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# Luis Méndez Gallery - Ten years of Art & Filigree

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art share a common space in the Luis Méndez Gallery. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary with a remodeling project with the goal of continuing to preserve artisan techniques and promote art through a modern approach.

Luis Méndez López

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The Luis Méndez Gallery is undertaking a remodeling project with the goal of continuing to preserve artisan techniques and promote contemporary art through a modern, accessible approach.

Photo: Gsus Fernández

We will begin by adapting the Gallery’s façade to the surroundings in this historical neighborhood of the “Charra” capital in Salamanca and incorporating appropriate security measures for exhibiting works of art and artisan crafts. We will improve the lighting and the exhibit space in order to highlight the exhibited pieces and we will work on the staging of the live filigree technique workshop in order to make the artisan work methodology more accessible to visitors.

We thereby hope to consolidate this indispensable center for cultural promotion located in the heart of the historical center of Salamanca.

You can view and enjoy Ricardo Núñez’ incredible work on the staging mock-up in the top carousel of photographs.

Why have we chosen crowdfunding?

We are part of an artisan jewelry workshop and we believe that our project has certain aspects that deserve to be reinforced in modern-day society.

We feel that this is the most appropriate option since, despite being a private project, this initiative has public and educational ramifications due to the way we approach our work. Since the filigree technique is part of our Intangible Cultural Heritage, we thereby intend to consolidate the future of this technique through training and promotional projects focusing on its preservation.

We believe that artistic and artisan professions should be dynamic in order to break free from antiquated formulas of the past.

Photo: Ana Díaz-Cano

Our permanent exhibition currently features our own filigree pieces in addition to the work of twenty other artists/artisans, both national and international jewelers. We also feature a new contemporary art exhibition every quarter.

Over the past three years, we have primarily featured various visual artists who are students in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca. Our exhibition space is currently collaborating with more than forty artists.

Benefits of contributing to the campaign

All patrons, regardless of their contribution, will receive a postcard or collection of postcards, which have been exclusively printed for the 10th Anniversary of the Luís Méndez Gallery, and an invitation to the inauguration event featuring an exhibition of the work of Juanjo Sánchez (Painting).

We will also stage live group demonstrations of the production process for filigree jewelry. These 45-minute demonstrations will be projected on a screen in order for the public to see our work in as much detail as possible.

Some of the contribution rewards include our traditional Charro Button, such as the recent award-winning Gardens Collection, at special prices for sponsors and unique creations.

All of the rewards include gifts to thank you for your collaboration, such as the Trade Museum Journal “A Vision of the World of Charra Filigree,” featured in a special edition for Verkami, as the original edition has been sold out.

Patrons may donate talks on the art of filigree in schools, museums and community centers, which will be held on a future date, agreed upon by both parties. They may also donate 40-hour training courses on the filigree technique to be held at the center of their choice, selected from any of the existing centers equipped for this purpose in various Spanish cities and abroad.

Photo: Estrella Sánchez Marcos

We would like all of our patrons to have a rewarding experience participating in the financing of an initiative with a modern, accessible approach, which develops connections between artists / artisans and promotes the development of products and projects that facilitate market access channels and improve the profitability of artistic and artisan production.

The goal is to promote artistic trades in a way that adapts to the current market conditions.

We defend the authenticity of artisan work and reinforce its artistic and cultural value in order to promote high-quality ethical products that form a part of our cultural heritage.

Who are we?

Brothers Jerónimo, Luis and Raul Méndez López are part of the third generation of a family of artisan filigree jewelers. We are following in the footsteps of our grandfather, who founded his workshop in 1928 in Tamames (Salamanca), after learning the trade alongside our father and teacher, Luís Méndez Vieira.

Photo: EOI-Fundesarte

Under the business name Luis Méndez Artesanos, we have become a model for the recovery of the filigree technique in contemporary jewelry-making.

Our work demonstrates the possibilities of this ancient technique by applying it to both classical models and contemporary creations.

Our pieces are greatly renowned, both nationally and internationally.

Recent Awards:

2015 National Artisan Award - Category: Product

Ministry of Industry and the EOI Foundation - Madrid (Spain), March 31, 2016

Special Award for the Best Business of the Year – City Council of Salamanca

November 27, 2014. Salamanca - Spain

Finalist - Aileen International Crafts Competition - World Crafts Council

October 21, 2014 Dongyang (Zhejiang) CHINA

What will your contributions help fund?

We hope to finance 50% of the investment with crowfunding (Verkami) and the rest through a loan.

Adapting to the historical surroundings

Freestone Façade: €2,400

Security for exhibited work

Security locks and windows: €3,100

Quality of exhibitions

Lighting: €2,390

Wooden floor (synthetic flooring) in the exhibit hall: €1,850

Demonstrations of the filigree technique for the public

Carpentry – Furniture: €2,100

Paint and staging: €2,750

Total: €14,590

Financing Goal: €7,295.00

What if we exceed the basic goal and extras for the patrons?

In that case, we would invest in updating our website…which is clearly needed!!


This is our first crowfunding experience and we would also like it to be a declaration of our intentions. If we can count on your support, we will come back with more training projects.

About the rewards

You can choose among different shipping categories for receiving your rewards at home. The rewards will be delivered or shipped after March 30th.

Anticipated Timeline

The project will be executed from January 30th to March 30th, 2017

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Juan Carlos Navarro - Architect (Salamanca)

Very special thanks to Ricardo Núñez for his work on this remodeling project and three years of collaboration curating all the contemporary art exhibitions at the Luis Méndez Gallery.

Ricardo Núñez – Doctor of Fine Arts, University of Salamanca.

