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MARINAH (Ojos de Brujo) is preparing her new album

MARINAH (Ojos de Brujo) is preparing her new album, "Afrolailo". Including rumba, reggae, afro-cuba and flamenco, it’s music with a woman's voice. Let’s do it together, in a direct way, in a friendly way. Make the project yours, give it what you can, spread it and tell your neighbor.

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Hello family! I’m Marinah and you may know me for being the singer of Ojos de Brujo. Four years ago I started my solo career, and now I want to record my new album entitled Afrolailo. The option of achieving that through collective financing and that you are co-producers is very exciting. I think this is a great alternative to oxygenate culture, art and music made with freedom and to safeguard the right to be different and musical biodiversity.

Reflecting on these times we are living in, the composition of the songs that complete Afrolailo have helped me not to lose hope, to keep me sane and to reconnect with my essence. I write and sing not to forget, but to take it better and I get the inspiration from you, the people who struggle and love day by day, your solidarity, your strength to dream a more just world. We are the resistance of our dreams. We will not leave a wall standing and we will bring them down by dancing.

In this adventure I am accompanied by a lot of colleagues and great musicians who already accompanied me in Ojos de Brujo like Maxwell (beatbox), Javi Martín (bass), Carlos Sarduy (trumpet, piano, production), Susana Medina (Chorus and flamenco dance) and other collaborations such as Chicuelo (flamenco guitar), Muchacho Serviole (guitar rumbera), David Dominguez (flamenco percussion), Frank Durán (drums), Dany Noel (three Cuban), Pedro Medina Nahinim Carbonell (saxophone)...

There will also be star appearences such as Mari de Chambao, Lágrimas de Sangre, Arianna Puello and some more surprises.

We will work in Barcelona, in the recording studios LaPanchita with Gerard chalart58, in L'Atlántida with Mario Patiño and in Feedback Studio with Cesar J. de Cisneros. If all goes well we will mix in Garate Studios with Kaki Arkarazo.

I am also happy to have Erika Zwiener on graphic design. A friend with whom I have been working for years, she is also responsible for the graphic wonders we did with Ojos de Brujo.

Where your contributions will go

The calculation of the minimum budget to be able to carry out the project (taking into account that there is much work contributed by volunteers) is of 9.700 €.



Commissions, vat, payment gateways, etc.

And if we exceed the initial objective of financing we could do everything with greater dignity, improve the quality of the album edition, make a music video, promo...

About rewards

The digital download will be in high quality and will be sent 24 hours before the official disc release.

For the rewards in Madrid and Barcelona, we will make a small visit in which we will deliver the material in hand, have a pre-listening and having a good time. The exact locations and days are still to be confirmed.

IMPORTANT, if you live abroad, you must add the reward International Shipping, either inside or outside the EU.

The shirts are exclusive to the patrons, there will be no other possibility to get one ... take advantage!

The rewards that include VIP tickets are for the concert of your choice of the tour (except festivals) and the dates will be disclosed soon.

We will also disclose, when the time comes, the date of the rehearsals in the Nau of Barcelona for the patrons who have chosen this reward.

The reward of handwritten letters from me, will come to you kissed and with all my love and gratitude.

The fetish pack contains a very special object, the fan that served as a prop for the illustration of the cover of the album Corriente Vital and the photo session of the same... look!

The pack nostalgia contains a few unpublished singles on promotional cardboard, stickers and little things that I have kept from the time of Ojos de Brujo, and also Marinah.

During this year I've taken to sitting in front of a paper with many crayons and making galactic balls. The pack containing an illustration of mine also comes framed, signed and kissed.

We will also be making a video of thanks to the whole Afrolailo family: your support makes the project possible. You can send us a greeting or photo to include in the video, or if you prefer, we will simply name you. We hope to celebrate that the campaign has ended successfully. Do not stop the Music!

Scheduled calendar

Home Campaign: March 3

Final campaign: 12 April

The idea is to deliver the rewards between April 24 and May 13.

