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Growing bigger!! The King and The Tree/El Rey y el Árbol 2nd Edition

*Grow! Share! Educate! Connect!* The King and The Tree is growing! Help it to spread further and reach more readers!

Kate Curtis

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Here it is!

"This tree is more than just a tree, if you learn to see with different eyes..."
"This tree is more than just a tree, if you learn to see with different eyes..."

Take a look inside the book...

What now?

After 4 years and a successful campaign to fund the first edition, The King and The Tree/ El Rey y el Árbol (a beautiful, colour, bilingual, illustrated, children's book, with an important message) is sold out!!!

Where to next?

Despite contacting small, local editorials and researching online printing options like amazon, in order to maintain the quality and sustainability of the production, I've decided to reprint and start a small editorial "Seedling Books".

This won't be possible without your support!

Choose your reward and help the project to grow!

*Pre-order as many books as you like! *

Please make a contribution,so that I can reprint 500 copies of The King and The Tree and start up a small editorial that will make beautiful, quality, educational books for children, inspired by connections in nature, patterns and the web of life.

Seedling Books
Seedling Books

What will the money be used for:

  • 500 books (minimum order)

Full colour, offset printing

100% Recycled paper

32 pages, 297 x 210 mm –  2110€

  • Rewards – 100€

  • Postage – 100€

  • Vekami – 100€

  • Visa/taxes – 90€

Market Stand and Gratitude Tree
Market Stand and Gratitude Tree

About the rewards

All the rewards are high-quality, eco-friendly and made with love!

The books are all printed on 100% recycled paper (no trees will be cut down to produce them!)

The books are printed by a small, local, Barcelona-family-run printing press, and the bags are produced by a small business in Vic.

The bookmarks and personalized water-colour pieces are hand-made by the author.


Estimated calendar

Within 40 days of reaching the deadline, as the book is already edited and ready to print. You will have them by Christmas and New Years 2017, and **they make great gifts!


Other ways you can support the project

If you already have a copy of the book and would like to support, please consider sharing this campaign with friends, family and on your social networks!

With much gratitude and appreciation.


Reading in Barcelona
Reading in Barcelona

My wish

I hope this story (and others like it) will contribute to a balanced, beautiful and healthy world!

Gratitude Tree (detail)
Gratitude Tree (detail)

Workshops and reading in Barcelona
Workshops and reading in Barcelona

Gratitude Tree (UK)
Gratitude Tree (UK)

Read more and take a look at the book here

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  • carlosat4


    over 6 years

    Happy for you! :)

  • Eva Sion

    Eva Sion

    over 6 years

    Gracias por esta bella energia!

  • Chloe Georgakis

    Chloe Georgakis

    over 6 years

    I am very excited to read this to my new nephew Otto, I know he will love it.

  • Tracie Sage

    Tracie Sage

    over 6 years

    I am hoping this beautiful book with its positive message reaches many children!

#03 / Gathering the final pieces! ¡Reuniendo las últimas piezas!

gratitude/ agradecimiento
gratitude/ agradecimiento

*(Castellano abajo) *

What a beautiful journey this has been! I am so touched by the support and encouragement I have received to make this project a reality and to create more books for the future. 2017 was a challenging year, but reaching the target to reprint "The King and The Tree" was a beautiful way to end it, and it is a wonderful way to begin to 2018.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, I hope to have the books and all other rewards ready by the end of January. Today I emailed a form to all the patrons to finalize names and dedications to print in the 2nd edition, it's an exciting step and we are very close to having the books ready!

Please fill in the forms asap.

May this year bring clarity, love, growth and connection. . . and may we never forget how to listen to the trees.

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#02 / Ecology in Watercolours... /Ecologia en acuareles...

(Castellano abajo)

Crowdfunding is a very exciting and rewarding process! It empowers the community and small projects to start-up and grow without the need to risk going into debt or depending on outside sponsors (who often demand high paybacks and rights after the publication). and on a more social level, it creates a visible local network of gratitude and support, which is often missing in todays global-consumer market.

Personally I also find it incredibly encouraging to see how many small drops, when placed together, can create powerful magic!

My heart feels overwhelmed with gratitude each time someone has made a contribution this month!

SO CLOSE ... 5 more days!

If you would like to read more about my journey, you can read this recent interview and article published in Matrix online magazine, Barcelona. http://www.matrixbarcelona.com/transform/ecology-illustration-king-tree/

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#01 / Creciendo! Growing!!


Thank you to all those who have contributed to this project.

The process of crowdfunding is a real adventure! Every day I receive new contributions from such a diverse range of people, places and relations! As the goal gets closer, and the clock keeps ticking, I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

20 days to go and 43% of the target reached!

With much hope and inspiration, the project keeps growing...

Gracias a todos los que han contribuido a este proyecto.


Gracias a todos y todas quein han contribuido a este proyecto.
¡El proceso de crowdfunding es una verdadera aventura! Todos los días recibo nuevas contribuciones de una gama tan diversa de personas, lugares y relaciones. A medida que el objetivo se acerca, y el reloj sigue corriendo, siento una mezcla de emoción, ganas y ansiedad.
¡Faltan 20 días para alcanzar el 57% del objetivo que falta!

Con mucha esperanza e ilusión, el proyecto sigue creciendo ...

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