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Pecados y Capitales

We want to create travel guide books of emergent and alternative destinations, from a fresh point of view, aiming to diversify tourism.

Pecados y Capitales

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Pecados y Capitales, which could translate as Sins and Capitals, is a project that aims at creating travel guide books about a variety of cities, either official capitals or not, having the seven deadly sins as the axis for its contents. It's main purpose is to present practical and assorted information, from an atractive and fresh perspective, focused on the millennial generation, but flexible to any public.

Always looking at the bright side, we want to give a new approach to each one of the capital or deadly sins: gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. It is a invitation to liberate oneself, and enjoy each destination to the max.

Our guide is going to be in a pocket book shape, with seven chapters divided by tabs. Each chapter features interviews, info boxes, rankings, amongst other elements that makes it more enjoyable to read. We have chosen cities with an emergent tourism market, in order to offer innovative options and boost new destinations. Following this idea, our firs city is going to be Belgrade, Serbia's capital.

We invite you to join us on this sinner's adventure, and to enjoy each trip with no one to blame!

Who we are

Sara, Lorena, Jacqueline, María Paz, Beatriz, Patricio y Pablo, a group of students from the Travelling Journalism Master's, at Autonomous University of Barcelona. We come from five different countries, and different carreers: Journalism, Communication, Tourism and Geology. We believe that with our mix of cultures and hobbies combined with big dosis of creativity, we could revive the travel guide books, so they can correspond to the millenial lifestyle, our style!

Where are your contributions going to?

This Verkami campaign aims at turning our first book into a reality: Pecados y Capitales - Belgrado.

All the initial steps of research and field work, were funded by ourselves. But in order to write it all down and make the coolest guide, we need resourses to all the edition and printing job, which includes editorial design, cover design, graphics, ortographic and style correction.

Furthermore, we are going to take charge of the marketing and distribution of our guide, so that we can keep working independently and impartially.

Your sins, rewarded!

We are thrilled that you trust our project and want to be one of the firsts to this community of travellers who live up to the dream of wanderlust.

You may not know it, but surely your contribution says something about your personality and what gives you pleasure. Because of that, we thank you by sending you rewards that will help you starting enjoying your hobbies before you pack your bags to your next stop. Which is your weak point?

Planned Schedule

  • Planning and pre-production, trip to our destination and field work are COMPLETED!

  • Writing and photo edition will take place between August and September;

  • October will be destinated to final edition of the guide;

  • In November, we are going to have our books printed;

  • Santa arrives in December! On this date, we are going to send all the rewards to the ones who have behaved well and donated to our project;

  • Promotion of Pecados y Capitales - Belgrado, will happen in January, 2018.

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  • Blanca Patricia Ochoa Mella

    Blanca Patricia Ochoa Mella

    over 6 years

    Este es un proyecto maravilloso, por este motivo lo apoyo

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