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Album: Diego Guerrero "Vengo Caminando"

I HAVE FINISHED MY ALBUM! Order your copy now to help me put it out. I am really proud of the results, especially the collaborations by so many great artists who I adore and admire. With your help I´ll be able to pay for the mixing, mastering, copies and graphic design. Thanks for sharing :)

Diego Guerrero

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One Album, the Fruit of Four Years of Hard Work

I have finally finished recording the album I started four years ago now, “Vengo Caminando” and I am really pleased with the results. I have been blessed to have collaborated on this album with many artists who I admire including Diego El Cigala, Guadiana, Juan Antonio Salazar, Carles Benavent, Josemi Carmona, Rycardo Moreno, Caramelo de Cuba, José Fernández "Petete", Dan Ben Lior and Sabú Porrina, together with the musicians who have been part of my band “El Solar de Artistas” over the last few years: Nasrine Rahmani, Manu Masaedo, Jesús Bachiller "Bachi", Felix Estévez, Bandolero, Kiki Ferrer, Dany Noel, Petaca o Naike Ponce and many more.

Why Support Me?

I am a 100% independent artist and a fighter in every sense of the word.

I am totally clear about my artistic and musical concepts and am careful not to let the music industry affect what I do. 5 years ago I refused a recording contract from a major company who offered me a 40, 000€ advance if I signed with them for five albums. They also wanted 50% of my entire songwriting royalties and 20% of all my live income. Today I enjoy the freedom to play, sing and say whatever my heart desires without having to put up with the parasites that control the music industry today and without having to sing meaningless empty songs. Similarly, I rejected a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston because I didn´t want to separate myself from Flamenco, knowing that the best place for me to learn was amongst the musicians in Madrid. Thanks to these decisions, I have learnt and keep learning from the greats, sharing and composing music that makes me grow as a human being and enjoying the support of a faithful group of musicians and followers that to me are the best in the world and make me excited to leave the house every Wednesday to play at Café Berlín.

Presenting "Vengo Caminando":

1. CAMINO DE PIEDRAS with the special collaboration of José Fernández "Petete", Juan Antonio Salazar and Carles Benavent

Juan Antonio Salazar: voice

Diego Guerrero: voice

José Fernandez "Petete": flamenco guitar

Carles Benavent: bass

Jose María Pedraza "Petaca": piano

Cajones: Sabú Porrina, Bandolero and Nasrine Rahmani

Nasrine Rahmani: Cuban cajón, nudillos, udu, frame drum, djembe, snare, tom, gourd and cowbell

Enrique Rodríguez "Enriquito": trumpet

Fabrizio Scarafile: tenor sax

Santi Cañada: trombone

Backing vocals: Alana Sinkëy, Awinnie Sinkëy, Naike Ponce, Edu Barbero and Diego Guerrero

Palmas and Jaleos: Justo "El Malaguita", Fran Núñez and Ismael de Santa Fe

2. SUAVE SUAVE with the special collaboration of Josemi Carmona and Rycardo Moreno

Diego Guerrero: voice

Josemi Carmona: flamenco guitar

Rycardo Moreno: flamenco guitar

Jesus Bachiller "Bachi": bass

Jorge Vera: piano

Manu Masaedo: set with cajon, cymbals and snare.

José Montaña: congas

Nasrine Rahmani: Brazilian percussion (timbal, surdo, tamborim), shaker, pandero, cajones and hand percussion.

3. MALOS TIEMPOS with the special collaboration of Diego el Cigala

Diego el Cigala: voice

Diego Guerrero: voice

Javier Massó "Caramelo de Cuba": piano and horn arrangements

Nasrine Rahmani: congas, catá, quinto, clave and hand percussion

Dany Noel: baby bass

Kiki Ferrer: drums

Manu Masaedo: cajón

Juan Munguía y Raúl Gil: trumpet and flugel

Santi Cañada y Roberto Pacheco: trombone

Fabrizio Scarafile: tenor sax

Palmas and Jaleos: Justo "El Malaguita", Fran Núñez and Ismael de Santa Fe

Backing vocals: Dany Noel, Caramelo de Cuba, Naike Ponce, Alba Amaya and Manu Masaedo

