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"Un día, una Arquitecta" in Barcelona

Our aim is to organize a Day event for the Congrès d'Arquitectura led by COAC in order to diseminate the contributions of women to architecture. We would like to bring together several generations of professionals in a single panel to create opportunities for visibility and sharing.


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Who we are:

"Un día, una arquitecta" is an international collaborative network whose aim is to make visible the contribution of women architects in different facets: architectural, urban and landscape design, technology, curation and publishing, artistic production, policy, management of social housing, theory and teaching.

On our website we have published daily the biography of a female architect, from 8 March 2015 to 7 March 2016.

We cover the greater variety of tasks, orientations, backgrounds, times and ideologies: the first was Katherine Briçonnet and the last, Elizabeth Añaños.

Our will is to continue to publish daily: back in September 2016.

The project:

Day "Un día, una arquitecta"

  • Friday, September 30: inaugural conference.

  • Saturday 1 October: four round tables each dedicated to a field of architecture (building, town planning, publications and teaching) with three speakers each of different generations.

Participation in the Day is free

How we'll allocate your contributions:

We need your support for organizing the Day and pay for basic expenses:

  • Displacement and a guest lecturer fees
  • Displacement of the director of the project "Un día, una arquitecta" (Inés Moisset)
  • Dinner of the invited speakers
  • Prospectuses of the day

About the rewards:

We have prepared a special limited edition rewards for those who support our project: Meeting "Un día, una arquitecta" in Barcelona on September 30 and October 1, 2016.

  • Playing cards "Un día, Una arquitecta": we have designed a Spanish playing card of 40 cards dedicated to women architects that have appeared in our web "Un día, una arquitecta". We have grouped into 4 suits depending on where they developed or develops their work (Spain, Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world);

  • Suit "Un día, Una arquitecta": we have prepared an extra suit with 10 very recognized architects;

  • Gold Card "Un día, una arquitecta": we have prepared a Gold Quartet with selected enshrined in the world of architecture women;

Each card contains the portrait of the architect and a brief biography

  • Participation dinner "Un día, una arquitecta" in Barcelona: Do you want to join us at dinner to be held after the inaugural conference on Friday, September 30? We have booked 10 places so you can get up close to the architects who will participate in the Day.

  • Conference "Un dia, una arquitecta":
    Do you want one of the components of the writing team of "Un día, una arquitecta" conducting a conference about women in architecture for your group, association, etc.? This reward includes the conference and the displacement of the speaker in a radius of 100 km from one of these cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Granada in Spain; Buenos Aires and Córdoba, in Argentina. If you need to make the conference in a more distant site, the trip will cost separately.


The rewards will be delivered to their patrons within 100 days from the end of the campaign.

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#02 / Work in Progress II

Os compartimos un vídeo que sintetiza los objetivos del blog y de las jornadas "Un día una arquitecta" preparado al finalizar la primera jornada realizada en la Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires en septiembre de 2015.

Vogliamo condividere un video che sintetizza gli obiettivi del nostro blog e delle nostre giornate "Un dia, una arquitecta", preparato per terminare la prima di queste giornate, realizzata all'interno della Biennale d'architettura di Buenos Aires a settembre del 2015.

Compartilhamos um video que sintetiza os objetivos do blog e das jornadas "Un día una arquitecta" preparado ao finalizar a primeira jornada realizada na Bienal de Arquitetura de Buenos Aires em setembro de 2015.

We share a video that summarizes the objectives of the blog and the conference "Un día una arquitecta" prepared at the end of the first Day held at the Biennale d'architettura of Buenos Aires in September 2015.



Estamos trabajando con nuestro equipo en la producción de un objeto que sea un verdadero objetos de diseño y colección: la baraja "Un día, una arquitecta". Como primicia os enseñamos una prueba de una de las cartas que conforman el cuarteto de las consagradas. Además tendremos la baraja compuesta por 40 cartas, en cuatro palos: España, America Latina, Europa y resto del Mundo. y un palo extra de 10 arquitectas que podemos denominar clásicas por estar ya incorporadas en la historiografía oficial
Esperamos tu ayuda para conseguirlo: tu contribución es muy importante para que este proyecto pueda salir.

35 backers

Your name will be in the program and in our blog

26 backers

1 Suit "Un día, una arquitecta"
[10 cards]

Shipping included

27 backers

Gold Cards "Un día, una arquitecta"
[4 cards]

Shipping included

50 backers

1 Playing Cards "Un día, una arquitecta"
[40 cards]

Shipping included

19 backers

1 Full Cards pack "Un dia,una arquitecta"

1 Playing Cards + Gold Cards + 1 Suite "Un dia, una arquitecta" [54 cards]

Shipping included

1 left (of 5)

Participation dinner "Un día, una arquitecta" in Barcelona

4 backers

1 Conference "Un día, una arquitecta"

1 backer

Principal Sponsor of the day + 10 Suites "Un día, una arquitecta"

Shipping included

5 patrons (sold out)

Participation dinner in Barcelona
+ Full Cards Pack "Un día, una arquitecta"

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