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"Born in Embers" New Flames at Sunrise album

Flames At Sunrise is going to start a very important stage with our new album BORN IN EMBERS and now you can help us to keep this project going ahead. Only YOU can support us on this project, in which we are going to put our heart and soul. ¿Are you with us?

Flames At Sunrise

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About us?

Flames At Sunrise is an alternative metal group from Barcelona. To date, we have published an EP called Never Coming Home (2014) through which we have been able to share with many people our way of seeing the world, thereby fulfilling part of a dream by which we fight for, day by day. Now we continue, and that’s why we need your help.


Born In Embers Is a kaleidoscope that meet all of our experiences, our emotions and our opinions about the world in 9 songs. These songs express through music and words a clear message, a message on which we’ve been working on since 2015. In this new album, we decided to focus on an Introspective and visceral vision, something that could reinvent our initial vision and above all, something that could show in small details our big development, so far.

Currently Born In Embers Is in recording process in the studio Plygrnd Studio in Barcelona, run by Marco Alejandro.

This first stage is coming to an end, but in order to continue we need you.

It is in your hands helping us with all the work ahead to achieve our goal. Now, we are sure that you want to know some things about this project, so let's go little by little:

Why Verkami?

Verkami is a platform of crowdfounding Which, in a very intuitive way, allows us to offer you VERY INTERESTING rewards in exchange for small collaborations.

Remember that whenever you have any doubts, you can count on us and ask, if it is not by messages, it can be done by emails and other channels.

Have you decided to collaborate? Do you wonder what’s the difference between doing it now or doing it later? Are there more living beings in the universe?

It is clear that you can wait for the publication of Born In Embers To get a copy and the rest of things, but inside these rewards packs we offer you different exclusive elements that only you can get collaborating in this way. And do not worry about the price, we have rewards affordable for everyone, so do not hesitate to get your reward.

As to more living beings in the universe, there are many theories, but we believe that it does.

Now you're probably asking yourself: What are you going to use my money for?

As you well know, engaging in the creation of a disc is very expensive, therefore, the 2000 € minimum we collect will be used to defray costs of:

  • Disc production

  • Physical disk editing

  • Merchandising

  • Videoclips and photoshoots

And if you see that we exceed the initial goal, we still have many things to offer you, but we won’t tell them until that happens, so ... YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

You have already collaborated but, do you want to continue helping us? That is very kind of you. We'll explain how!

Your help is the key to make this project work, so the more you collaborate in sharing this challenge by social networks, the more people can participate, and together will reach the project goal. For this, you can use this link:

VERKAMI: https://www.verkami.com/locale/en/projects/17045-born-in-embers-nuevo-disco-de-flames-at-sunrise

You can share it with everyone that you think could be identified with our project, so feel free and so spread the word!

If you want to stay updated about FLAMES AT SUNRISE and this project, you can follow us on all our social networks:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlamesAtSunrise

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlamesAtSunrise

  • Instagram: @flames_at_sunrise

  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlamesAtSunrise

And also...

We have been working on creating a Youtube mini-series, so that you will know firsthand and in a fun way, all the expenses that have led you reading this here today.

Stay tuned for upcoming chapters that will appear little by little in the playlist we leave you next!



From now everything is in your hands. Thank you very much for collaborating with us and for deciding to be a part of this dream. We know it is not easy and we thank you for supporting this artistic initiative and for leaping into the unknow. We want you to know that we will put our heart and soul in every step and we will make that your effort, together with our effort, lead us to fulfill this promise.

Thank you very much!


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  • Elisa Giménez Jover

    Elisa Giménez Jover

    over 6 years

    Tú madre no te devolvió a su vagina, así que imagino que no.

  • Jaimito


    about 7 years

    Y si vuestra música sigue dando asco me devolvéis del dineros?

#04 / Nuevo videoclip: III Faces

¡Poco a poco vamos avanzando gracias a vuestra ayuda!

Hoy hemos publicado el primer videoclip de un tema que formará parte del disco "Born in Embers" llamado III Faces.
¡Esperamos vuestras reacciones, que os guste y compartáis!


Y entramos en la recta final, quedán sólo 10 días para acabar nuestro crowdfunding y necesitamos un último empujoncito! ¡Ayúdanos COMPARTIÉNDOLO! Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo :')

RECOMPENSAS CROWDFUNDING ==>http://vkm.is/borninembers

Queremos hacer mención especial a @Hiyartist para darle las gracias por el gran trabajo que ha hecho con nosotros diseñando la nueva camiseta y la portada del disco que representará el nuevo trabajo al que tanta ilusión y mimo le estamos dedicando.
¡Muchas gracias, te queremos <3!

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