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ULU, Un Latido Universal (Universal Heart Beat)

How is it possible to transform a crisis into a love story? ULU, Un Latido Universal (Universal Heart Beat) is a documentary that shares the wonderful experiences that happen when we trust our heart. A journey to find out the keys in moments of change and transformation.


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What is ULU?

ULU, Un Latido Universal (Universal Heart Beat) is a documentary that shares the wonderful experiences that happen when we trust our heart. A journey to find out the keys in moments of change and transformation. How is it possible to transform a crisis into a love story?

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Is is true that allowing yourself to follow your heart is crazy?. What's happening to the human beings, who seem to be forgetting about their heart?. Is a life guided from the heart really possible?. Why then do traditions and cultures, specially the most ancestral ones, refer so often to the importance of the heart in our everyday lives?. Is a part of humanity becoming insensitive to what’s going on in our surroundings and the world we live in?. Would the heart be the space that holds the values we need for our lives?

ULU records the voices of over 70 people, very different from each other, who share and show the keys, the possibilities of a new paradigm that takes place when you make that decision: feeling, listening and following the heart.

Inspiring and sincere conversations with people from all walks of life and society such as economy, education, healthcare, banking, biology, music, politics, physics, mysticism, dance, nutrition, media, family, youth, charity, etc. Conversations interwoven with beautiful images, sound, music… the leading thread being the experience lived by Joan Muñoz, the movie director, a path unraveled in this adventure.

Borja Vilaseca

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A magic experience, the REVERSE SCRIPT

This creative, organic process starts with an insight, an inspiration, a route towards adventure.

Finding and filming a conversation about the heart, and after trust and go to where that person tells us to go next. Then, continuing this process in an unconditional way. A set of conversations about the importance of the heart in a person’s day-to-day life.

Carme Sardà

These testimonies are spontaneous meetings with an average duration of around 30 minutes, without a script, pre-established questions, nor strict or arranged rules; fully surrendering to the process. We started filming on the 18th January 2010, however, it’s not until the editing process (2015 - 2016) that we start to uncover how to put all the pieces of this wonderful puzzle together.

Teresa Pagés

We have agreed to call this a “reverse script”; in the same way as the reverse box office or reverse education that we know today, which are becoming increasingly popular.

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It’s being created through an extensive group that has spontaneously been emerging with a mutual attitude; a collaborative attitude, people that are also going through a process of change, of transformation. If you would like to know who they are, you can read the full list on our website.

Right now, YOU have the opportunity to be part of this movement.

To conclude this adventure, we ask you to join us with one or more pledges. We ask your help to propel us so we can make our dream come true, with you IN IT. An invitation to be a driving force, producer, and co-creator of this project.

Valentí e Irene

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ORIGIN.​ Everything has an origin

Making the movie of the Heart

This adventure starts when Joan Muñoz gets the feeling that he must to let his heart take the reins of his life. This trusting attitude has guided him towards endless situations and beautiful encounters that have lead to this audiovisual activity, a documentary film where what is told, is equally as important as how it happened.

*“Naturally passionate about knowledge and the human self development, ‘my life’ started to pause in 2007 getting into a dramatic blind alley, where personal, social and professional relationships started to change and deteriorate. My relationship with the professional and social world, after over 15 years of experience in the new technologies and professional training sectors, first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur.

Then, I started to explore, from my own experience, the possibility of listening to life instead of having to “earn it”, go beyond forms and and begin a transformative journey.”*

Joan Muñoz

Thereby started a route through diverse research, volunteering, training and partaking processes; related to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual human development over the course of two years (2007-09). This wonderful and sometimes disquieting adventure happened mainly travelling around Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Balearic Islands) and other places such as Findhorn, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Bombay, or New Delhi.

After those intense years of “development and a feeling of awakening from a long dream”, there was a moment right after coming back from Seattle in October 2009, when I felt called very clearly to surrender, to make my life available to ‘what was needed’. I know now, that in many ancient traditions this is called
“search for vision’” or “ask and it will be given”, as is called in the Christian tradition. An this moment Life’s answer was: “ Make a movie about the heart”.

How could it be possible to make a movie when I didn't have any experience, any idea about how to create something like that? How was I going to create something artistic and creative when I had spent almost my entire life rejecting and devaluing this side of me?

How could it be that something like this was for me, when I thought life would take me to those countries where there’s hunger or a need for help, to work as a missionary?

Vicenç Santamaria

For me, this story has been something that surpassed any earlier experience that I could have had about ‘how the vital experience works’. A transformative path that took me from wandering about life, unconsciously and superficially, to live with awareness, to profoundly listen to the experience of being alive, thanks to the meetings with all these people and their experiences during all these 7 years.

