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"Rose & Milos"

If you want to read the comic "Rose & Milos" on paper this is your opportunity. An album of 48 pages full of action and intrigue that will leave you wanting more. If, thanks to you, this goes ahead there will be two more albums that will complete the fantastic story of Rose and Milos.

Jordi Domingo

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What is this story about?

Buchenwald, 1945. Milos Ferencz contemplates his own corpse. The old surgeon looks at him from the young body that he now occupies. He has dedicated his whole life to reach this strange moment, apart from the world. A bright mind but bitter in a vigorous body that wants to live. What will he do with this unprecedented second chance?

This is the main point of the plot of Heart of Ice, a police story set in Marseille in the 1970s, that reveals the unpredictable consequences of Milos' discovery.

Rose & Milos is a 48-page full color european comic book, the first of three albums that make up Heart of Ice.

Thanks to his contributions and the word of mouth to his acquaintances could not only allow the publication of the comic ... but also can be individually rewarded for a copy at home, or get exclusive illustrations or appear on the sponsors page.

What we will allocate your contributions

The costs of production will be covered by the 3.000 euros, mainly the book printing and mail distribution and also others, that are part of the adventure of autopublishing, such as administrative fees, the well-deserved part for Verkami or commission for card charges.

About rewards

The main reward is the printed comic book. For 18 euros, you will receive at home an album of 48 pages in color more covers, bound in the American style.

You can choose the language between Spanish, Catalan, French or English.

Your name will be included, unless you tell us not to, in the patron list printed on the back cover and in the project's blog.

Another reward, available to everybody, is the special edition of 3 megapostcards 10 x 21 cm, printed on watercolor paper of 300 g, for 4 euros the copy or 10 euros the complete collection. They can be ordered loose or combined with the book.

You can also order the digital edition of the comic book, in pdf, for 5 euros that is sent by email. You can read it on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Your name will be included, unless you tell us not to, in the patron list in the project blog.

And finally, the special rewards for sybarites!. Two of the original sketchbooks, with pencil and ink drawings of characters, objects and locations.

And also the original four first pages of the comic book, drawn in Chinese ink on DIN-A3 paper.

Rewards include Free Shipping to Spain and Andorra.

For shipments to the rest of the world you must add the reward International Shipping.

Planned schedule

We plan to send the rewards during the month of April 2017.

+ Info

If you want to know more about the characters or how the script was developed, visit the comic book blog


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  • Rocío Martínez

    Rocío Martínez

    over 7 years

    Estimado Jordi,Mi nombre es Rocío Martínez, editora de Editorial Círculo Rojo. Seguimos de cerca los proyectos de Verkami y hemos publicado varios. Me gustaría contactar directamente. Me puede dar su email por [email protected]

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