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PATRIA (short film)

PATRIA is a crime short film directed by Alejandro Lobo and played by Darko Peric ("Mar de plastico"), Juan Motilla ("El niño") and Fernando Tielve ("Seis puntos sobre Emma").


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Carlos and Luis, two agents of the National Police Corps, who guard an old warehouse Judicial, were about to close the public when Ioan appeared to disturb their tranquility.

PATRIA is a short film inspired by real events happened in September of the year 2011, when Ioan Clamparu, aka Pig's Head, one of the most wanted pimps of Throughout Europe, decided to surrender voluntarily in a police station in Madrid for everybody's surprise, "tired of being persecuted by half the world". When he appeared in that Police station, had a lot of information to reveal and a terrible hunger.

PATRIA is a disturbing and rough thriller, between NOT COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, of Coen brothers, and Assault on Precinct 13, of John Carpenter.

And best of all: ALREADY SHOOTED. At the moment we are in full process of post-production. Help us to get a product of the highest quality!


Among its many sponsors, PATRIA has an important supporter: National Radio Of Spain (RNE), which has allowed us to start this work thanks to the award, obtained in the VIII Contest of Short films by its director Alejandro Lobo.

In that edition of the contest organized by the radio program "De film", the PURA short film (UNTIL URIAL) was chosen Winner among the 116 proposals received by the Public Entity.

A fake documentary with touches of comedy of just 5 minutes that you can see HERE:

Precisely, one of the great attractions of PATRIA is its Official Release throughout of the awards ceremony of the 9th RNE Short Film Competition, which will take place in the Berlanga Hall, in Madrid, the NEXT JUNE.

Later we will organize a premiere in the hall of an important exhibitor cinematographic center in Seville.


Ioan Clamparu, alias Pig's Head, was one of the biggest criminals in Europe, wanted for years by Interpol. A Romanian pimp charged with multiple related offenses with trafficking in women, forced prostitution and money laundering. After a chase without cease by the Spanish and European police that lasted more than 7 years, Pig Head voluntarily surrendered to a police station in Madrid in 2011, "tired of the Police harassment and unable to lead a quiet life in the company of his family."

Of the monstrosities of Clamparu is known that forced into prostitute to more than 2,000 women, which he had brought from Romania deceived by the promise of an employment contract in the hospitality industry.

Currently, the Romanian capo turned 30 years in prison for crimes of determination to the prostitution, exploitation and attempted abortion.

  • DARKO PERIC (Ioan)

Darko is a Serbian actor living in Barcelona.

He made his debut in the Catalonian series "13 anys i un día" (TV3, 2008) and has since participated in Television serials as popular as "Crematorio" (Canal +, 2010), "Aída" (Telecinco, 2013), "B & b, de boca en boca" (Telecinco, 2014), "La que se avecina" (Telecinco, 2014), "Águila Roja"(TVE1, 2014)," Buscando el Norte "(Antena3, 2016)," Mr de Plástico "(Antena3, 2016) or "La casa de papel" (Antena3, 2017).

On the big screen, Darko has been part of the film team as "Kamikaze" (Álex Pina, 2014), "Ahora o nunca" (María Ripoll, 2015), "A perfect day" (Fernando León de Aranoa, 2015) or "Garantía personal" (Rodrigo Rivas, 2017).

  • JUAN MOTILLA (Carlos)

Juan is a Sevillian actor with an enviable theatrical trajectory.

He has participated in about 40 theatrical productions by companies like Esperpento, Los Ulen, La Fundición, Producciones Imperdibles, Digo Digo, La Tarasca, Centro Andaluz de Teatro and Teatro Clásico de Sevilla.

But Juan Motilla's professional experience is not limited to theater. In 1988 he made his film debut by the hand of Vicente Aranda with "El Lute II: mañana seré libre". Since then, he has participated in films such as "La gran vida" (Antonio Cuadri, 2000), "El traje" (Alberto Rodríguez, 2002), "Astronautas" (Santi Amodeo, 2003), “15 días contigo” (Jesús Ponce, 2005), “Tres días” (Javier Gutiérrez, 2008), “Yo, también” (Antonio Naharro y Álvaro Pastor, 2009), “Un mundo cuadrado” (Álvaro Begines, 2011), “Miel de naranjas” (Imanol Uribe, 2012), “El niño” (Daniel Monzón, 2014) o “La luz con el tiempo dentro” (Antonio Gonzalo, 2015).