Joan Carles Elvira


After a few synchronicities like “miracles”, we started filming the 18th of January 2010 in Federico Mayor Zaragoza’s office, situated in Velázquez st. in Madrid, the first “conversation in trust”.

Federico Mayor

After a few recordings, many friends of the project started to appear recommending us people that would be interesting to have explaining their story or talk about the heart, including the ones I was coming across the way and whom one day, I would suggest an encounter to be filmed too.

This tree or network of people that we have been filming is made up, on one hand, of those who have been pointing one another as a course, and another branch of people that we have found on the way.

Different people sharing what they feel in this particular moment, about how their hearts long for the same thing; humanity united for a peaceful life on Earth. It’s curious how, in different ways, what humanity longs most for is peace and harmony from the heart. Join the movement!

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We have gone through several feedback rounds in 2016, watching the first edit which lasts an hour and a half; to get the impressions of different people. It has been very welcomed and we had very good feedback. This has been very useful to see there are some modifications still to be done, which we will be making for the final edit.

We are at the stage of finishing editing and move on to the post production stage. We are very close to materialising and show this movie in a very special way this 2017, when this creative movement will start.

Not even in my best dreams I could have imagined that life IS such a beautiful thing. I had always thought: “We need to fight, get a lot of things, compete very hard and strong, suffer to do whatever it takes to do earn and protect just our self interests.”

Now I could realize that we already “are life”, that we can put ourselves in an attitude of creativity, service and connection with our gifts, to take in, with courage, the heart’s and from there, serving others, for the greater good.

As an example of the beautiful synchronicities that have accompanied us happened when, within the team we were looking for a name for this project; after voting, the names “Un Latido Universal” ( “A Universal Heartbeat”) and “La Aventura del Corazón” (“The Adventure of the heart”) won. We voted between the two and Un Latido Universal remained with it’s acronym ULU. Later on we discovered that in Nigerian, ULU means “second birth”.

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The campaign’s first goal is to raise the necessary amount to finish the editing process, about 10,000€.

There’s a second goal, which is finishing the post-production stage, around 18,000€ in total.

The third one, if we go over our the end goal of 28,000€, is to edit all of the material we have been filming, so all the conversations can be seen in full through web streaming, like a series.

The breakdown of the 28,000€ needed is shown in the graphic below

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The rewards will be received after the movie has been finished. We are aiming for this to happen in June 2017.

The release and distribution are also part of the film’s creation, we DREAM this will be early Summer 2017 in different cities in Spain, following with more screenings in those places where LIFE invites us to go.

All the screenings will be memorable events to remind us of the importance of presence in people’s lives. There will be “happenings” at those venues where the movie is screened, which will be enjoyed by all those who hear the call.

In each of those screenings we will have two meet ups, one before and one after the screening, which will be explained in detail closer to the release date.

The release of the film won’t be an ending, but a beginning of and action that will stay in movement. The general distribution of the movie will happen when the different premieres and “screenings in presence” are over.

The benefits obtained through these screenings and distribution will go to help support other projects, associations, collectives and people who are also sharing and promoting this idea of listening to our heart in our everyday life.

The first project we want to support from our heart is Petit Details, lead by Kiko Germain who also appears in the movie.


Through Verkami we can only receive the funds if we reach at least 100% of our goal. In that case we will be able to give the rewards. Your pledge will be made effective once we raise the 10,000€ goal. You can help support us pledging or sharing this campaign so we can reach our goal!








Thank you so much for your collaboration!

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  • Claudia Boschi

    Claudia Boschi

    almost 6 years

    me han visitato ajer en la consulta, me encanta el projecto. Quiero partecipar como sponsor y si posible en algo mas... Libero corazones y hago teatro :-) Gracias por contactarme. Esto es mi movil privado 617974025


  • ULU, Un Latido Universal

    ULU, Un Latido Universal

    almost 6 years

    Hola Montserrat, este espacio es para hacer alguna pregunta en relación con la película documental, si tienes alguna idea o propuesta, puedes hacerla llegar a: unlatidouniversal@gmail.com


  • Montserrat Balada

    Montserrat Balada

    almost 6 years

    Hola tras más de 11 años de investigación, formación y experimentación en el mundo de las terapias alternativas y el mundo del Sagrado Corazón he desarrollado un sistema de testaje a través de desarrollar la Inteligencia del Corazón

#06 / un paso

"Un gesto de amor todos los días" nos recomienda Federico Mayor en ULU ♥ UN LATIDO UNIVERSAL.

Desde que comenzó este camino de ULU, he podido experimentar algo muy diferente a lo que pensaba antes, sobre las personas. He podido comprobar la inmensa generosidad del ser humano y sentir que, esa ES, su naturaleza.

