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HEID - New album, ALBA

After the succes of "Voces de la Tierra Dormida", we want to embark ourselves on the adventure of releasing our first album, "Alba"... do you want to join us?


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Two years have passed since the “Voices from the Sleeping Land” started to wake up. Two years where the spirit of Castilla has been gathering strenght, waiting for the perfect moment to reborn from the ashes and impregnate the air with its warm presence.

Castilla will be in darkness anymore, the daybreak is arriving.

Who we are?

We’re Heid, a Pagan Metal band from Madrid. Thanks to an original and fresh sound we are considered by many people as one of the most promising bands of this genre in Spain. Thanks to this we have been able to share stage with bands like Nothgard, Finsterforst, Suidakra or Tyr.

We are:

Iván Herrero: Vocals
Iván Leria: Guitars
Rubén Ramírez: Bass
Noel Barajas: Violin, whistle, bagpipes, dulzaina
Pablo Cantalapiedra: Drums, castilian percusion

”Alba” means to lay cards on the table giving everybody a clear message; Heid has come to stay.

We have traveled to the deepest roots of our folklore and we’ve brought back 10 new tracks full of real castilian folklore and extreme metal, more agressive and with more essence than ever.

What do we need the money for

All your contributions will go to defraying the CD's physical edition, as well as the production of the band's new merch.

You will be able to get them for a very special price because of this crowdfunding campaign!

About the rewards

As yo can see we’ve created, with Daniel Zrom (who is the responsible for the artwork) new and amazing t-shirt designs (one of them with exclusive color for this crowdfunding)

Apart from this, we joined forces with the navarre brewery “Marbel” to release our first beer; a belgian style tripel, for authentic beer lovers!

You will also be able to get a copy of the amazing new artwork, instrument lessons with the band members… everything you want!

We would like to add this too:

  • T-shirts and zip hodies will be available in S/M/L/XL sizes. If someone would want a smaller or larger size, just write us and we will see it.

  • If you want the six pack beer pack, write us first to see the shipping costs.

  • For international orders we will write you to find the best way to ship your items but if you prefer us to calculate ir first before you pledge, write us to heidmetal[a]gmail.com

Estimated calendar

We will start to send the rewards when the day we will release the album, on 14th November.


If we reach the goals we will reveal more interesting things, starting from THE FUCKING VIDEOGAME!


It would be something like this:

  • 1000 euros achieved: Release of "Heid - The Game"

  • 3000 euros achieved: New track.

  • 4000 euros achieved Conmemorative pick for pledges starting from 25 euros.

  • 4800 euros achieved: Conmemorative pick for pledges starting from 8 euros.

  • 5500 euros achieved: A bottle of beer for all patrons.

  • 6500 euros achieved: Inedit and exclusive track for all patrons.

  • 10000 euros achieved: Extra on the next video for pledges starting from 59 euros.

  • 25000 euros achieved: All patrons will be knighted and we will make a free show in a castle to celebrate it.

  • 50000 euros achieved: We will turn "Heid - The Game" into a FPS game recreating the battle of Golpejar.

  • 100000 euros achieved: We will take care of 50 kittens, they will be knighted and with their help we will try to establish a feudal orden in Spain. All patrons would be new feudal lords and ladies, of course.

If we pass our goal, we would to make the exclusive t-shirt available in lady tank tops, a new video...

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  • Heid


    over 7 years

    Hombreee, hola Celia! :D

    Escríbenos porfa a [email protected] y lo vemos.

    Un abrazo!

  • Gailwers


    over 7 years

    Quiero contribuir con el mecenazgo de 30 euros (cerveza FTW), pero estoy encoñada de la camiseta roja con el diseño del ciervo... ¿Podría tener esa en lugar de la del diseño de espadas? ¡Aunque sea aportando algo más! (Soy Celia, la de Barcino, jeje)


Gracias a los primeros mecenas hemos conseguido llegar a nuestro primer objetivo del crowdfunding, así que ahora nos toca a nosotros mover ficha.

POR FIN! Por fin podemos enseñaros un proyecto en el cual los desarrolladores de Blustery Games, Leyre Granero y Juan Abad, y Heid hemos estado trabajando durante meses.

Se trata de "Heid - the Game", un videojuego de corte retro al más puro estilo de juegos como "Ghosts and Goblins" o "Maldita Castilla".

En él podréis seguir a la banda en distintas aventuras y conseguir estupendas recompensas.

La banda añade: “La verdad es que somos unos grandes apasionados de los videojuegos; desde el God of War o el Devil May Cry hasta el World of Warcraft, el CounterStrike o el The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim pasando por el Maldita Castilla o el Rogue Legacy… nos gustan todos!

Cuando surgió la idea de hacer esto tuvimos claro que tendría que ser un juego de carácter retro, de esos que tantas horas nos tuvieron enganchados cuando éramos pequeños.

read more

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