4.LUNA DE PLATA with the special collaboration of Guadiana

Guadiana: voice

Diego Guerrero: voice

José Fernández "Petete": flamenco guitar

Jorge Vera: piano

Pablo Báez: double bass

Manu Masaedo: timbal, set with cajón, cowbel, cymbals and snare

Nasrine Rahmani: congas, nudillos and hand percussion

Leo Salvo: bongos

Miron Rafajlovic: trumpet

Fabricio Scarafile: tenor sax

Roberto Pacheco y Santi Cañada: trombones

Backing vocals: Naike Ponce, Juan Motos Farina and Diego Guerrero

Palmas and Jaleos: Justo "El Malaguita", Fran Núñez and Ismael de Santa Fe

5. UNCLE JERRY with the special collaboration of Caramelo de Cuba

Diego Guerrero: voice and flamenco guitar

Javier Massó "Caramelo de Cuba": piano and horn arrangements

Nasrine Rahmani: congas and shekere

Dany Noel: baby bass

Kiki Ferrer: drums

Manu Masaedo: cajón

Miron Rafajlovic: trumpet

Santi Cañada y Roberto Pacheco: trombone

Fabrizio Scarafile: tenor sax

Backing Vocals: Naike Ponce, Alana Sinkëy, Rut Nashiluni, Edu Barbero, Diego Guerrero, Dany Noel and Manu Masaedo

Palmas and Jaleos: Justo "El Malaguita", Fran Núñez and Ismael de Santa Fe

6. LA CANCION QUE YO QUERÍA HACER with the special collaboration of Alex Oliveira

Diego Guerrero: voice

Alex Oliveira: voice

Dan Ben Lior: electric guitar and band arrangements

José María Pedraza "Petaca": keys

Jesus Bachiller "Bachi": bass

Dani Domínguez: drums

Nasrine Rahmani: congas, tambourines, cowbells and cymbals

Trinidad Jiménez: flute

Miron Rafajlovic: trumpet

Fabricio Scarafile: tenor saz

Roberto Pacheco y Santi Cañada: trombone

Backing Vocals: Alana Sinkëy, Rut Nashiluni y Edu Barbero


Diego Guerrero; voice, guitars

Jose María Pedraza "Petaca": keys

Carlos Leal: electric guitar

Dany Noel: bass

Kiki Ferrer: drums

Nasrine Rahmani: congas, shekere, cowbell, frypans, tambourine and jam block

Shango Dely: quinto

Juan Munguía and Raul Gil: trumpet and flugel

Santi Cañada and Roberto Pacheco: trombones

Fabrizio Scarafile: tenor sax

Luke Farrugia: tuba

Roman Ponomariov: French horn

Backing vocals: Maui Ramírez, Naike Ponce, Alberto Alcalá and Carlos Leal

Huelva street chorus: Lele Lunares, Sergio Feria, Ramon Martín "Primo Roncho", Graciela Mélida, Beatriz Cuyé and Nasrine Rahmani


Diego Guerrero: voice

José María Pedraza "Petaca": piano

Toño Miguel: double bass

Shayan Fathi: drums

9. VENGO CAMINANDO with the special collaboration of Rycardo Moreno and Antonio "El Ciervo"

Diego Guerrero: voice

Rycardo Moreno: flamenco guitar

Jorge Vera: piano

Pablo Báez: double bass

Manu Masaedo: set with cajón, cymbals and snare, timbales, cowbells.

Nasrine Rahmani: congas, gourd, frame drum, nudillos, djembe, güiro and hand percussion.

Kike Terrón: seke-seke

Backing vocales: Naike Ponce, Antonio "El Ciervo", Paco Jiménez, Manu Masaedo and Miguel Ángel Márquez (Antílopez).

Palmas and Jaleos: Justo "El Malaguita", Fran Núñez and Ismael de Santa Fe

What will we do with the funds raised?

Little by little I have paid for the recording expenses covering over 18,000€ so far. Now I am at the final stages of mixing, mastering, making copies and finishing the graphic design. The money from this crowdfunding campaign will go towards:

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • 2000 Copies on CD

  • Taxes 21% (viva España!)

