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JEWISH LIFE, portraits of the past

Jewish music, a sonority with flashes of history and protagonist of the new MazikDuo's CD. From the Holocaust to its most joyous celebration


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What is this?


We are MazikDuo and we want to share a musical journey with you.

We have just recorded Jewish Life, portraits of the past, a unique project between the fusion of classical music and klezmer.

This CD includes a variety of linked to a common theme that of Jewish contemporary history. For this reason, the works presented on this recording were germinated in very distinct contexts and moments. From the gloomiest sonority of World War II to the most frenetic melodies of his most popular festive genre.

If you want to know more about this interesting topic you can download here the complete dossier

Why the Klezmer?

According to Prokofiev and very present in the interpretation of this work, the klezmer is a song that laughs and cries at the same time.

After centuries of history and very persecuted in times of war, this musical genre and its expressivity are going to shake you.

Listen now

What is special about this project?

Jewish Life is the culmination of an intense work of study and dedication, another goal in the career of this young musicians and a way of explaining history, but without words. Take a look at our MAKING OF!

For what is the money?

The money is to pay the costs of recording, record production, graphic art and promotion.

During the summer we have been in Barcelona working with the best team to offer you a quality product by the hand of a fantastic label.

Who we are and why we do it?

The friendship between the two performers, who make up Mazik Duo, existed prior to the duo's creation. Tolo Genestar (clarinet) and Marc Susmi (piano), both born in 1991 graduated the Conservatory Superior del Liceo de Barcelona.

With the aim of polishing their musical prowess, Tolo continued his studies at the National Conservatory in Nice (France) by taking masters in Classical Music Performance; Marc went on to specialize as a harpsichord player in the ESMUC.

They have both gone on to win many prizes as soloists, Tolo was presented with first place in the Arjau 2015 clarinet prize and a place in the final at the International Birkfeld competition in 2015 in Austria, however, his greatest achievement came in 2016 when he was awarded the Special UNESCO prize in Barcelona. As a result of this, he went on to tour Mozart's K622. Meanwhile, Marc was also presented with the first prize in both Vilafranca and in the Early Music competition in Tolouse (2016).

Jewish Life came into being just after this period studded with personal successes. It is the point at which maturity, stylistic prowess, and ambition have all merged to open up new horizons.

When we get together to make music in this context we do it for passion. For the pleasure of giving life to history.

Why should you contribute?

If you join our campaign you are helping us a lot to carry out this production.

But what you are really supporting is our initiative to make music in a different way. Jewish Life is a way for us to bring classical music to people who are not normally in touch with this musical genre.

What do you get?

First, Thank you!.

Thank you for being here reading and sharing our project.

Apart from that, our contributors will get the rewards listed on the right.

Check them out

When will it be ready?

The recording was just finished in September and right now the record is in the oven to have it in our hands at the end of November and deliver your rewards.

The physical CD will be shipped when Verkami's campaign finishes while ON-LINE downloads will be available with the official release of the CD (Between December and end of January 2018.

The concerts of official presentation will be made during the first quarter of 2018 in Madrid, Barcelona and Baleares (Palma de Mallorca and Menorca, respectively.

We'll confirm exactly dates as soon as possible.

Possibility of presentation in other points of peninsular and foreign geography.

For more information or any questions you may have, you can contact us through our social networks or leave a comment on the page of Verkami

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Ho heu fet possible! El Verkami ha assolit l'objectiu i JEWISH LIFE ja és una realitat. Un llarga aventura i un any destinat a la producció d'aquest disc! El nostre esforç sense la vostra ajuda i el suport incondicional de l'Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics no hagués fet possible aquest somni! Infinites gràcies a tots i a tot l'equip de l'estudi de so i discogràfica Temps Record amb qui hem treballat molt a gust!! Acabem de començar...😎

Lo habéis hecho posible! El Verkami ha alcanzado el objetivo y JEWISH LIFE ya es una realidad! Un larga aventura y un año destinado a la producción de este disco! Nuestro esfuerzo sin vuestra ayuda y el apoyo incondicional del Instituto de Estudios Baleares no hubiera hecho posible este sueño! Infinitas gracias a todos y a todo el equipo del estudio de sonido y… read more

#02 / Estem a punt d'aconseguir-ho!!

Moltes gràcies a tots!!

Aquest projecte és una realitat gràcies a vosaltres i al suport de l'Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics!!

Ja han arribat els discs!! Us agraden?

Llibret i interior del disc
Llibret i interior del disc

Ens queda l'última passa per completar l'objectiu de la campanya!! Ens ajudeu a difondre el projecte aquests últims 7 dies?

Gaudeix del disc de MazikDuo! Últims 7 dies!
Gaudeix del disc de MazikDuo! Últims 7 dies!

La setmana vinent us anirem enviant un mail a tots els mecenes per fer-vos arribar les vostres merescudíssimes recompenses.

Mentre, us deixem un llistat de concerts de presentació per tal que aquells que en la seva recompensa disposin d'una entrada a un dels nostres concerts, vagin pensant a quin volen venir:

**25/01 - 20.00h. La Quinta de Mahler (Madrid)

1/01 - 20.30. Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya (Barcelona)

17/02 - 20.00. Sant Lluís (Menorca) Encara a confirmar.

22/02 - 19.00. Centro Nicolás Salmerón (Madrid)

13/04 - Ciutadella (Encara a confirmar)

14/04 - 19.00. Maó (Menorca)

read more


HOLAA!! Primer de tot moltes gràcies a tots als que esteu col·laborant amb el projecte!! Estem ansiosos ja per donar-vos les merescudes recompenses.

Abans però, volem compartir amb vosaltres l'últim videoclip que acabem de pujar amb una preciosa cançó jueva!

Compartiu el projecte i ajudeu-nos a arribar al nostre objectiu! ;)

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