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"The Perfect Wave"

The digital comic where YOU are the main character. There aren’t perfect waves anymore, but we can still join together to recover them.

Surf And Clean

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A 12 pages and full of color customizable digital comic, brought to you by Surf And Clean and Surf&Comics.

Surf And Clean: is a non profit association that fights to help rise awareness about the problem that our waste is causing to the ocean. Our motto “Each time you go surfing collect something from the beach”

Surf&Comics: a project leaded by Maxi González. Comics and illustrations about surf.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Help rise awareness about the problem that our waste is causing to the ocean.

  • Transmit surfing culture.

  • Move the surfing community to be active defending the oceans.

The title of the comis makes reference to every surfers dream: be in the right moment at the right plae to surf a perfect wave. Meanwhile reading the story we’ll discover that perfect waves don’t exist anymore and why we surfers need to fight together to recover them.

What is new about this digital comic is that it will generate no waste and it will be customizable if you support the crowdfunding campaign.

Check the forecast! Swell, wind and tide are ready to bring you a unique opportunity. Surf And Clean and Surf&Comics collaborating with:

  • 4+more Surfing, Sup and/or Bodyboarding Federations.

  • 32+more Surfing Schools/clubs/shops.

  • 16 non profit associations/projects that work to preserve the oceans.

  • 19 surfing media.

  • 9 sustainable surfing products.

  • 2 Surftrips companies with social/environmental commitment.

  • 34 surfers.

All together bring you the chance to be the main character of a story that will help many surfers to open their eyes to the problem that waste is causing to the ocean and change their behaviour.

But…what do we know about the main things that are threatening it?
But…what do we know about the main things that are threatening it?

Have you ever think about what you could do to defend the ocean?

  • Being the main character of this story will give you some keys to defend it from inside and outside the water but mainly will let you know why “Defending the oceans” must be a part of your culture as a surfer.

"Each time you go surfing collect something from the beach"
"Each time you go surfing collect something from the beach"

You are the main character

Only crowfunding supporters will be able to customize their comic. You will be able to choose the name of the 2 main characters:

  • Name of the surfer boy

  • Name of the surfer girl

You will also be able to choose from the list of officlal supporters (+info at the bottom of the page) to be at your comic:

  1. One surfing federation.

  2. One surfing school/club.

  3. One marine non profit/project or association.

  4. Surfing media (magazine, website, blog…etc)

  5. One surfboard’s brand respectful with the ocean.

  6. One surf clothing brand respectful with the ocean.

  7. One eco-wax or alternative system for your board.

  8. One surftrip company with social/environmental commitment.

  9. One of the 34 surfers of the list.

After choosing you reward you will receive an email, but forms to customize the comic will only be sent when the crowdfunding campaign is over.

You are the main character and you choose who will be at your comic with you
You are the main character and you choose who will be at your comic with you

How will we manage your contributions?

The cost of writting the script, draw the illustrations and color them is almost covered thanks to the contributions of the surfing entities listed.

Why do we need your contributions then?

  • A % of your contribution will be destined to pay taxes and the cost of this campaign. More or less it could represent 2,5eur of each 10euros received..

  • Customizing each comic will suppose at least around 30-45min of work of a graphic designer that we need to pay. Possible it will represent 5 euros of each 10eur received.

  • With the remaining money we will print and send the panels called “Defend the oceans”, that in the story will be designed by the main characters, to be placed at surfing federations, surfing schools, surfing clubs and surfing shops facilities.

  • If by any chance we get more money than expected we will study carefully to wich of the active projects that we are already performing could be better destined. We will also ask our supporters their oppinión through our social networks.

    Mitad superior del Sello-Cartel "Defensa del mar"
    Mitad superior del Sello-Cartel "Defensa del mar"

ABOUT THE REWARDS: After choosing yor reward you will receive a confirmation email. The form to customize your comic will only be sent when the verkami campaign is over.

IN EVERY REWARD: is very important that you choose the different elements to customize your comic. Take a minute to check the list of official supporters so you can get to know them better and afterwards choose the one that will represent you better. (You’ve all the links at the list, that is placed at the bottom of the page)

IN STANDARD REWARDS: you can only invent the name of the main characters. The rest of the elements will need to be necessarily choosen from the list of official supporters. (You’ve all the links at the list, that is placed at the bottom of the page)


Premium surfing schools: If you are or represent a surfing school/club/shop that is not already listed as an official supporter, this option allow you to be listed at the official list, crowdfunding contributors will be able to choose you for their comic and you will be able to customize your own version of the story with your surfing school/club/shop and your beach, the rest of the elements will need to be chosen from the official supporters list. (You’ve all the links at the list, that is placed at the bottom of the page)

Premium marine sports federations: if you are or represent a marine sport federation that is not already listed as an official supporter, this option will allow you to be listed at the official list, crowdfunding contributors will be able to choose you for their comic and you will be able to customize your own version of the story including your Marine sport federation, one school/club/shop of your election (not listed) and one beach of your election (not listed). The rest of the elements will need to be chosen from the official supporters list.
(You’ve all the links at the list, that is placed at the bottom of the page)


It will depend a lot on the amount of comics that will need to be customized, it is not the same to customize 100 comics as customizing 1.000. We will try in any case not to extend it more than a couple of months after the campaign is over.