  • Videoclip of one song

  • Graphic Design

About the Rewards


More than 40 musicians have participated in this project. I will hit the backstage dressing rooms of all the venues in Madrid to get them to sign this cajón. It may take a couple of months because there are so many people ¡¡but I have already started!! I have Josemi Carmona, Guadiana, Carles Benavent, Juan Antonio Salazar, Petete, Bandolero, Jorge Pardo, Caramelo, Dan, Manu... It’s a new cajón but with so many famous signatures, you might be better off keeping it as a relic!!


Framed and hand cut by the Argentinian artist Leornardo Buongiorno.

A beautiful, original, handmade piece of artwork with Diego´s image which cut into a recycled vinyl record. Leonard uses the images of famous artists and cuts them into the vinyl discs. Upon meeting him on a trip to Portugal, we asked him if he had one of the legendary flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla. He said he didn´t but he could make them with the image of any artist we like. Thats where we came up with the idea of creating this exclusive gift for our crowdfunding supporters. Do you like them? We love them.


They will be one-on-one and tailored according to your needs. We can work on flamenco arrangements for all kinds of instruments, vocals, horns, strings and piano, re-harmonization of your compositions and tips for recording flamenco with pro-tools. 1.5hrs via Skype.

MUSICIANS´PACK with the "Vengo Caminando" REAL BOOK

I will reveal to you some of my musical secrets in a printed Real Book including all the chords and lyrics to all the songs on the album.

EXCLUSIVE FRAMED ALBUM With a handwritten personal dedication to express just how much it means to me to have your support for this project.


We have many sizes and colours to choose from for ladies and gents.


Personally dedicated and recorded exclusively for you. (Not for social media)


*No tongue :)

Provisional Calender

An advance copy of the album in digital format will be available to all the crowdfunding participants as soon as the campaign is ended and the payments are finalized. The Cds and other rewards will go in the mail at the same time, all to arrive between the end of November and the middle of December. Everyting in time for Christmas!

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Suave Suave, the first single from the album

I´ll leave you with the videoclip for Vamos Lento porque Vamos Lejos:

Thankyou so much for your support. Help me by sharing this VERKAMI link with all your friends and family.

If you would prefer to pay with Cash Money feel free to contact us via email. [email protected]

Un abrazo,



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  • Diego Guerrero

    Diego Guerrero

    over 7 years

    Hola Fernando, gracias por tu colaboración. Hemos mandado la descarga anticipada el dia 11 de Noviembre a las 14:36 desde el correo [email protected]

    Unos cuantos usuarios de hotmail lo han encontrado en su buzón de Spam. Si quieres puedes buscarlo allí pero de todos modos, ya se ha caducado el enlace. Te mandaré un enlace nuevo ahora mismo. Saludos!

  • Fernando de la Torre

    Fernando de la Torre

    over 7 years

    Hola, estoy deseando escuchar el disco, k peazo colaboraciones llevas, he hecho mi humilde aportacion y no he recibido mail con descarga anticipada, tambien te digo k es la primera vez k utilizo vercami y crowfunding moderno destos comentame please

  • Diego Guerrero

    Diego Guerrero

    over 7 years

    Hola Antonio, gracias por tu aportación. La descarga anticipada te llegará por email el día 11 de Noviembre. La semana que viene entregaré el master a la fabrica y tendré las copias al final de este mes. En cuanto me llegan las copias físicas, las mandaré por correos a cada uno de los mecenas. Saludos!

  • antonio_maldonado


    over 7 years

    hola diego ya echo mi humilde aportacion compadre , quisiera saber cuando podre descargarlo anticipadamente y como tio , y que fecha mas o menos llegara el disco a casa , te felicito por la musica que haces eres todo un maestro un saludo..

  • Diego Guerrero

    Diego Guerrero

    over 7 years

    Hola Jose, el formato de Verkami no permite escoger mas de una opción. Tendrías que escoger la opción de la camiseta y por otra parte, volver a entrar y escoger la del video canción. Ojalá pudiera ofrecerte añadir la camiseta suelta pero no tenemos esa posibilidad.

  • José K

    José K

    over 7 years

    ¿Se pueden hacer conjuntos de ayuda? Es decir, añadir una camiseta, por ejemplo a la opción: Aportando 60€


    VIDEO CANCION personalmente dedicado a ti o a un ser querido + CD Firmado + descarga digital anticipada. Incluye envíos a todo el mun

  • Diego Guerrero

    Diego Guerrero

    over 7 years

    Hola Manuel! Sí. Tenemos XXL y XXXL. Un abrazo!

