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Y más allá monstruos.

First (and last) album from Billy Bob Dillon, the instrumental-rock band formed in Madrid in 2007. Two 140gm vinyls, one black and one white, both pressed in Holland, inside a cardboard jacket with a 6mm spine. Pre-sale here, prices starting at 15 Euros.


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If you're reading this, the chances that you already know us are quite high. However, this is the internet - aka no man’s land - so let's follow the protocol: Billy Bob Dillon was an psychedelic-flavoured-instrumental-rock group formed in Madrid in 2007. We are using the past tense is because we have decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary by releasing an album and splitting. This is the way we want so say, godspeed! and leave evidence of the fact that, sometime and somewhere, in space-time, we existed.

The way we worked as a band was, most of the time, borderline maniacal; obsessed with details, sadistically self-demanding and with tendency to do things on our own terms. This led to ridiculously poor levels of productivity. The story of our record might illustrate the point.

The Project

The title of the record is “Y más allá monstruos” (And beyond here there be monsters).  It consists of seven original instrumental pieces of a total length of 50 minutes.  Its creation and recording was entirely self-managed by the band.

The recording took place in a cottage we rented in the Madrid countryside, during a long weekend in the summer of 2012.  It was recorded and co-produced by the great Óscar Hidalgo who kindly came over from London, loaded up with equipment and patience.  During these days we were lovingly fed by Manu Gaviño, something for which we will be forever grateful.

Shortly after the recording we were left without a drummer for the third time and agreed not to release the album until we were able to play it live with a new drummer.  This meant that we had to put the project on hold indefinitely.

After some desultory attempts to pick things up sprinkled haphazardly over following months, the band travelled to London in February 2014 with the intention of tweaking some details and mixing at Psycho Studios, Oscar's compound.  Back in Madrid we re-recorded some additional tracks at La Reserva and cracked the mix.

In 2015 the music-side of the record was finished with the mastering done by Pedro Viñuela at Nexo 01.  The record was finally completed and the jacket designed by our bass player, who illustrates and designs under the pseudonym of Wearbeard.

The Record

If everything goes according to plan, this will be a double vinyl record, 140 gm each.  One white and one black, inside paper envelopes in opposite colours, both inside a simple cardboard jacket with an extended 6 mm spine to fit both records.

The album will be pressed and printed in Holland in one of the most respected record factories in the world.  Black and white; everything in black and white. Always

you will find just below a link to listen to "Quién pone nombre a los huracanes" (Who Names Hurricanes), the track which opens the record.

So, if I buy it, when will I get it?

As we have explained above everything is done except the production of the object itself.  Producing vinyl is a delicate process, done (well) by very few factories.  For this reason the delivery schedule varies according to the work load and the print run.  Ours is quite small in numbers compared with other bands so it will enter the production chain in between larger projects.  Thus, a reasonable delivery schedule oscillates between one and two months from the moment we send the record to press and the moment we get it, still smelling of hazardous chemicals.  Let's establish a couple of weeks to organise the deliveries and post the records in case they can’t be hand delivered... to sum up, you’ll have the record in your hands in three months from the moment the campaign successfully finishes.  Who cares about three months in a 10 year process?

Thank you all, from the bottom of our (black) hearts.

Gracias a todos,


Billy Bob Dillon

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    about 7 years

    ¡Hola Pepe! Qué ilusión, no pensamos que nadie fuera de nuestro entorno pudiera tener interés en tantos discos, así que por simplificar esas opciones las dejamos sin envío. Si te parece bien, coge la opción de 60 euros y te lo mandamos con los diez euros que sobran, y si sobra algo de dinero lo metemos dentro del paquete. ;)

  • Pepe Jomeini

    Pepe Jomeini

    about 7 years

    Buenas, estoy interesado en la opción de 5 discos pero vivo en Ponferrada y no os conozco a ninguno, no existe opción de envió de ninguna manera?

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