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Espacio que Vuela an Aerial dance pioneer and alternative place in Madrid

We are looking for sponsors! Espacio que Vuela is an Aerial dance multidisciplinary space accessible to all publics and designed for the artistic research and creation. We are opening on February and need a last push to make true an unique project in Madrid. Would you like to join?

Juan Leiba

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ESPACIO QUE VUELA is nothing but conventional. One of the keys that makes it special is that is one of a kind: it is going to be the first multidisciplinary center for teaching and development of the aerial dance in Madrid. You may ask Aerial dance... what is it? Aerial dance is to fly without wings. Come, get closer and listen.

This initiative was born from VUELA DANZA AÉREA. After months looking for an adequate place...eureka! At last we found the perfect place to achieve our dreams: to open the first multidisciplinary school of training in aerial dance where our approach will be the aerial element connected with dance and theatre.

ESPACIO QUE VUELA is its name. The premises occupy more than 300 square meters distributed in two rooms, has great height, its located at ground level and very near to Embajadores.

After an important investment in reforms and putting administrative papers order, now we turn to you. We invite you to come and visit us. The doors are open.

In this place to have your head in the clouds has reward.


  1. Why sponsor this project?

  2. Who are the ones behind this project?

  3. For whom is Espacio que Vuela?

  4. To what will your contribution be assigned?

  5. How and when will you receive your rewards?

  6. Is there another way to contribute besides the Verkami?

  7. Our intended Calendar

  8. Our network ..follow us!

Why sponsor this project?

At the moment, the most important schools offer a formation highly centered in the circus arts, while our positioning is as Aerial Dance School in connection with Contemporary Dance and Physical Theatre. More than 200 students have taken our courses since 2015 and in these two years of experience, we have proved that an integral work is possible.

Our focus is on the general public, which can find in Aerial dance another sport, a new activity for leisure time or a new way of expression; as well as the professional public, dancers and actors, to whom we offer technical tools to apply to their creativity. That is the reason why in this new phase we support this integral formation and add new professors to the team with a special feature that they are not only specialists in aerial acrobatics but also dance and theater professionals.

In a space with unique facilities in Madrid, we propose a programme with the following aerial disciplines: aerial dance with harness, silks, hoop, rope, trapeze and straps. As well as opening the space to other artistic proposals (contemporary dance, physical theater, contact improvisation, yoga, etc.) and to all publics (children, adults, students and art on stage professionals or theatre and dance companies).

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Who are the ones behind this project?

Space that Flies team is:

• General Director: Juan Leiba
• Coordination: Celeste Barrera
• Security Technical: Jonás Cruces
• Graphic Design: Ahmed Manriquez
• Photography: Ruth Manzo
• Web Support: Dan El Chalbzouri
• Videos: Sergio García – Mario Arenas
• Operation office manager: María González
• Translations: Ester Revuelta
• Professors: Alejandra Perez (Spain) Gemma Escobar (Spain), Constanza Lovazzano (Argentina), Andre Ríos (Colombia), Sara Gilsanz (Spain), Juan Leiba (Argentina), Ahmed Karetti (France), Alejandro Pastor(Spain), Emilio Ferro (Italy).

And now...you.

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For whom is Espacio que Vuela?

Espacio que Vuela is a door open for all types of publics, we want to construct identity in the neighborhood and offer a space for creation to dancers and professional companies.

We are aware that our public is composed by different groups of people, no matter the age, genders, study levels, social class or cultural level. This inspires us to take the aerial dance to all social strata, including people with functional diversity. We not only intend to be a referent among the artistic Madrilenian circuit , but also take a stand as an innovative educational center, be it by inclusion, or by means of cooperation, agreements with non-profit organizations so they too can enjoy with us the experience of flying free of charge.

With reference to the collective artistic, we take a stand as a Laboratory of artistic and cultural creation and diffusion for the dance professionals through artistic residences, renting the space, intensive courses with international personalities and/or shows productions.

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To what will your contribution be assigned?

We will use the contributions to complete the material to begin with the Aerial dance classes with harnesses, silks, hoops, rope, trapeze, straps.

Our two goals are:

First goal: reach 3.500 E. This goal will cover part of the budget for materials and will be assigned to mats, acrobatic materials measure suited, technical materials to scale, to climb, protection and safety, mirrors, balls/mats, descending devices...as well as fulfilling the promised rewards.

If we reach this first goal before 30 days, we formulate a second goal, reaching the 5000 E to meet the payment of the minimum wages and the suppliers.

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How and when will you receive your rewards?

Taking part of the campaign and as appreciation to all of you that help us starting the project, we offer rewards in discounts, free of charge classes and many more presents that we hope you will enjoy. The rewards will be given in a period of time no further than two months, once the crowdfunding campaign ends.

If the reward is related with the social network or digital support, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

If you live in Madrid, you will have to collect your reward once you have received our e-mail confirmation, once the campaign ends.

If you do not live in Madrid, you will receive your physical reward via mail or messaging services, depending on the area you live in, once you have received our e-mail confirmation, at the campaign end.

If your reward is related with a class and/or classes bonus, we will let you know the available dates for you to make the reservations. The use of the reward is exclusive and non-transferable. The class or bonus validity is 45 days counting from the day you receive the dates available and will always be once that the crowd funding campaign ends and never before. The day you come to the school to change your class or bonus, you may also collect the rest of the rewards corresponding with your economical contribution.

Anyway, whatever doubt or problem with the reward, you can always contact us via mail, Facebook or Twitter.

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Is there another way to contribute besides the Verkami?

Yes. We have two proposals for you:

Want to be part, but not in the Verkami, we have an account number for the project, for all those that will like to support us via this form. The account IBAN is: ES 491465 0120 38 1800630272

If you want to be part because you feel that you can contribute in some way to the project, whether you have a great idea, because you are crafty or simply have some time and enthusiasm, but little money in your pocket, write to us [email protected] and we will count on you!

And, of course, this campaign is no secret to anyone so shout it at the four winds! You will help us greatly if you share it in your social networks and with those you Love (friend and enemies). And...who knows? Maybe in your next company dinner you can take revenge of your boss and hang him in the air...

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Our intended Calendar

Opening is planned on February 2017.

We already have the activity License, the change of ownership and the supplies up to date. The next steps are:

• Ending the building reforms at the end of January 2017.
• Organization of the Inauguration event before launching the classes.
• Organization of an “open door” day.
• Promotion of the space with a Communication campaign and Public Relations, not only in the digital media but also being present in schools, shops and the neighborhood.

Help us to end this campaign successfully!

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Our networks ..follow us!

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo

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