  • Manuel Lozano Martínez

    Manuel Lozano Martínez

    over 7 years

    Buenas diego en las camisetas hasta que talla teneis en chico XXL

  • Diego Guerrero

    Diego Guerrero

    over 7 years

    Hola Marcel, gracias por to aportación. No hay problema en cambiarlo. Solo tienes que escribir a [email protected] y pedir el cambio. Saludos!

  • Marcel


    over 7 years

    Buenas! He realizado mi participación con la opción del álbum digital, pero después vi la opción del Real Book. Se puede comprar por separado ahora, o mas adelante?

#08 / El próximo lunes tenemos los CDs / Next Monday we will have the CDs

Hola Familia,

El lunes por la tarde recogemos los CD´s de la fábrica. Necesitamos vuestros datos de envío cuanto antes (para los que han pedido recompensas físicas). Una vez que tengamos los datos de todos los 270 mecenas haremos todos los envíos juntos. Si aún no habéis rellenado los datos en el formulario que os ha llegado, hacedlo cuanto antes por favor y así podemos mandaros las recompensas pronto.


Hi Everyone,

On Monday evening we are picking up the CDs from the factory. We need your postal details (unless you chose digital download only) as soon as possible. Once we have all 270 address on their envelopes and sealed, we will post them all out together. If you haven´t already filled out the form that was sent out asking for your details, please do so as soon as you can so we can send out all your rewards. Thanks!

#07 / Ayúdanos a compartir "Suave Suave"

Hola Familia,

Ya está el single "Suave Suave" disponible en YouTube y Itunes. Os dejamos el enlace para que vean el video chulo que nos ha hecho nuestro amigo Koke Nuñez y para que puedan compartir la canción con todos sus amigos!

¡Gracias por vuestra ayuda!

Hi Everyone,

We have just released "Suave Suave" to YouTube and Itunes. Here is the link so you can see the nice video our friend Koke Nuñez has made for us and so you can share the song with all your friends.

Thanks for your help!

#06 / Nueva Recompensa - Retrato en Vinilo

El artista argentino Leonardo Buongiorno ha creado este regalo exclusivo para los mecenas que nos apoyan en Verkami. Es una obra de arte, hecha a mano a partir de un vinilo reciclado. Tiene el retrato de la portada de “Vengo Caminando” grabada al corte en el vinilo. ¿A que ha quedado bonito?

Si ya has escogido una recompensa y la quieres cambiar por otra, no hay ningún problema. Solo se trata de escribir a Verkami para solicitar el cambio. [email protected]


The Argentinian artist Leonardo Buongiorno has created this exclusive gift for our crowdfunding supporters. It is an original handmade piece of artwork with the image from the “Vengo Caminando” album cover cut into a recycled vinyl record. Don´t you think they´ve come up nice?

If you have already made a pledge and would like to swap it for another item, simply send an email to [email protected] requesting the change.


#05 / Pronto recibirán el primer single por privado!!

¡Notica Bomba! Esté viernes todos mis mecenas van a recibir por privado el primer single de mi disco. Me da una alegría inmensa poder compartir este trabajo con vosotros. Un abrazo grande, familia!

¡Big News! This Friday all my crowdfunding patrons will receive a private download of the fist single from my album. It make me so happy to be able to share all this hard work with you. A big hug for all of you.

#04 / Nueva Recompensa "PACK MASTERCLASS + REAL BOOK"

Hola Familia,

Nos han pedido que hagamos un paquete para los estudiosos que quieren la Masterclass Privada y también el "Real Book" con el cifrado y letras de todos los temas. Ahora esta disponible el nuevo paquete para quienes lo deseen.

Si ya has escogido una recompensa y la quieres cambiar por otra, no hay ningun problema. Solo se trata de escribir a Verkami para solicitar el cambio. [email protected]

Gracias a todos!!

#03 / Guadiana Recomienda el nuevo album de Diego Guerrero

Guadiana es el cantaor que más me ha transmitido en una sola letra. Y ayer tuvo muchas de esas. Uno de los pilares del cante vivo sin duda... Es un privilegio impagable tenerle en mi disco. GRACIAS MAESTRO

Anoche le puse su colaboración en "Luna de Plata" y le ha encantado como ha quedado.

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