We also remember Motilla for his intervention in TV series as "“Padre Coraje” (Antena3, 2002), “El comisario” (Telecinco, 2000-2006), “El secreto de Puente Viejo” (Antena3, 2012), “Vis a vis” (Antena3, 2015), “Allí abajo” (Antena3, 2016), “El Caso. Crónica de sucesos” (TVE1, 2016) o “Águila Roja” (TVE1, 2016), and others.


Fernando is a young actor from Madrid known for his participation in the first season Of the TV series "El internado" (Antena3, 2008).

He debuted in cinema when he was only 15 years old, in Guillermo del Toro's film "El espinazo del diablo" (2001). Since then, he has participated in films as emblematic as "El embrujo de Shanghai" (Fernando Trueba, 2002), "Imagining Argentina" (Christopher Hampton, 2003), "El laberinto del fauno" (Guillermo del Toro, 2006), "Mujeres en el parque" (Felipe Vega, 2006), "Los fantasmas de Goya" (Miloš Forman, 2006) ) or the wonderful indie cult tape by Roberto Pérez Toledo "Seis puntos sobre Emma" (2011).

Currently, Fernando is representing with great success of audience and criticism "No Soy Dean Moriarty" by Jean Yago, while participating in series of Fiction for Internet or television as "#Singles", by Nahuel Lerena and Pato Byrne, "La sonata del silencio "(TVE1, 2016) or the reunion of" El internado "(Antena3, 2017).

Director, Screenplay and Editing: Alejandro Lobo

Assistant Manager: Rafael Melgar

Script: Juanjo Palomeque

Production Manager: Darío Marchena

Production Assistant: Fran Castroviejo

Director of Photography: Antonio Santos

Camera Operator: Samuel Robles

Camera Assistant: Amanda R. Melguizo

Camera Assistant: Kike Robles

DIT: Estefanía Lobo

Director of Art and Costumes: Ángela Guerrero

Art Assistant: Carlos Chacón

Sound re-recording mixer: Carlos Ruíz

Microphonists: Aaron J. Pozo, Alfonso Macías

Makeup: Jénnifer Cabello

FX Coordinator: Fidel Pérez

Makeup FX: Tania Machado

FX Assistant: Daniel Vázquez

FX Visuals: Borja A. Ortiz

Music: Sergio Moure de Oteyza

Color / Colorimetry: Israel Millán

Photo Fixer: Vanessa Gómez

Poster Design: Carlos Chinesta / Diaphragm Pictures

Credit Sequence Design: Víctor M. Herrero

Making-Of: Víctor Basallote

Making-Of Assistant: Fernando Fernández

Head of Press and Production: Francisco Andrés Jiménez

Coach of Actors: Manuel Miranda

Catering: Isabel León, José María Lobo

Produced by 35 LOBITOS C.A.


35 Lobitos Contenidos Audiovisuales is an audiovisual production company founded in 2016 by Alejandro Lobo and Rafael Melgar, specialized in the integral creation of spots Advertisements, music videos, documentaries and fiction.

After many years collaborating in shorts ("La suerte del inocente", "Changüis", "Pura (hasta la sepoltura)") y spots de publicidad ("Padelquivir", "El Club Del Parque", "Cinesa Camas") and advertising spots ("Padelquivir", "El Club Del Parque", "Cinesa Camas"), Rafael And Alejandro decide to unite their technical knowledge and their passion for cinema under the "Creative umbrella" of 35 Lobitos Audiovisual Content.

Visit us here


Alejandro Lobo (Sevilla, 1980) have a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University Of Seville (2002) and Master in Cinematographic Screenplay by the University of La Laguna (2014), and others. In parallel, Alejandro is formed in the field of short film, TV and Documentary, working on local television (Giralda TV, Aljarafe TV) and producers (ProRVG, Imago Producciones, Itaca Producciones).

In 2016, Alejandro founds 35 Lobitos C.A. with Rafael Melgar.

