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Stoned At Pompeii - New Album 2017

STONED AT POMPEII. First album 2017. We need your help to finish it, publish it, and make it come to life! We want you to be part of this project in which no musical barriers have been set! We hope it will make a difference with what you have listened to until now.


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About the band...

Stoned at Pompeii forms when four consolidated musicians from the Vigo music scene, get together in order to blend their different influences aiming to create an unique musical style.

With a noteworthy background as professional musicians, Stoned at Pompeii (named after Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii) explore and draw influences from styles such as Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Post-Punk, Metal, Art Rock or progressive rock. One of the main traits which best describes the band is a lack of fear when it comes to breaking musical barriers. 

Our present

The composition and recording of this album means the consolidation of this project. We want you to enjoy the experience of listening to this album which has been created with the intention of making a breakthrough in music. We devote our lives to music and our goal is to provide you with an unique musical experience.

We are immersed in the last stage of the recording and mixing process, having had the privilege of working on every single song separately, focusing on every note and small detail.

Adolfo FH:Vocals and guitar | Antón F.“Piru”:Bass | Cristian G: Drums | Paúl Rodga: Guitar

Now the time has come to carry out this new adventure and we hope that you are willing to get involved and enjoy this odyssey with us.

We have the intention to reach as many people as possible, and to present this record live in Spain and in Europe once the Verkami is finished, and only with your support we will be able to do so. For this reason, we have created a series of rewards to gratify your confidence in Stoned and Pompeii for which we are extremely grateful.

How we will make use of your contributions

-Mastering of the album

-Manufacturing of the CDs and Deluxe Edition

-Manufacturing of merchandising (t-shirts, posters, pins, stickers, picks..)

-The filming of one video 

-T-shirt and art cover designs

-Website design

-Promotion and publicity expenses


21% of taxes (Spain) and 5% of Verkami management expenses

We have given our best, each of us, and it is an immense source of delight to be able to rely on you for this final touch that will enable us to perfect our record and to offer you merchandising of the best quality along with the chance of promoting the album in order to reach as many places and people as possible.

The rewards

You can make a choice as to whether to have the album signed or not once you have chosen your reward and if you order the t-shirt rewards you will be able to pick the right size right away.

The DELUXE albums will be released exclusively for the crowdfunding campaign and they will have an exclusive art design, a digipack edition of the greatest quality, a booklet with an alternative design, more photographs and pages and the access to an extra track for digital download and exclusive content.

The DELUXE packs will include a t-shirt with an exclusive design by Cos Of Death for this Verkami campaign.

Every sponsor will be mentioned in the website and in the credits of the album (depending on the reward of choice)

The sponsors of the rewards that include your brand of logo will be awarded with an special thanks credit on the album and the website.

We have the intention of presenting our live show in Vigo and in Paris, and the VIP concert will be in Vigo. 

Planned timeline

The recording and mixing are on their last stage; therefore, we are offering a record that is on the verge of being finished so that you can get it in a short term.

As soon as this campaign finishes, the first thing to undertake is the mastering which can undergo a process of approximately a month. From then on, we have to spend two or three weeks managing the manufacturing of Cds, merchandising, deliveries. Once the Verkami is over we are quite positive that you will have your reward at home in 2 or 3 months.


Thank you a lot to each one of you for your support and confidence.  Without your help, this album as we conceived it would not be possible. Please remember that this project will only become effective if we reach our Verkami amount (4.500 euros).

To conclude, and to thank you for your confidence and support to Stoned at Pompeii, we will send this poster as a present to the first 100 patrons, an exclusive item for the Verkami!

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#04 / STONED AT POMPEII - [ Sobre las Camisetas / About the t-shirts ]


Pronto os enviaremos un formulario para que elijáis el tamaño de la camiseta, el nombre que quieres que aparezca en el disco, la dirección de envío, etc. Las siguientes imágenes describen la talla y tamaño de las camisetas:

Soon we will send you a form to choose the size of the t-shirt, the name you want on the acknowledgements, the shipping address, etc. The following images describe the sizes of the t-shirts:

[Ancroidal T-Shirt] - TALLAS/SIZES Disponible con los packs de camiseta normales / Available with normal T-shirt packs

[Cos of Death † Onp Art T-Shirt] - TALLAS/SIZES *Disponible con los packs Deluxe / Available with Deluxe packs *

#03 / Stoned At Pompeii [INFO & Camisetas]

Buenos Días a Tod@s!

Hoy llegamos al ecuador de esta campaña de crowdfunding de STONED AT POMPEII en la que en tiempo RECORD y gracias a vuestro apoyo hemos conseguido el mínimo para hacer de ANCROIDAL una realidad.

Ahora en estos 20 días que quedan nos hemos marcado un nuevo objetivo, la cifra de *6000€ y estamos seguros de que con la ayuda de todos lo vamos a alcanzar. Por supuesto hasta el último céntimo lo invertiremos en mejorar el mastering del disco y todos los acabados de fabricación de las recompensas, así como poder darle una todavía más potente salida a Ancroidal !!

*(6000 € Que descontando 21% IVA y gastos de getión de verkami nos quedarían en 4500)

Para ello, os adelantamos que esta semana empezaremos a organizar sorteos a medida que se vaya acercando la cifra indicada entre todos los que sois y estáis en este proyecto, nuestros mecenas! Por lo que permaneced atentos a las redes sociales de SAP.

read more

#02 / Habemus album, thank you!!!

[English below]


Habemus disco! Gracias a todos vosotros hemos llegado a los 4500€ que nos permitirán finalizar el disco! (3300€ si descontamos IVA y comisiones) con ese mínimo el disco y vuestras recompensas podrán llevarse a cabo! Pero esto continúa durante otros 30 días, por lo que todavía estáis a tiempo de formar parte de este disco y mejorar el resultado final (mastering, edición, Videoclips, promoción, acabados, etc). Para llegar lo más lejos posible, y eso está en vuestras manos!!

Thank you all, habemus album!

Thanks to you we reached the 4500€ that will allow us to release the album (3300 without taxes and commission) and provide your rewards.

But there are still 30 days to try to keep on going as further as we can and to improve the final result (mastering, finishing, videoclips, promotion, etc.)

And that's I'm your hands!!


#01 / Welcome to ANCROIDAL

[English below]

Hola a Todos!!

Ya queda muy poco para llegar al mínimo de 4500 € que permitirá hacer que este disco sea una realidad!

En primer lugar agradeceros a todos y cada uno de vosotros el apoyarnos y formar parte de este trabajo. Ha llegado la hora de desvelaros el título y la portada del álbum y queremos que seáis los primeros en saberlo!

Para presentarlo os hemos preparado un "mockup" de cómo sería la edición normal del CD. (La edición DELUXE obviamente será con otros acabados más especiales y en formato digipack de la máxima calidad, con acabados en negro mate y plata. Por ello, representarlo con un boceto no le haría justicia)

Pronto publicaremos los diseños de las camisetas y mucho más, estad atentos a las redes sociales porque estas semanas se avecinan fuerte!!

Bienvenidos a ANCROIDAL !

Hi all!

We're very close to reach the 4500€ that will permit us to make this album true.

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