Aunque se quiera "hacer comprender" que somos lo contrario y para ello también aparecen experiencias que nos muestran odio, separación y diferencias de ideas, violencia, muerte, miseria y las guerras entre los seres humanos en la Tierra.

He vivido ya muchos años defendiendome y luchando, hasta que he pude sentir profundamente la generosidad a través de este viaje precioso, ahora ya, no necesito más pruebas.

VIVA la generosidad,

de poder ser humano en la Tierra,

VIVA la oportunidad de renacer a ello en cada momento.

El amor y la fuerza que vive en tu corazón,

es lo que impulsa, a vivir ese paso.

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#05 / EL 22 EN UN 11

En ocasiones la VIDA a través de los guiños y coincidencias nos muestra por donde es el camino en algunos momentos en los que dudamos cuando nos vemos en alguna encrucijada.

Aunque "poder ver" alguna de esas pistas es una sensación como si fuésemos acompañados "por algo o por alguien", dicen que es en el corazón donde se encuentra el rumbo de nuestro sentido de existencia.

Ahí reside el recorrido, como si se tratase de un bello "mapa del tesoro" que nos lleva a reconocer que somos esa vida misma, a sentir la gratitud para no andar separado por el mundo.

A sentir el placer de compartir, colaborar, impulsar todo aquello que tiene que ver con unirnos con otros para el sentido común, para ese bello propósito que está relacionado con AMAR mientras caminamos por la Tierra.

"Compartir es vivir el placer de sentir."

Comparte el latido!!!


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#04 / gente CORriente, gente ULU.

Os presentamos a:

Quico Germain es un matadeperense de 20 años que un buen día decidió romper con una vida cómoda para lidiar con la miseria, en su afán por perseguir su corazón: ayudar a niños necesitados de África.

Para ello, ha creado la ONG Petits Detalls que opera en un poblado de Uganda, uno de los veinte países más pobres del mundo. Petits Detalls, que se centra en la educación, la docencia y la formación profesional con el fin de conseguir el desarrollo de las comunidades donde trabaja.



La ONG nació en diciembre de 2014 para hacerse cargo de un orfanato con 40 niños de entre 3 y 16 años (31 chicas y nueve chicos) situado cerca de la ciudad de Jinja (en la región sureste del país, próxima al nacimiento del Nilo). De hecho, Uganda es uno de los países con más huérfanos de África, con casi dos millones.

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#03 / Sigamos compartiendo el latido!!!

Seguimos con la llamada a acabar la producción de esta película documental de ACCIÓN. Recuerda que tu apoyo, es tan importante como cada uno de los movimientos que ya hemos hecho durante más de 7 años.

Gracias a todas las personas que están acudiendo a esta llamada para apoyarnos económicamente desde varios sitios de la Tierra con 9 euros, 22, 33, 44, etc.

Ahora mismo ya sois muchos, 57 colaboradores, estamos a más del 35% y aunque quedan 30 días, si estás leyendo estas líneas, sigue y comparte el latido, no lo dejes para última hora.

Estamos muy contentos de lo que ya hemos logrado juntos, compartimos contigo que estamos de enhorabuena y lo celebramos todos los días, GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS.

Te animamos a que compartas este regalo con otras personas, no dudes que al descubrir lo que la VIDA está haciendo, se llenaran de alegría y esperanza precisamente en estos momentos!!

Todos juntos!!

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#02 / el Salón del Cine

Las experiencias en el Salón han sido maravillosas!!

Mucha gente con ganas de ir al cine en Junio para ver si finalmente nuestro personaje podrá seguir a su corazón hasta el final!!

Valentí e Irene parece que si creen que lo conseguirá, no está muy claro aún, hay algunos de los asistentes que votan que si, otros que no, aunque lo sabremos en junio.

Una de las preguntas que nos hacían es si la persona que sigue a su corazón en la peli es real o no es real. Eso es parte de lo que se desvelará al final de la peli!!

Aunque hay muchas personas que ya se hacen una idea!!

Podemos celebrar que seguimos con el IMPULSO, te animamos que como mecenas lo compartas con más personas, aunque la navidad ya ha quedado atrás, nuestro espíritu está muy despierto y queremos seguir celebrando!!

Celebramos todos los días!! comparte esta llamada a la acción para el IMPULSO a ULU!! cada vez que lo compartes estás haciendo un regalo que ni te imaginas ahora mismo!!

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Las frases de ULU

‘Cuando nos abrimos a la vida,

tenemos la sensación que todo es posible.’

Juan Ramón Galán

‘Cuando el ser humano pierde el miedo,

tiene infinitas posibilidades.’

Joan Antoni Melé

Es posible sumarse y compartir a la campaña para la voz del corazón.

Otra visión de este mundo es posible

desde el corazón y entre todos

lo estamos haciendo"

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