Among the works in which he has participated as scriptwriter, director, producer or editor, highlights are the spots for the companies from Seville "El Club del Parque", "Padelquivir" and "Cinesa Camas ", as well as the awardwinning short films" La suerte del inocente "(2008)," Changüis " (2013), "Pura (hasta la sepoltura) " (2015) or the recent "Every 75 minutes" (2017, in postproduction).


Among the professionals who are currently working in the post-production of PATRIA, The musician Sergio Moure de Oteyza stands out.

Endorsed for his career as a composer, teacher and music coordinator, Sergio has composed the soundtrack of more than fourteen feature films, among which are "Incoscientes" by Joaquín Oristrell (nominated for the Goya Awards), "Secuestrados" by Miguel Ángel Vivas, "Lobos de Arga" by Juan Martínez Moreno, "Todo es Silencio" by José Luis Cuerda, "El Cuerpo" by Oriol Paulo, "Tesis sobre un Homicidio" by Hernán Goldfrid, "Lobos sucios", by Simón Casal, or "Extinction" film directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas.

  • ISRAEL MILLÁN (color grading)

With the digital cinema arriving, the concept of etalonage defines all that essential process of postproduction that refers to the correction of color and to achieve the proper appearance of each sequence in terms of the narrative.

In PATRIA we have one of the best scorers: Israel Millán.

Israel has worked as a colorist, VFX and short-film setter in addition to Supervisor, VFX Supervision Assistant and Digital Film Effects.

To the shorts "Peor imposible" and "He vuelto" directed by him, his participation in the films "Grupo 7", "La Isla Mínima" and "El hombre de las mil caras" by Alberto Rodríguez "Sicixia" And "A Esmorga" by Ignacio Villar, "Bajo Tauro and Orion" documentary by Michael Meer, "Anochece en India" by Chema Rodríguez, "Cenizas" by Llorenç Castanyer, "Kenü" by Arantza Álvarez, "La Gran Familia Española" By Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, "El mundo es nuestro" by Alfonso Sánchez, "Carmina y Amén" by Paco León, or "Ali" by Paco R. Baños.

With the rewards you can get:

  • Your name in the credits of the short film.

  • Plate of "Patria".

  • Teaser poster signed by the actors.

  • VOD code to watch the movie online.

  • T-Shirt of "Patria".

  • "Homeland" mug.

  • DVD of the short film "Patria".

  • Invitation to the premiere in Seville with reserved seat.

  • Large teaser poster signed by the actors and the director (A4).

  • Bound script signed by the director.

  • You will appear as Associate Producer in the credits, being able to represent the team of the Short films at festivals, and entitled to 2% of prizes obtained.

To give away among our most generous patrons, we have 3 EXCLUSIVE OBJECTS OF ATREZZO used during the shooting. To choose according to order.

Toy van National Police CNP(scale 1 / 32E)

Keyring Shield National Police Corps.

Mast + Flag of Spain for dessert.

Now you can help us reach our goal. With the contributions we can Complete a vital stage as is the post-production, where sound design, music, Grading or digital fx are crucial elements to achieve the best finish.

We have only 40 days to reach the goal and we need a minimum of € 3,000.

Help us to get it!


The money raised will go to:

  • B.S.O.

  • Design and Sound Mixing.

  • Digital Effects (VFX).

  • Coloring.

  • DCP Copies.

  • Distribution.


Of course!

Broadcast your circle of friends, family and share through the social networks of The ones that you have: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... to help us to have a greater diffusion Of our crowdfunding campaign.

If you have a blog or website, you can also embed the widget that is located at End of this page, next to the link and icons to share in social networks, or send an e-mail to Your contacts.

Any help is very welcome!

The delivery of rewards will depend on the nature of the same:

In about 2 or 3 months, once the goal is achieved.

Those that have to do with the premiere of the film and with the publication of the DVD are postponed until that moment.


Merchandising rewards will be delivered through post office mail or messaging to the address you indicate us, unless there is the possibility of delivering them directly. The rest of the rewards will be communicated via e-mail.

If you want to get more information and keep up to date with the progress of the short film you can Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook Twitter



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