We leave these dates a little open because production and manufacturing can be delayed a bit. Anyway we will be in contact with you and we will tell you all the details.

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  • Marinah (Ojos de Brujo)

    Marinah (Ojos de Brujo)

    about 7 years

    Muy buenas!!

    Sólo tienes que entrar en la página del proyecto, http://vkm.is/marinah, escoger una de las recompensas, y seguir los pasos para realizar el pago.

    Muchas gracias a ti :)

  • Mimi


    about 7 years

    Hola Marinah!!! Que ganas de oirte de nuevo! Me gustaría colaborar y ayudarte en éste proyecto, soy de Albacete, como puedo ayudarte? Gracias

  • Marinah (Ojos de Brujo)

    Marinah (Ojos de Brujo)

    about 7 years

    Hola! Un gusto saludarte...y que ilusión que llegue el Afrolailo a Mexico!!!

    Pues debes elegir la recompensa que prefieras y sumarle la recompensa donde pone "Aportando 15€" ENVIO INTERNACIONAL FUERA DE LA UE (es el precio que nos costará hacértelo llegar)

    Que No Pare La Música!!!

  • Su ling Rodríguez

    Su ling Rodríguez

    about 7 years

    Hola vivo en México y me gustaría participar, pero quiero saber como funciona el envio internacional y cómo hacer mi aportacion

#07 / Lo hemos conseguido familia!!!! AFROLAILO al mundo

¡Sois muy grandes!

Habeis conseguido con vuestro apoyo hacer posible que el disco "Afrolailo" vea la luz. Hemos conseguido el objetivo planteado en la campaña de verkami. De verdad que no podemos estar mas felices.

Ya tenemos casi todos los temas acabados. Están quedando chulisimos.

Tenemos hasta el miércoles 12 de abril a las 12h que termina oficialmente la campaña para seguir recaudando ( lo que haya de más será para hacer un buen video del primer single "Guayo" ).

En momento acabe la campaña y organicemos todo con verkami, nos pondremos en contacto con tod@s vosotr@s para que nos paseis vuestra dirección en el que caso de que la recompensa sea de envío y os contaremos como va todo.

También queremos hacer un video para redes y para el "Afrolailo Social Club" de agradecimiento y celebración. Nos… read more

#06 / ¡Sólo 5 días!

¡Familia! Estamos en la recta final, ¡¡Afrolailo está a la vuelta de la esquina!! ✊✊
¡Dale alas! Participa y hazte mecenas hasta el 11 de abril.

En este vídeo os mostramos las colaboraciones:

#05 / ¡A menos de 10 días!

¡Hola familia!

Estamos en la recta final del crowdfunding y queda sólo 1/4 parte del total. ¡Animaos en estos últimos días a ser parte de la familia 'Afrolailo'!


#04 / Continúan las grabaciones

El gran Chicuelo está dando gloria a 'Afrolailo'.

Familia, seguimos con la campaña de crowdfunding, mientras continúan las sesiones de grabación, ¡aquí no se descansa ni un día!

Gracias a tod@s por querer formar parte de 'Afrolailo'


#02 / ¡¡Seguimos con la campaña!!

¡Hola familia! 💃💃💃

Estamos a punto de llegar a la mitad del objetivo, ya sois más de 130 personas las que formáis parte de la familia Afrolailo.

En estos días hemos modificado alguna recompensa, y añadido otras, como otra ilustración dedicada y enmarcada. Mientras tanto, seguimos grabando 'Afrolailo', para que esté listo al acabar la campaña.


#01 / ¡¡Comenzamos la campaña!!

Hola familia, hace sólo unas horas que comenzamos la campaña de crowdfunding, y ya hemos superado los 2.000€, ¡¡muchas gracias!!

En este blog iré publicando novedades de la campaña y del disco, así que os animo a seguir colaborando, y lo dicho, ¡gracias!

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