Professor at the University of Salamanca.


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#10 / Ya están listas todas vuestras recompensas!!

Estimad@s mecenas y amig@s:

Ya están listas todas vuestras recompensas!!

Para recoger en la Galería Luis Méndez:

Cuando queráis en horario de apertura.

De lunes a sábado: 10:30 – 14:00 / 17:00 – 20:30 Domingos: 10:30 – 14:30

Incluidos los festivos, jueves, viernes, sábado y domingo durante las vacaciones de Semana Santa.

Para enviar a cualquier lugar:

Realizaremos todos los envíos una vez que pasen las vacaciones de Semana Santa. Comenzaremos a enviar las recompensas el 17 de abril.

Para los "Puchereros", nuestros paisanos de Tamames: Entregaremos las recompensas donde nos habéis indicado.

Para los que quieran que le enviemos su recompensa y no nos hayan indicado una dirección de envío: Enviárnosla por favor!!

Un fuerte abrazo para tod@s.

Luis Méndez

"Galería Luis Méndez – Diez años de arte y filigrana"

Luis Méndez Artesanos S.L.

Taller: Diego Velázquez, 10. cp 37600. Tamames. Salamanca. España

Tel: +34 923 449 111

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#08 / Luís Méndez Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you

Dear friends,

Luís Méndez Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you to the inauguration of the exhibition of paintings by Juanjo Sánchez. Juanjo hails from Salamanca and is presently living in Lisbon.

In his works, we can see that

there is no real difference

between what is traditionally called material

and what we know as spiritual.

His canvases, abounding in substance,

invite us to appreciate the difference.

In our spirit, they bring forth

communication through gestures

of colour in the space, in mysterious

patches and in surfaces that are rent

with a deep range of colour.

We are in the presence of the work of an

artist endowed with a constant,

rhythmical impulse, where each

moment of awareness prepares our way

for his interdisciplinary world.

Álvaro Lobato de Faría

M.A.C. Movimiento Arte Contemporáneo

Lisboa, Portugal

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#07 / We did it!

We did it! €7,415 of €7,295, thanks to 80 contributions from 59 sponsors sent from nine countries: Germany, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, the Netherlands, Mexico and Portugal.

Many thanks to everyone who supported our micro-sponsorship campaign. Your involvement has made it possible for us to achieve our goal!

Thank you very much everyone!

Warmest regards from the Méndez family.

Luis Méndez

"Luis Méndez Gallery – Ten years of art & filigree”

#06 / Ya tenemos apoyo desde 9 países

Hoy recibimos aportaciones desde Alemania y México. Ayer desde Brasil!! Ya son 9 países desde los que estamos recibiendo apoyo!!

77 aportaciones, 58 mecenas de 9 países: Alemania, Brasil, Colombia, España, Estados Unidos, Francia, Holanda, México y Portugal.

Verkami nos ha colocado en portada

“Galería Luis Méndez – Diez años de Arte y Filigrana”

Lo vamos a conseguir gracias a tod@s!!

Muchas gracias!!

Luis Méndez

Galería Luis Méndez - Diez años de Arte y Filigrana

#05 / Invitación, celebración y muchas gracias a tod@s de corazón!!

Invitación evento

Estimados mecenas y amig@s:

Entramos en la últimas 24 horas de campaña y tengo la inmensa alegría de comunicaros que: Vamos a conseguir el objetivooooo!!

Muchísimas gracias por vuestro y apoyo, resulta muy alentador contar con todos vosotros. Vuestra complicidad en estos diez años de andadura está haciendo posible la continuidad de este proyecto.

El próximo viernes inauguraremos la muestra de Juanjo Sánchez y se celebraremos nuestro décimo aniversario.

Como aun no están editadas todas las recompensas que comenzaremos a enviar a partir del 30 de marzo. Les envío la notificación de su invitación al acto de “Inauguración y décimo aniversario” con este enlace... y próximamente la “Postal oficial para todos los mecenas”

Muchas gracias a tod@s.

Luis Méndez

#04 / 58 aportaciones y 41 mecenas de 5 países...Solo faltan 6 días!!

En este álbum pueden seguir la evolución del espacio en más de 40 días de intenso trabajo!!

58 aportaciones, 41 mecenas de 5 países, Colombia, España, Francia, Holanda y Estados Unidos. Recibidos 5.795€ de 7.295€. Solo faltan 6 días y 1.500€ para alcanzar nuestro objetivo!!

Ánimo! Solo nos queda el último empujón!! No dejéis de compartir este enlace:
…lo vamos a conseguir gracias a tod@s!!

Muchas gracias de corazón!!...

Diez años de Arte y Filigrana - Galería Luis Méndez


Hemos terminado la primera fase y ya pueden visitar la exposición permanente de joyería con más de 23 artistas nacionales e internacionales. En estos momentos estamos trabajando en el montaje de la exposición de pintura de Juanjo Sánchez que se inaugurará el 24 de marzo.

Estáis todos invitados!!

Muchísimas gracias a tod@s por vuestra colaboración.

Luis Méndez

#03 / Ranking de aportaciones por paises

Estimados amig@s!! Este es el ranking de aportaciones por países hasta el momento:

España: 950€

Costa Rica: 700€

USA: 270€

Colombia: 185€

Francia: 95€

No dejen de realizar sus aportaciones y compartir en las redes sociales esta iniciativa. Aun faltan 26 días para el final de la campaña!!

Muchas gracias de corazón por creer en nosotros y respaldar nuestro proyecto.

Luis Méndez

Artesano – Gerente

Luis Méndez Artesanos S.L.

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