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Demasiados Amigos

"Demasiados Amigos" is an independent psychological drama about a group of friends trying to recover an apparently lost connection.

Demasiados amigos

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We have achieved our goal! Thanks to all our patrons we have reached the target of € 9,000. Now, and to be able to improve the conditions of the shooting team we would like to reach the € 10,000. Thanks you all.

"Demasiados Amigos" is an independent psychological drama that reflects on the relationships of friendship, their importance, their dangers and their consequences. "There seems to be a fire every time we get together," Los Planetas.


It's been a year since the last time they saw each other. During the holidays of Fallas, Palo and her friends move to a house in the countryside to enjoy a quiet meal, catch up and, if it's possible, recover their friendship. After a series of unfortunate accidents, the group is incommunicado and the stay extends longer than expected. The differences between them, accentuated by the passage of time, seem to distance them from a possible reconciliation. However, the situation will be transformed as feelings and ties that they considered lost appear in an involuntary retirement that will change them more than they had ever imagined.


Demasiados Amigos is a story about post-youth and friendship.

The reunion of a group of friends who are no longer friends it's the initial approach of a plot that focuses on the internal conflicts of its main characters. However, during the story different traditions, customs and problems that are currently being experienced in a country like Spain are also taking center stage, placing the action in a hypothetical future Valencia. Issues such as immigration or climate change are seen from the eyes of this group of friends who seem to have chosen to look the other way.

The importance of the film lies in the need to speak of this fraction of youth lost in a limbo halfway between adolescence and adulthood, between created needs and real ones. Thus,** Demasiados Amigos **pretend to be a faithful portrait and at the same time fresh and imaginative about these young people who believe that fun and friendship can be endless, young people who choose to live anesthetized before facing the vertigo that causes them the emptiness that they fear is waiting for them .


Javier Artigas Zubeldia, born in Valencia, graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia (2008-2012), studying last year at the University of Aarhus (Denmark). After collaborating in several webseries as an actor, scriptwriter and director, he specialized in scriptwriting the master's degree in film and fiction script (2013-2014) at the TAI School of Arts and Shows (Madrid). He has written the screenplays for the feature films Cristales en la piscina and Demasiados Amigos, and shortfilms like No es Natural or the Nidos series. Her latest work to date has been the play Sueño Contigo.


Demasiados Amigos is, above all, a story of characters. Thus, its five main characters, played by young actors trained in the best schools of interpretation of Valencia, have the opportunity to show their talent during a story in constant evolution.

Laura Salcedo is Paloma. Palo for her friends.

Érica Molina is Sandy. Sandy is an enygma.

Azucena Abril is Viridiana. Virus for her friends. The “Fallera Mayor de Valencia” for the rest.

María Asensi is Elena. Lena for her friends. The Volcanic Girl for the rest.

Mauro Cervera Just is Toni, Palo's brother.


Pixel Trips is a collective of independent cinema working between Madrid and Valencia in the production and realization of cinematographic works of fiction, fashion films and video clips, with a proper and careful aesthetic.

Pixel Trips is committed to the new talents of the Spanish audiovisual industry and supports independent production and quality.More

The rest of the crew of “Demasiados Amigos" includes professionals such as: María Romero(Production Manager), Laura Gil (Assistant Director), Tomás Garzón (sound), Rocío Díaz(gaffer) or Maite Crespo (Art director and costume designer).

The second production company that collaborates in the film is the Valencian Diodo Media composed by Javier Rumí and Pablo Martí. More


"Demasiados Amigos" is an independent production and, as we well know, the aids of institutions for art and culture are not enough for everyone.

Taking advantage of the perks of our generation, we have relied on a way of financing as beautiful as this, where among all the people, professionals and artists we carry the projects forward.

The film will be made with a small part of own funding and collaborative support. We trust this form of financing because we love making movies, especially considering that this is an original project with lots of personlaity and we're putting a lot of effort and enthusiasm on it.

We need you to be part of our project, even the smallest help means a lot to us, in order to see the results of our work.


The contributions will go to the realization of the film, to everything we need to carry out the shooting: technical and human equipment costs.

The target that we have marked is 9,000 euros, which would stay in something less subtracting commissions and taxes.

We will have an adjusted amount to cover expenses of material, diets and transportation, as well as the remuneration for the work of each member of the team.

If we achieve this goal, our intention is to increase it to 12,000 euros in order to improve the conditions and results of the film.


Thanks in the social networks of the film.

Your name will appear in the credits of the movie.

Exclusive collection of postcards with original illustrations of the main characters designed by the director.

Invitation to participate in the film as an extra and attend a day of shooting.

Exclusive movie poster signed by the actors and designed by the director.

Film in digital format.

Invitations to the premiere. The director will introduce the film and you will meet the whole team.

Exclusive audiovisual material like makinf off, deleted scenes, fake shots, etc.

Appear on the credits as a financial sponsor.

Appear in credits as an associate producer.

Mention of honor in the credits like Executive Producer and two exclusive invitations to the exclusive party of the end of filming with the cast and crew.


Shooting is scheduled for autumn 2017, with a view to having the project ready by mid-2018.

Rewards such as scripts, posters or postcards will be given once the filming has finished. The ones related to the shooting and final assembly of the finished film will be delivered in 2018.

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  • Pedrogil


    almost 7 years

    Vamos equipo! Lo vais a conseguir!

  • Paqui Reina

    Paqui Reina

    almost 7 years

    ¡Suerte chicos!

#02 / ¡10.000 GRACIAS!

Gracias a todos los que habéis confiado y apostado por esta película, gracias a todos los que habéis creído en nuestro sueño, gracias a todos vosotros, al fin podemos decir que Demasiados Amigos será una realidad.

Durante los próximos meses seguiremos con la preproducción de la película, y tal y como estaba previsto, el rodaje tendrá lugar en octubre. Enviaremos las recompensas a nuestros mecenas después de esta fecha, por lo que más adelante todo el que haya participado en la campaña de crowdfunding recibirá un formulario para facilitarnos los datos y que así lleguen a su destino correctamente.

Seguiremos informando sobre la evolución del proyecto. ¡Esto no ha hecho más que empezar!

Gracias a todos.

#01 / ¡A por los 10.000!

Queridísimos y queridísimas mecenas,

Por si alguno no se había enterado, ¡hemos alcanzado nuestro objetivo! Os queremos dar las gracias a todos por hacer posible que llevemos a cabo el proyecto, de parte del equipo de "Demasiados amigos", que también sois todos vosotros.

Ahora que hemos conseguido los 9.000€, y como todavía nos quedan días de campaña, hemos planteado un segundo objetivo: 10.000€. Una pequeña diferencia que tendrá una gran repercusión en el resultado del proyecto, ya que lo destinaremos a mejorar las condiciones de rodaje y por tanto a un mejor resultado final.

Volvemos a agradecer vuestra ayuda y os mandamos un abrazo enorme.

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