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Persefone - 5th Album - AATHMA

Crowdfunding campaign for Persefone's 5th album "AATHMA"


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After 15 years, we are ready to hit the studio and release our fifth album.

We expect the album to be released early in 2017 by Vicisolum Productions.

The album will be mixed and mastered by legendary swedish producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Devin Townsend, Amorphis, Arch Enemy, Katatonia,...).

The album cover and artwork will be created by renowned artist Travis Smith who also previously did the Spiritual Migration artwork, and worked with bands like Opeth, Katatonia, Anathema and a lot more...

This is the cover for AATHMA:

Who we are?

Persefone is the first progressive death metal band from the Principality of Andorra, a tiny country located in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France.

The band members are:
+ Marc Martins is our growler
+ Carlos Lozano and Filipe Baldaia our guitar players
+ Moe Espinosa our keyboardist and clean vocalist
+ Toni Mestre our bassist
+ Sergi "Bobby" Verdeguer our drummer.

We have already released four albums, receiving millions of views in our albums on Youtube and a great feedback from our fans all over the world. You can listen some of our older stuff in the video:

We have toured over Europe (three times) and Asia (two times). We are already planning our upcoming European tour that will happen next April 2017.

What do we need the money for

This is the most ambitious Persefone album to this date. The money we receive will be used for:

  • Record and edition: (rent mics, preamps and general equipment that we may not own).

  • Mixing and mastering: For the album to sound perfect, we need a top notch professional like Jens Bogren doing his magic. After mixing the album, he will do the mastering, which is the final process where the album gets the regular volume you usually listen your albums. You can check his work at http://www.fascinationstreet.se.

  • Artwork: Created by Travis Smith. You can check his work at http://www.seempieces.com.

  • Poster, T-shirt and Hoodie designs: All of them created by Victor Garcia from www.darkhorseestudio.com.

About the rewards

We have created several rewards you can choose from. Some of them are regular, some other are incredibly limited, so don't hesitate or those might be gone soon.

European Union shipping and handling is included in the price for the reward. If you don't live in the EU you need to get the WORLDWIDE SHIPPING reward.

If you get clothes (t-shirt or zip hoodie), you will be asked your size once we contact you to confirm your address and data.

We have adjusted the prices to a real minimum to make the album happen and make your rewards get to you.

Once you get a reward, automaticaly you will access to a private mailing list with constant updates about the recording process.

If you are expecting to purchase the album in the future, please, do it now, as you will be helping the band directly and making this album become a reality.


This design is and will only be available for this crowdfunding campaign.


This design is and will only be available for this crowdfunding campaign.


You can check the colors here. http://www.discmanufacturingservices.com/downloads/DMSVinylColours.pdf


Estimated calendar

  • September: The album, tour and crowdfunding campaign is announced.

  • September/October/November: The album will be recorded, mixed and mastered.

  • February: The album will be released by Vicisolum Productions.

  • April: First headlining European tour 2017.

+ Info

Official Site
Official Facebook
Official Youtube

In case we receive more money that we ask for, it will be used for:

  • Granted the items sold during this crowdfunding, a BIG part of the money raised will be used to manufacture the clothing, cds, digipaks, and make them arrive to you. At a first calculation, we haven't arrived yet to the total amount required to pay all the expenses for the album (around 12000€), and for that reason, all the extra money received will be used for that purpose. We will probably publish our economic results later.

  • As we feel that there won't be too much money left after paying all the expenses, we don't think it will be available to rent real orchestras or manufacture old releases vinyls (as stated when the campaign started), so all the money will go to touring purposes.


There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Persefone


    almost 7 years

    Hi! Just send an e-mail to [email protected] That might work. :)

  • Preasi


    almost 7 years

    Hi, tried to reply to your message regarding mentioning in the credits but unfortunately got a message from "Mailer Daemon" that the delivery of my message failed. Kindly check and advice. Thank you!

  • Persefone


    almost 7 years

    Hi Brad!

    Sorry for the late reply! We will add some of the stuff in our shop in a few weeks. www.persefone.com/shop. You will be able to help the band directly by purchasing any material in theer.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Brad Harmon

    Brad Harmon

    almost 7 years

    Is there any way to still get one of these bundles? Just discovered you guys last week and would love to contribute to getting your next album out!

  • Persefone


    almost 7 years

    We don't know yet, it all depend on how many women size are required. Sorry :-/

  • Hillary Robinson

    Hillary Robinson

    almost 7 years

    Are there going to be women's sizes available for the clothing?

  • Persefone


    almost 7 years

    Nop. Sorry. That reward includes the regular jewel case CD. If you want the digipak and the t-shirt, you should consider getting the rewards that include that material alone (23€+27€). :-)

  • Russ


    almost 7 years

    Does the €32 pledge reward come with the Digipak version of the album with bonus tracks?

  • Persefone


    almost 7 years

    Hola! Primero de todo, mil gracias por apoyar el proyecto! Respecto al pack que has comprado, efectivamente viene con el cd standard (jewel case). No pudimos incluir el digipak porque se trata de una edición limitada. Lo que sí podemos hacer es que, una vez acabe la campaña y te pidamos la dirección de envío, nos recuerdes que te interesa el digipak. Si tenemos disponibles, abonando la diferencia de precio de 5€, te cambiaremos el cd standard por el digipak, y lo incluiremos en un único envío junto con todo el resto. Si lo quieres firmado, incluye también la petición junto con la anterior :)

    Un saludo!

  • sergio


    almost 7 years

    hola!! disculpen! compre el pack de 165 euros pero quisiera tambien tener el digipack y otro disco extra firmados, hay alguna posibilidad de que me los puedan enviar tambien??

    o tengo que comprar el digipack y el disco por separado?


Hi guys!

A lot of things are happening right now! Toni has finally got to the studio and started tracking all bass lines. As we mentioned in a recent video interview with Future Music (you can check it in Youtube), we like that feeling when the bass kicks in, after months of listening the songs just with guitars, drums and some keyboards.

It's a real kick in the head!! Suddenly everything sounds bigger and stronger!

Also Carlos has finished recording clean guitars, and most overdubs. Only lead guitars and solos are left.

Finally, Moe has started also adding some of the keyboards that were missing in the songs. A lot of them happen when we are writing music, but not all of them. Some of the songs are really starting to sound as we want!

Thanks for supporting this project! We have raised more than 19000€ and we are near to hit 20k. 3 days more to go! :)

Btw, something will be happening at midday ;)


Hey guys!!

We are glad to inform that all drum recordings are hereby finished! :D Bobby has made a great job and we are willing to show you the result!!

No let's play some guitars!



Hi there!!

We have completed the first week of drum recordings. At this point everything is working just right and Bobby is doing a great job!! He has experience in album recordings, as he already recorded two albums with his band Nami. We are happy with the results we are having, and we are just willing to have everything ready for you to listen.

During this week we are going to start recording guitars. Carlos has his Mayones guitars ready to make a hell of an album. Believe me some parts are the craziest guitar riffs he has ever written. If you are a guitar player, you will enjoy it! :-)

In the meantime, we are finishing some artworks, and preparing the mix and master dates with Jens Bogren. One of the big pleasures in this business is when you receive an e-mail from one of your all time favorite artists. That happens to me with Travis Smith. I can remember… read more


Hi guys!

It's only a few hours that we have started this campaign and we already have 2000€!! Guys! We simply have no words, and we really feel humble of knowing that we have such a fan base that really want our music out there.

We will keep the updates and the hard work on the album. Already recording drums, you can expect updates really soon, and some other surprises along the way.

From the bottom of our hearts,


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