//

1 Prize: the ACCA 2016.

The philosophy remains the same, whether or not the campaign is a success, La CALA will go ahead with its projects.

Why the campaign, then? 

Because La CALA continues to be an inclusive project, because many of you feel like the protagonists of this House and wish to collaborate with economic contributions, or by spreading the word, or by accompanying us in our creative processes, or in any other which way. A campaign such as this one is the best way to assure this collective task.

What your contributions will be used for

The funds collected during the campaign will be used to create the image of Biblioteca La CALA (the design of the brand and the design of the collection). The funds will also be used to launch an international campaign to present the project via social media and events in various cities of the world.

The books have already been created, and will soon be tangible objets. Now we want to sell them, and we would like you to help us do so.
We would like your support to spread the word about this new Project by La CALA by using the modes of communication that are our own and which define the values of this House. 
The first is contagious: we would like you to be the first readers of our books and that you - should you wish to - talk about them, recommend them, and give them as gifts.

The second is contagious: we would like you to participate in the creative activities we are proposing.
The third is contagious: we would like every public presentation to become a celebration that you can enjoy in Chodes, Madrid, Pamplona, París, Huesca, Barcelona, Casablanca, Zaragoza, Valencia, or in any other city in the world.

Planned calendar

The production of the rewards-product has already begun; this will allow us to be able to deliver them in a short time-span following the end of the campaign. The rewards that imply a service such as Course or Residence will have different dates: the courses will take place during the first trimester of 2018; Residences will be scheduled with each resident.

There is a team working so that everything goes smoothly.

Editorial design of Biblioteca La CALA: http://www.pepcarrio.com

Web design: http://www.laparticular.com

Audiovisual: http://www.frog-film.com

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