We will be ready to write the script, make the illustrations and color them as soon as we get the contributions of the official partners, we are just about to begin with this work.


REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A FORM WHEN THE VERKAMI'S CAMPAIGN IS OVER (This list is only for you to get to know them better)

Click at their names to visit their website and to know more about them.

One surfing federation
- Federación Española de Surf FESurfing
- Federación Canaria de Surf FCS
- Federación de Surf y Bodyboard del Principado de Asturias. FSPA
- Federación Gallega de Surf y Bodyboard. FGS

One surfing school/club/shop and your favourite beach

  1. Escuela Cántabra de Surf (Playa de Somo - Cantabria)

  2. Raz Surfcamp (Playa de Razo - A Coruña)

  3. Latas surf school (Playa de Somo - Cantabria)

  4. Club de Surf BoaOla (Playa de Razo - A Coruña)

  5. C.D Campoloco Surf 1987 (Playa de Camposoto - Cádiz)

  6. Escuela de Surf Las Dunas (Playa de Salinas - Asturias)

  7. Special Surf School (Playa de Rodiles - Asturias)

  8. Front-Med (Playa de Ocata - Barcelona)

  9. Escuela de Surf Merón (Playa del Merón - Cantabria)

  10. Solar escuela de surf (Playa de Los Locos - Cantabria)

  11. Escuela de Surf On the Sea (Playa de El Palmar - Cádiz)

  12. Koa escuela de surf (Playa de Somo - Cantabria)

  13. Prado Surf (Playa de Bastiagueiro - A Coruña)

  14. CD Fortuna KE (Playa de La Concha - Guipúzcoa)

  15. Zurriola Surf Eskola (Playa de La Zurriola - Guipúzcoa)

  16. Xsa Surf (Playa de Alboraya - Valencia)

  17. O’neill surf academy (Playa de El Palmar - Cádiz)

  18. Txoko Surf club Schola (Playa de Patos - Pontevedra)

  19. Essus Surf Eskola (Playa de Zarautz - Guipúzcoa)

  20. Arcos Lake Activities (Lago de Arcos - Cádiz)

  21. La Conservera del Surf (Playa de Patos - Pontevedra)

  22. Wet Huelva WaterSports (Playa de Punta Umbría - Huelva)

  23. Patris Surf Club (Playa de La Zurriola - Guipúzcoa)

  24. Surf Costa da Morte (Playa de Nemiña - A Coruña)

  25. Mediterranean Surf School (Playa de La Patacona - Valencia)

  26. Fuerte Tribu Club de Surf (Playa de Corralejo - Fuerteventura)

  27. Awa Watersports (Playa de Motril - Granada)

  28. GreenWave Surf School (Playa de Punta del Hidalgo - Tenerife)

  29. Siroko Surf School (Playa de Gijón - Asturias)

  30. Nexo Surf House (Playa de El Palmar - Cádiz)

  31. Surfing World Cubelles (Playa de la Mota de Sant Pere - Barcelona)

  32. Todos Santos Surf Shop (Playa del Rincón de la Victoria - Malaga)

One non profit association/project that work to preserve the oceans.

1 Ambiente europeo


3 Itsas Gela (Barco museo Mater - Izaskun)

4 Coge3

5 Bioagradables

6 Agüita con el plástico

7 Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions COUP

8 Lanzarote Limpia

9 Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste ANSE

10 Mar de Fabula

11 Asociación Española de Basuras Marinas AEBAM

12 Proyecto Microtrofic

13 Surf & Help

14 Fundación para la Conservación y Recuperación de Animales Marinos CRAM

15 Coordinadora para el Estudio de los Mamíferos Marinos CEMMA

16 SavePosidoniaProject (Formentera)

One surfing media (magazine, website, blog...)

1 Wipeout magazine

2 3Sesenta

3 Surfer Rule

4 Revista Oxígeno

5 Surfemme magazine

6 Surfmocion

7 SurfGZ

8 CostaSurf

9 SurfSearchSpot

10 SurfNatur

  1. Sal y Roca

  2. TodoSurf

  3. Malpica Surf

  4. Salitre mag

  5. Hemisferio Surf

  6. SurfCantabria.com

  7. Escuelasdesurf.com

  8. Surfmarket.org

  9. Swells.es

One surfboards brand respectful with the ocean.

