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"The bad guys of the fia" (Spanish Drift)

We need to reach € 10,000 to make the first documentary to make known what is the Drift in Spain, the Spanish pilots, their roads, cars and sacrifices to reach the current level. We will interview some of the best pilots, organizers, international surprises.


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What is a Crowfunding?

Until very recently, if someone wanted to take a project forward and needed funding had a number of generic options. Ask for a loan, a grant ... Nowadays, new options are being born, among them, crowdfunding, but what is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a collective cooperation, carried out by people who make a network to get money or other resources.

In our case, we need to get 10,000 € in 40 days to make the documentary, if it does not reach 10,000 € we do not charge anything and verkami.com returns the money immediately to each patron.

About our documentary

"The bad guys of the fia"

The first documentary aimed mainly to promote the Spanish Drift and to know this sport as fun as spectacular, originating in Japan and exported to the whole world, which continues to grow at an amazing speed.

In Spain this sport is practiced for some years and grows day after day ago both drivers and fans, approaching countries with more experience in this sport.

In the documentary you will know the sport, the Spanish pilots, their roads, the cars, and sacrifices to reach the current level. We will interview some of the best drivers, organizers, among other people linked to the Spanish Drift and some international surprises with which we will be able to compare with the rest of the world.

It will be filmed in several major Spanish championships and batches and we will travel outside of Spain to be in one of the best international championships.

To what we will destine your contributions

The collection will be destined to diets, travels and audio-visual material necessary to realize the documentary and the rewards.

  • With the € 10,000 will be made this documentary, since if we do not arrive verkami.com returns the money to each patron immediately and the documentary would not be realized.

  • If we exceed the € 12,000 we will make a trip to one of the most important Drift Championships in the world, where we will interview some of the best riders around the world, and help us complement the drift outside from Spain.

  • If we exceed the € 13,000 we ensure the realization of the complete making of the project, which will be included in the DVD, with interviews with the filmmakers, with explanations of the tasks performed and surprises that are coming out behind the scenes.

About the rewards

Rewards are a way of thanking the financial aid to be able to carry out the documentary.

  • All contributions of €5 will have the option of viewing the documentary online.

  • All contributions of €10 or more will have the possibility, as long as they want, of appearing at the end credits of the documentary plus online viewing.

  • Todas las aportaciónes de 19€ tendrán el DVD del documental edición especial como mecenas, en el que se incluirá un pequeño librito con descripciones y fotografías exclusivas del documental, y su nombre en los créditos como mecena.

  • All contributions of €19 will have a special edition DVD of the documentary as patron, which will include a small booklet with descriptions and exclusive photographs of the documentary, plus his name in credits as a patron.

  • All contributions of €25 will receive in addition to the above a poster size Dina3 signed by the filmmakers and two tickets for one of the premieres to choose between Barcelona or Reus which will include a colloquium with the filmmakers where the pilots and all personnel related to the documentary will be invited.

-All Contributions above €25 according to their degree of contribution will be able to receive, in addition to the above mentioned, an exclusive t-shirt ** as a project collaborator, a **book size Dina 4 special limited edition with photographs of Drift taken by Ruben Langa and descriptions, a unique edsition poster size Dina 1 signed by the filmmakers and all the pilots of the documentary, a master class of video and photo with the directors, one day in circuit with drift cars, among other rewards destined to companies or associated producers who want to collaborate putting their logo or name in the Documentary and in the web that will be created if the verkami is fulfilled.

Some of the confirmed pilots of this documentary

We will have many more drivers to be confirmed, organizers, international surprises, among other people linked to the Drift that will be discovered throughout the project.

Joan Caballer, one of the best drift drivers in Spain, always in the first positions of the "Open Slalom Drift" began with a Nissan s13 ca18det that gradually became the monster s13 rb25 that every lover knows.

David Infantes, was soonly highlighted with his s13, but the transformation to ps13 LS brought him some problem, solved the problem returns with more force to burn many wheels.

Alberto Recuero, self-propelled "the most hated", a very handsome pilot with years behind the steeringwheel of his Nissan s14 "drift spect".

"Atila", a veteran of the skids in Spain, only few fans do not know his s14 when he goes on track.

Documentary producers

Gerard Torres and Ruben Langa

Gerard Torres (maker of the video of this crowdfunding)

*"For some years I have been involved in the audiovisual world, I have experimented in various environments: sports, video clips, documentaries, short films, etc., and the sensations transmitted by a drift car in front of the camera are the most impressive. With this project I want to experiment with all my techniques to create that feeling for each one of the spectators, who feel what it is to be a drift pilot and that they know well the path that has to go until achieving it.

Director of audiovisual projects.

Links where you can see some of his works:

Director of Bysoutfilms.com

Ruben Langa (maker of the drift photographs observed on this page)

"I have been shooting drift pictures for several years, any circuit serves me second home, that companionship is the one I want to transmit in the documentary, I would not want it to remain as another video, I want it to be part of Drift's history in Spain."

Professional photographer (Motorsportphotographer)

Links where you can see some of his works:

Data sheet

Genre: Documentary

Format: Full HD (1080p)

Sound: Stereo

Year: 2017

Language: Spanish and subtitled in English

Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Realization: Gerard Torres and Ruben Langa

Predicted Calendar

Approximate delivery in September 2017.


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  • Gerard Torres y Ruben Langa

    Gerard Torres y Ruben Langa

    over 6 years

    Buenas Nacho! Gracias! Por ahora lo que necesitamos es recaudar los 10000€, si no no se va a hacer nada. Diselo a todo personal que pueda estar interesado en aportar! Gracias!

  • Nacho Drift

    Nacho Drift

    over 6 years

    Chicos tenéis todo mi apoyo para éste proyecto, cualquier cosa que necesitéis desde Mallorca aquí me tenéis.

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