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Debut Album Besarabia: Rhythms, Plaits and Cats

First studio LP from the trio BESARABIA, which will include 13 tunes (we are not superstitious!) of traditional Balkan and Klezmer music and some original compositions


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After an exciting year for Besarabia, in which we won two competitions (Castilla Folk y UrduFolk 2016), and had the opportunity to play in some amazing places, such as the Palau de la Música in Valencia, the moment has arrived to collect together all these tunes that we have been travelling with during these years and enter the recording studio.

The CD will comprise of 13 numbers.

Balkan dances: Sandansko Horo, Cetvorno Horo, Lazarsko Horo

Popular Mediterranean songs: Uskudara, Kerem Eyle,

Klezmer music: Bukoviner Freylachs, Doyna, Dance of the Puppeteers

Ottoman music : Naz Bari

4 Original Compositions: Two compositions by Heidi Erbrich, Autumn in Prague,which is in a more modern and jazzy style and Soñando Blue Blau, an energetic tune in a style we call flamenco-Balkan. Les Mones Balcàniques (The Balkan Monkeys, dedicated to Eva and Heidi !)) is composed by Jaume Pallardó, and is a contemporary melody but at the same time honouring an eastern, traditional style, whilst Cau la Mà is a poem set to music, dedicated to the refugees, composed by Eva Domingo.

We are asking for your help to realise this project and in return we are offering attractive rewards as described on this page.

We hope you will like this project and that you'll enjoy our music.

A little taster of our music:

The rewards:

We are not only offering rewards of CD's etc. but we also have a few very special rewards: three original, signed drawings by Dámaso Gómez, which were created during the design process for our CD "Rhythms, Plaits & Cats. The drawings will be personally dedicated to the 2 lucky patrons!

Where your contributions will go:

Recording in the studio "Primavera en el Atlas" in Murcia, mixing, mastering, manufacture, distribution and promotion, design, layout and photos for the CD Besarabia “Rhythms, Plaits and Cats”

Scheduled Calendar

Up until now we've already spent more than half a year preparing for this CD recording: adding arrangements, extra instruments, choosing which tunes to record (and discarding many others..), pre-recording all the numbers (thanks to the amazing help and patience of Rafa Juany Camel); basically getting together the production of the CD.

The design we've entrusted to Dámaso Gómez, who made the design for our first EP, and as we were so pleased with it we've decided to collaborate with him again. .

We will start late April/ May with the recording and mastering in the studio Primavera en el Alma with Constantino López in Murcia.

The manufacture, distribution and promotion will take place in May-June and the CD will hopefully be ready by end June-July 2017.

A short bio of Besarabia

Besarabia was born in 2013 by the chance meeting of three musicians specialised in quite different styles. Their concerts develop as a journey through the music of the Balkan peninsula, where so many different cultures and races have come together over the centuries, travelling from east to west.

In a short but intensive period together, Besarabia has performed numerous concerts in various establishments, concert halls and festivals, amongst the most notable being the festival “Espai Mediterrani” of MuVIM in 2014, Festival L’Horta Nord Folk, “Nits al Claustre” (2015, Castellón), Festival Músiques del Món , Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (Palau de la Música de València) 2016, 1st prize in the Competition of Folk Groups “Burgos Raíz y Evolución. (julio, 2016)” y 1st prize in the competition Urdufolk (Bizcaia, 2016).

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#03 / For those who don't speak Spanish/ Para ellos que no hablan castellano

Hi there!

We're just sending out a form from Verkami which you need to fill in with your name (nombre), surname (apellido), address (dirección), postcode (código postal), city (población), & tel. Sadly we could only send it in one language, which was the administration language, (Castellano), so when you receive the email all you have to do is click on the link that says : formulario, and then fill in the form and at the bottom is a link to get the digital version of the CD. This link might not be the correct one....! The correct one is: http://www.besarabia.com/cd-besarabia

The password is: gatos

There you can download the cd and the artwork that goes with it. The real CD and other "rewards" will arrive by post at the beginning of September to the address you fill in on the form...

Thanks very much and sorry for all the confusion!!!!! Hope you all enjoy the cd!

Best wishes, Besarabia

#02 / ¿Donde está el disc? where's the CD? On està el disc?


Queridas y queridos mecenas:

A mitad de julio ya y .... os estaréis preguntado: -¿dónde está mi disco?

Cómo en cualquier proyecto ambicioso, hemos sufrido un retraso. Rara vez se tiene la oportunidad de realizar un proyecto tan fabuloso cómo éste, así que hemos querido cuidar cada detalle para que el disco sonase "casi" ¡perfecto!

Estamos escuchando ahora mismo las segundas mezclas que nos ha facilitado Constantino López, nuestro técnico de grabación y realmente está empezando a sonar muy prometedor.

Lamentablemente también eso ha echo que subiera el presupuesto inicial, pero estamos convencidas/os de que todo habrá valido la pena cuando tengamos el CD en nuestras manos.

Tenemos una gira de presentación preparada para septiembre y noviembre...y es, en esas fechas cuando recibiréis ¡vuestra recompensa!

De momento confirmados:

Sábado 2 de septiembre en OJALA (Lliria) Valencia

Sábado 16 de septiembre en al CIAC (La Vall d'Uixó) Castellón

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Queridos mecenas:

Muchas gracias por hacer realidad el disco de Besarabia con vuestras aportaciones. Gracias a vuestra generosidad el proyecto va viento en popa, y hemos finalizado la primera parte de lo que será el disco "Ritmo, trenzas y gatos": la grabación.

Os dejamos la crónica de lo sucedido hasta ahora:

El pasado 25 de abril subimos a Alhama de Murcia y Totana a comenzar a grabar las canciones del disco, en los estudios Loopers y Primavera en el Atlas con Constantino López.

**Dear Patrons

Thank you very much for making it possible for Besarabia to record our first CD. Thanks to your amazing generosity the project has gone smoothly and we have finished the first part of the project of the CD “Rhythms, Plaits & Cats”: the recording. In short this is what we have done up until now:

The 25th of april we went down to Alhama de Murcia & Totana to start recording the tunes for the CD in the studios Loopers and Primavera en el Atlas, with Constantino Lopéz.**

*Estimats mecenes:

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