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ELECTROLÉ presents "La noche escondida"

We present the first album "La noche escondida" of the collective musical project created by Mariano Cruceta, Electrolé. We want to pass on our work to everybody who wish and we would like to count on with your collaboration and make you participants of this beatiful project. Help us and share!


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Electrolé born of necessity and creative concern of the producer, choreographer, flamenco dancer and musician Mariano Cruceta.

This is a project that aims to become an artistic platform from which to generate a new trend of flamenco expression language; without losing the nature and tradition of each “palo”, based on the latest trends in electronic music, hip hop, jazz..

All this through the ten themes which form the fist Electrolé's album, "La Noche escondida"

The next step is to give visibility to this work because we don't want to stay on the CD's format and we would like to get on the stages and the audiovisual formats.

For this, We need a important promotional's work because nowadays,we know that the majority of advertising difussion is being transmitted through internet.

Why we need your collaboration?

Our objective is to give visibility our project through the crowdfunding campaign and this will help us for:

  • Fund the audiovisuals productions's themes (videoclips).

  • The CD's production.

  • The necessary merchandising to rewards and their distribution.

  • And the promotional Community Manager work that we need to pass on our project to all of you.

Who we are:

Electrolé line up:

Mariano Cruceta: programming, electronics, percussion and dance.

José Luis Montón: guitar and vocals.

Eduardo Pineda: piano.

Gloria Solera: flute and vocals.


  • Cantaores: Manuel Gago & Leo Treviño.

  • Rappers: The Outsider (Nueva York), Vlad Zapu (Rumanía) & Juanito Say (Argentina)

  • Scratches: Dj Est & Dj Jhomp.

  • Musicians: Jorge Pardo (Flute and Saxophone), Cuco Pérez (accordion), Bernardo Parrilla (Violin), Yelsy Heredia (bass), Fernando Hurtado (Trumpet), Odei Lizaso (Cajón) y Marcos Salazar (electric guitar) and the special collaboration of Beat Up Beats:

*Detail of the album cover's illustration created by Lorena Azpiri.

Production team:

  • Edition, direction and musical production: Mariano Cruceta.

  • Arrangements: Eduardo Pineda y Mariano Cruceta.

  • Lyrics: Jose Luis Montón, Gloria Solera y Mariano Cruceta.

  • Recording engineer and premix: Javier Godino.

  • La noche escondida premix theme: Michel Manzano.

  • Recording studio: Estudio de grabación Cruceta Flamenco.

  • Mixing studio: MIRADORSOUND de Álvaro Mata.

  • Sound and mixing: Sergio Delgado.

  • Mastering studio: MPIRESTUDIO de Javier Ustara.

  • Mastering: Javier Ustara.

  • Photography and graphic design: Ian Hoover.

  • Mariano Cruceta 's Management: Carlos Calle

  • Executive coproduction: Carlos Calle, Gloria Solera,Mariano Cruceta, Javier Ustara y Sergio Delgado.

  • Contact: info@electrole.es

We will use your contributions for:

  • CD's limit. ed.(X500)

  • T-shirts. (X100)

  • Exclusive illustration's "La noche escondida" created by Lorena Azpiri + copies.

  • Transport costs.

  • Audiovisuals productions (videoclips)

  • Promotion of social networks and community manager.

  • Campaign costs.

What do we offer you in return?

  • Cd limited edition signed and dedicated by the author.

  • Official Electrole group's t-shirt

  • Exclusive illustration with the picture of the album cover signed by Lorena Azpiri.

  • Private Electrolé's concert in Estudio Cruceta Flamenco from Móstoles (Madrid) or if you can't come to the private concert, you will have a extra official t-shirt.

  • DVD Videodance of the choreographer Mariano Cruceta.

  • Your name on the thank's list of our credits.

  • Photography with the Electrolé's group that we will include you in a special section of our web called patrons.

  • Dance, flamenco beat and choreography course,that it will be given by Mariano Cruceta on June (3days/3h by day) in Estudio Cruceta Flamenco from Móstoles (Madrid) and the possibility to appear in the Electrolé's videoclip.

  • Presence to the recording session of our second Electrolé's work , that it will call "Multiverso", or the possibility to get two extra official Electrolé's t-shirts.

  • Masterclass with one of members of Electrolé's group in Estudio Cruceta Flamenco from Móstoles (Madrid). If you can't come in person, we will offer you the masterclass via Skype.

  • Case wine's Electrolé customized.

  • Exclusive recording diary which wear a beautiful book binding and it's illustrated with photographies, texts and lyrics and it collects all the greats moments that Electrolé have lived with this beautiful project.

  • Send us your personal, professional or company vídeo and we will compose the music for it.

  • Appearance like coproducer in the credits of "La Noche Escondida".

  • You can become on our sponsor and your logo will be included in all the Electrolé's publications for two years.

  • Possibility to get one of Electrolé's tracks for your advertising spot.

Some of our rewards


After 40 days,when the campaign crowdfunding have finished, you will receive your rewards on 10 days.

Visit us:

Nuestra web


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  • Las Canteras

    Las Canteras

    about 4 years

    Hola, quedan 7dias y faltan unos 670 € para alcanzar el objetivo de 7000 €

    Mi pregunta es no realizarian el proyecto, seria una putadilla por tan poco no?

  • Mariano Cruceta Serrano

    Mariano Cruceta Serrano

    about 4 years

    Tenemos a vuestra disposición el uso de cuenta Paypal y el uso de tarjeta bancaria.
    Cuando elegís la recompensa en la que queréis aportar, Verkami os pide vuestros datos para haceros socios y luego a la hora de hacer la aportación os da a a elegir entre hacerlo por tarjeta bancaria o por cuenta paypal.

    Para cualquier otra duda, consúltanos sin problema. Muchas gracias.

  • Nacho González

    Nacho González

    about 4 years


    ¿Tenéis alguna otra vía para las aportaciones ajena a Verkami? Cuenta bancaria, de Paypal o algo similar?

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