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FILMADRID International Film Festival need your help for its 3rd edition could be like the two editions before.


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After two editions lighting the capital FILMADRID Festival Internacional de Cine opens a crowdfunding for its 3rd edition.

For 10 days a year, we fill Madrid with the best contemporary and quality cinematography placing our city on the landscape of international festivals. With FILMADRID we have created a place open to everyone: filmmakers and the public discover, dialogue and live our passion for cinematography, creating a space which connects the cinema, the museum and the street with projections and many others activities within everyone's reach.

Although we continue multiplying the efforts and it’s very remarkable the fact that we receive more aids from institutions and companies, the resources we currently have are not enough for live up the third edition to the previous two. That’s why we also need your collaboration for spreading this crowdfunding.


For several years, we began our activity monthly, programming monographic sessions of emerging directors and retrospectives of great masters in the sessions that we call Pasajes de Cine. But we wanted to look much further and the natural evolution was to create FILMADRID.

The programme of the festival has an open and innovative character that is reflected on each of our sections:

· Official Competition: in which we select great titles from the international landscape, including all continents, genres and durations.
· Avant-Garde Competition: dedicated to reap the best of the experimental cinema of the year. 
· The Spotlight: where are developed retrospectives about authors or topics allowing an in-depth analysis.
· Passages of Cinema: it represents the Spanish cinema and give voice to emerging filmmakers and new trends within our borders.
· Vanguardias Live: it’s the union between cinema and an experience live. The invited filmmakers create audiovisual projects which dialogue with other arts like music, performance, theatre, etc.

It is true that FILMADRID is not only a way to watch a film in the cinema. In our activities are included cultural street events, exhibitions, courses aided at films, workshops, speeches and conferences made by professionals who work in every of cinema court, it’s a place where people make a strong exchange of creativity and knowledge.

Since the first edition, we felt overwhelm because of the big welcome we had. The media’s enthusiasm, the quality award of our programming, the gratitude, the filmmakers’ and guests’ greetings and fundamentally the public’s answer.

In the last edition, we had more than 60 artists from over the world, there were 33 countries represented, 6 world premieres, 19 national premiers and more than 80 films we had never seen in Madrid. More than 3,000 thousand of people were with us in our first year and in our second one we expected to be more than 4,500 spectators.

Some of the filmmakers who were in FILMADRID photographed by Ana Cubas.

How is going to be FILMADRID 2017?

People, who know us, knows in FILMADRID we don’t like half-measures and the third edition is full of many of great projections and activities. It will be celebrated between the 8th and the 17th of June 2017.

We will count again with our habitual sections and a lot of new activities, films and guests.

At this moment, we are working to close the programming, but fortunately, we can overtake you some information: new headquarters, more than 90 films, around 40 countries represented and 4 mainly focus. There are 10 filmmakers who confirm their attendance now.

In the third edition, we launch a call to a new section of video-essay in association with MUBI. The pieces can be watched in both cinemas during the festival and online in MUBI.

Another main point of this year is the seminar "Women and Film: An Approach Through Representations of the Mother in Image and Narrative”, given by Laura Mulvey, a famous British theorist, who encourages the discussion about cinema and gender, developing the role of women as filmmaker and spectator.

Why crowdfunding?

If we have reached this point it was thanks to the participatory economy in which dozens of people who have invested work, time and limitless effort.

Our passion for films was what made us start FILMADRID assuming the festival´s first investment.

Every day we work to achieve new alliances with institutions and companies, and many are already working with us in close collaboration and whom we want to thank their commitment.

However, many people do not believe that FILMADRID may not have an intensively financing, but this is a reality. The surprise is normal when we say that Filmadrid get by with minimum budget. This is because we could not have right to opt to public aids, sometimes by bureaucratic rules, for example, the fact that our organization does not have certain years of existence.

Despite the support of all this companies and institutions and, above all, in spite of the huge selfless effort of all the professional workers of FILMADRID that spend our time, energy and illusion, we need your timely support to carry our third edition forward.

We have wood, we need some fire to light Madrid up. Help us to stir up the embers!



Your name between the patrons’ names, which we included at the website, the catalogue and in the top of each session. And of course, our never-ending thankfulness.


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 1 of the III EDITION’s catalogue + national send (or picked up in room)


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 1 of the III EDITION’s catalogue + 1 exclusive pass for patrons + national send (or picked up in room)


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 1 of the III EDITION’s + international send


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 2 of the III EDITION’s + 2 exclusive passes for patrons + national send (or picked up in room)


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 1 of the III EDITION’s catalogue + 1 exclusive pass for patrons + 3 postcards of 10x15 cm with the portraits of [Julio Bressane (http://filmadrid.com/focos/julio-bressane/), Pedro Costa and Chantal Akerman of an edition of 50 postcards signed and numbered by our illustrator Ana Cubas + national send (or picked up in room)


Your name’s appearance between the patrons’ names + 1 FILMADRID fabric handbag + 1 of the III EDITION’s catalogue + 2 exclusive pass for patrons + 1 drawing printed on cotton paper 21x30cm framed by Chantal Akerman of an edition of 10 signed and numbered drawings by our illustrator Ana Cubas + national send (or picked up in room)


Festival`s official sponsor and god Ra on earth. Your name with our typography o your company´s name in our website, in the 2017 catalogue and in the photocall between the sponsors of this edition. We will make you a special mention in our social networks. You'll also get two passes for the entire programming FILMADRID including opening and closing and our eternal gratitude.

How we will make use of your contributions?

With this crowdfunding we will be able to:

· Making possible that the filmmakers come here to present their films (funding flights and accommodation).
· Covering delivery costs and other logistical issues of the films.
· Printing communication materials of using during the festival: catalogue, posters and hand programme.
· Financing the activities that take the cinema to the street (like Vanguardias Live).

Planned schedule

The third edition of FILMADRID will take place from the 8th to the 17th of Juny. The rewards will be delivered at our headquarters during the festival or if the patrons can’t collect them, they will be sent by mail. The deliveries will be made from July 2017.

+ Info

[email protected]
INSTAGRAM @befilmadrid

Thanks to Filmoteca Española, La Casa Encendida, Cineteca, Cine Paz, Cines Conde Duque, Museo Reina Sofía, La Neomudéjar, Nexo, Acción Cultural Española, ECAM, Fundación Cultural Hispano Brasileña, Instituto Italiano de Cultura, Universidad Complutense de Madrid UCM, Instituto Polaco, Máster Lav, Iberia, Clínica Veterinaria Quintana, Recco, EXIT, Respiro, Nikola Films, Cálamo&Cran, Good Company, Hierba Luisa, Quesos Cortes de Muar, Patatas Bonilla, Panes Daveiga, Paco&Lola

And also to the media that from the beginning have supported the festival:  Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, el programa Días de Cine, La 2 noticias, Otros Cines Europa, Revista Sala 1, el programa El Séptimo Vicio, de Radio 3,and so many others that have helped to spread the word.


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