1 Vannav

2 Kun_tiqui

3 Flama

One surf clothing brand respectful with the ocean.

1 Clean Ocean Project

2 Tambalea Clothing

3 Ecoalf

One eco-wax or an alternative respectful system

1 Hexatraction

2 BCN Wax

One surftrip organizer socially/environmentally committed

  1. Surf&Help

  2. Waves For Development

One of this 34 surfers

1 June del Campo: Facebook Instagram

2 Brais Piñeiro: Facebook Instagram

3 Melania Suarez: Facebook Instagram

4 Noa Iturripea: Facebook Instagram

5 Mirka Martín Solar: Facebook Instagram

6 Alvin Bayona: Facebook Instagram

7 David Gimeno A.: Facebook Instagram

8 Pablo Tovar: Facebook Instagram

9 Ismael Cobelo Sanchez: Facebook Instagram

10 Tristan Agurruza: Facebook Instagram

11 León Agurruza: Facebook Instagram

12 Carolina Seth-Smith: Facebook Instagram

13 Tobias Heeb: Facebook Instagram

14 Nerea Donaire: Facebook Instagram

15 Nestor García: Instagram

16 Maddi Fernandez: Facebook Instagram

17 Yeray Martinez: Facebook

18 Abián Perdomo: Facebook Instagram

19 Luis Diaz: Facebook Instagram

20 Garazi Sanchez: Facebook Instagram

21 Vicente Romero: Facebook Instagram

22 Aitor Francesena: Facebook Instagram

23 Jonathan Venegas: Facebook

24 Patricio Barandiarán: Facebook Instagram

25 Pedro Gutierrez: Facebook

26 José Ramón López: Facebook Instagram

27 Nacho García: Facebook

28 Daniel López García: Facebook

29 Ale Morales: Facebook Instagram

30 Gabriel Santana: Facebook Instagram

31 Isabel Quintana Cabeza Facebook Instagram

32 Alejandra García Balboa Instagram

33 Kenia López Carril Instagram

34 Paula García Bouheddou Facebook Instagram

+ Info

Facebook - Surf And Clean
Twitter - Surf And Clean
Instagram - Surf And Clean
Surf And clean Website


  • ¿Cuando recibiré el formulario para personalizar mi comic?

    Hasta que no acabe la campaña no podremos tener acceso a vuestras direcciones de correo electrónico y por lo tanto no podremos enviaros el formulario. El día 3 de Septiembre acaba la campaña, de modo que el 4 de Septiembre enviaremos todos los formularios.

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  • Termiko Waterman ProCenter

    Termiko Waterman ProCenter

    about 6 years

    Maravillosa iniciativa! cargada de visión positiva sobre el futuro de los mares y del Planeta entero! Pues si cada uno pone su granito de arena, conseguiremos con la fuerza de la unión de TODOS, cambiar a un mundo mejor, a un mundo más limpio, más sostenible y más ecológico! Bora surfar e bora limpar a praia!!!! Um abraço, Sergio Perera. Club de Playa TERMIKO

#02 / Envio de formularios

Buenas tardes a tod@s,

Queremos agradeceros vuestra paciencia para recibir los formularios de personalización de vuestro cómic y comentaros que hoy hemos enviado los primeros que han sido los destinados a las recompensas Premium.

Estamos solucionando unas dudas con la plataforma de Verkami y mañana enviaremos el resto de formularios.

Desde su recepción tendreis una semana para enviarlos de vuelta cumplimentados.

Un saludo para tod@s.

El equipo de Surf and Clean.

#01 / Objetivo conseguido. ¡Mil Gracias!

Estimad@s mecenas protagonistas de "La Ola Perfecta", defensores y defensoras del mar, queremos daros las gracias de corazón por haber hecho posible este proyecto.

Han sido 40 días de intenso trabajo para hacer llegar nuestra idea a tantas personas como fuera posible pero han merecido la pena.

Vamos a dar unos dias de cortesía para que algunas escuelas de surf que aun no han formalizado su apoyo al proyecto puedan hacerlo y a lo largo de esta semana os enviaremos los formularios para que personaliceis vuestra versión del cómic.

El motivo es que todas las escuelas que colaboran puedan estar en esa lista de donde l@s mecenas podreis escoger para haceros un cómic a vuestra medida.

Por otro lado, la producción del cómic ya ha comenzado y los guionistas, dibujantes y coloristas de Surf&Comics ya estan trabajando en él.

Esperamos poder tenerlo listo en un plazo de un par de semanas para luego ir personalizando cada uno de vuestros cómics y hacéroslos llegar lo antes posible. read more

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