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GRAPE: the committed and elegant man

GRAPE is a project of high end sustainable menswear. We are designers of our collections. We design with commitment and produce with social responsibility. Our fabrics are organic certified and our production is locally made. We have ideas, values and resolution.

GRAPE menswear

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Thanks to your contributions we have reached the first objective. If we get the new challenge we will offer you (both those who are already patrons and those who have not yet) new colors for the polo and poplin collar shirt. Soon we will be able to give you more information. Stay tuned!


GRAPE is a high end sustainable menswear project. We are designers of our collections. We have ideas, values and resolution.

GRAPE is a team formed by Marc Carreras (CEO), Maya Fernández (Graphic Design) and Lluna Albert (Product Design). A team that decides to create a brand to design and produce menswear, with social and environmental responsibility like the one they would like to find in stores.

GRAPE is the consequence of loving the planet and believing in the human being. With optimism, cause and action.


The field of men fashion motivates and traps us. Man has always had fewer options where to choose designer clothes and quality. If he is also a committed man who would like to find some of the values for which he fights in the clothes he dresses without losing in style, freshness or elegance, then that man is our man and this brand is his.

We make our collections with passion, authenticity and a lot of professionalism. We make our garments with certified organic fabrics (GOTS, OCS Blended, OCS 100, Oeko tex), we print without chemical or toxic and we count with local workshops for the productions we make, which allows us to closely and carefully follow up the finishing of every detail as well as to establish human and friendly ties with the people who work behind each garment for us and for you.

We design and produce two annual collections. We simmer the whole process and take care of all the production. No haste, things well done require time. The idea is to come to you with a garment made with care and worked with love. A garment whose value cannot be measured in euros only.

Nowadays it is still "complicated" to be sustainable in food, clothing, cosmetics, etc. The capitalist economy is at the service of the financial and social model that enriches business models at the cost of very bad practices and worse results. We do not want to give up creating elegant, high quality and versatile clothes in both fabrics and designs. Those clothes you would like to wear and that also carries the stamp of sustainability as an added value.


This Verkami has to do with the continuity and growth of a project based on good practices. We want to change the way we produce and sell the clothes we like best, without environmental or human costs.

We want to make sure that this bet counts on your support.

Many of you already know the costs of the textile production chain, the imperatives of the fashion world and the unfair competition of part of the multinationals of the sector in front of a creative and small company with values as the our.

It is difficult to know how to communicate everything that we do but we do not want to miss the opportunity to carry out an exercise of transparency with you in this Verkami.

All this is about numbers, but also about people, challenges, dreams and effort.

Rewards are a way to return the support to all those who believe in us: making fashion, creating a project and taking care of the future. We are part of a new way of understanding the world, where big investors are not the only alternative; we bet on the regular people who collaborate with their bit, making from something difficult, something possible.


In July 2016 we presented our first collection of 25 pieces for spring/summer 2017 at the fair INNATEX in Frankfurt which was warmly received by the public, press and organization.

We want to raise the necessary funds to launch a first production of this collection. Through this funding campaign we will be able to produce a limited number of garments that will alive the collection and will suppose the start-up of the brand in the market, both nationally and internationally.

For each garment a patron supports we can finance 50% of the cost of production of an extra equal garment.

Remember that if we do not reach the goal we will not receive anything and your contributions will be returned to you.


We offer you the opportunity to have some of the most representative garments of this collection with a discount of between 50% and 60% on the retail price that will be in store from July 2017 on.

The prototypes of the clothes will be visible for those who want to touch or try the clothes in the showroom that we have in the street Ronda Universitat in Barcelona.


In this document you have all the information about the size's measures of each piece. Anyway if you have any doubt contact us.


The campaign started on December 1, 2016 and will end on January 9, 2017. After the holidays, from January 10 we will buy the fabrics and materials to start production and final labeling. All this will take a few months whenever there are no setbacks. The rewards will be delivered as of May.

We will establish a date for the face-to-face pick up in Barcelona that we will announce to the patrons once the campaign is over. If for any reason you want us to send it to your place remember to make the contribution of the corresponding shipment.


Do you do national and international shipments?

If you want to receive your reward at home you will have to add to your rewards the one indicated with the name "peninsular shipping" or "international shipping" depending on your case. Then you just have to continue with the selection of the reward or rewards you like.

Regardless of the amount of rewards you wish to participate in, you will only have to click once on the shipping reward.

Can I collect the reward in person?

Yes, at the end of the campaign we will inform you about the place and time to do it in Barcelona. In this way we could met each other and, in the process, save yourself the shipping cost.

How can I get GRAPE collections?

The only way to buy clothes from the GRAPE SS17 collection is through this page of Verkami for the moment, since it is a campaign to be able to produce the first pieces of this first collection. To get any of the items, just select in the right column the reward that you like. Follow the simple steps that will be indicated and in less than three minutes you will have your order made.

When will I receive the reward?

When the campaign ends, on January 9, 2017, we will receive the money raised and we can begin production, which will take place during the months from February to April. By mid-May we can start sending or delivering the rewards.

Any changes that can occur on schedule will be informed in due time.

How can I indicate the size and model I want?

Once the campaign is over, from January 10, 2017, we will contact all the patrons to determine the size, the model or color of the garment chosen, as well as the shipping data.

Can I buy more than one reward?

Yes, no problem. You can choose and select (one at a time) as many rewards (the same or different) as you wish.

How do I know what my size is?

For now we have at your disposal sizes S, M, L and XL. We have attached a table with the guide of sizes where you will find the equivalences in centimeters and so you can orientate yourself in which is the most suitable size for you.

How do I have to wash and protect my clothes?

All the garments come with their corresponding label of washing indications. Do not forget to follow these instructions for perfect preservation.

Any garment treated carefully in its wash or store will be a garment with a long life in your closet. Do not forget this.


Do not leave with any doubt! If you have any questions, please contact us by your favorite option or write us at [email protected]

We will contact you back in less than 24 hours.



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Gracias a todos por vuestras aportaciones. Nuestro Verkami ha finalizado con éxito, sobrepasando el objetivo. Vuestra confianza y generosidad nos permite seguir navegando.

Durante los próximos días nos pondremos en contacto con todos vosotros con el fin de solicitaros toda la información necesaria para llevar a cabo la producción y envío de recompensas.

Os invitamos a seguir nuestro rumbo en www.grapemenswear.com


¡Lo hemos conseguido!

Gracias a todos vosotros hemos alcanzado nuestro primer objetivo.

Gracias a vuestra confianza y entusiasmo estamos muy felices, llenos de energía y con muchas ganas de llegar más lejos en esta aventura de moda, diseño y sostenibilidad.

Seguimos trabajando para mejorar la propuesta inicial. Pronto os informaremos de nuevas posibilidades para ofreceros si alcanzamos el siguiente reto.

Os invitamos a seguir conectados con nosotros y nuestras hazañas.


#01 / Ya hemos recorrido la mitad del camino

¡Estamos muy contentos!

Compartimos sorpresa y alegrías.

Gracias a vuestras aportaciones y confianza en nosotros y en nuestro proyecto hemos conseguido cubrir la mitad de nuestro objetivo en poco más de 24 horas.

Seguimos a por los 4000 sin prisa pero sin pausa.

Sin vosotros nada de todo esto sería posible.

¡Gracias de nuevo!

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