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Script Problems is a short film about those moments when the circumstances seem to have passed over the ideas and feelings that we were facing our lives with, and that we considered solid and eternal. It is also about becoming an adult and understanding the complexity and contradiction of life.

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Script Problems isn’t any kind of short, but the first original short film of Laboratorio de Interpretación from Seville (A workshop held by a Spanish actor Sebastian Haro who couches actors for acting on film). After a four years’ experience forming actors, this Workshop has decided to give a step further and so they have chosen the Script Problems project, written and directed by Bernabé Bulnes. In this way, the actors who are currently studying or have studied at Sebastian’s workshop will be interpreting our story's characters, embracing this experience with a special kind of enthusiasm and commitment.

Besides these young actors, the team who will be in charge of producing and shooting this short film, is formed by a group of professionals who had taken part in other LonPin Films Productions, while the materials will be provided by Jabalina SP (Sports production film company based in Seville).

Synopsis of Script Problems

Is there anybody who hasn’t, at some point of his or her life, had a “script problem“? Just a year ago, Santi and Monica were a couple, Santi had a promising future as an aspiring screenwriter, and his two best friends, Manu and Luis, had decided to produce a short film directed by Monica and written by him. A film about a child whose smile helped to avoid a bomb exploding in a train wagon. However, now everything has changed: Monica is in a relationship with another man, Santi doesn’t want his friends to shoot with the script he wrote and no children’s smile has helped to avoid any bombs to keep on exploding.

The idea behind the story of Script Problems

In 2004, three bombs put the end on more than 200 persons lives in Madrid. A forth bomb, found in a train wagon never exploded. Years later, in 2007, a short film Salvador, historia de un milagro cotidiano, told a story about a little child who thanks to his joy and innocence warmed the heart of a Jihadist terrorist who decided not to activate the bomb in the wagon. This short film, written and directed by Abdelatif Hwidar, won a number of prizes and in 2008, even the Goya award for the Best fiction short film. It seems like the fable about something that never happened that March 11th in Madrid, also softened the members of the Spanish film academy who decided to honor this story and this message.

The germ of “Script problems“ arose as a reaction to the story and to those awards. However, over the years, the economic crisis and terrorist turbulences made our story evolve and become something more.

Our story speaks about Santi, a young screenwriter who is going through a tough period in his life, and a few days before the shooting of the film is supposed to start, he decides he doesn’t want his script to be used. He has realized that that the story’s approach is wrong: beyond the fable or utopia, giving such a simplistic view of the problem of terrorism and the psychology of terrorists, seems irresponsible and unethical.

Script Problems is a short film about those moments when the circumstances seem to have passed over the ideas and feelings that we were facing our lives with, and that we considered solid and eternal. It is also about becoming an adult and understanding the complexity and contradiction of life. And last but not least, about the responsibility of people in general, and filmmakers in particular, when it comes to creating socially or politically engaged content and topics open for discussions.

PdG Cast

Although we are still completing the whole cast, the four actors interpreting the four main characters are confirmed:

Carlos Bernandino is going to be Santi.

Gracy Jaramago will interpret Monica.

Doncho Montero is Manu.

Avelino Piedad will be Luis.

All four have been studying at Laboratorio de Interpretación, although pretty young, they have already participated in numerous television and theatrical productions.

We will keep on informing you about the latest updates as the full cast is getting completed.

PdG Crew

The people who have already collaborated on the latest LonPin Films productions will form our crew. Most of them had worked on shootings of Un hombre solo, Triada and Sombras. Besides that, individually they all have a very valuable experience in the industry: La isla minima, Blancanieves, Los niños salvajes, The Extraordinary Tale, El mundo es nuestro, Carmina y Amén, these are some of the titles on which many of them had worked. They will make Script problems possible.

And who are they?

Bernabé Bulnes is the writer and the director.

Dina Harovic and Antonio Aparcero are the producers.

Alejandro Espadero is the director of photography.

Juan Cantón is in charge of sound recording and the original score.

José Tomé is the sound designer.

How your plegdes will be used?

Here is the budget prevision that Antonio and Dina, had calculated…

The Calendar

The shooting is taking place in June, so we will be sending the rewards most probably in September.

Thank you all very much for you help! We are happy that you have decided to contribute to our idea and to form part of our project!


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  • LonPin Films

    LonPin Films

    over 4 years

    Hola, Carlos. El equipo técnico está completo desde hace unos días, pero dinos en qué te gustaría participar y veremos si podemos encontrar hueco. Escríbenos a produccion@lonpin.com
    ¡Un saludo!

  • Carlos Sarmiento

    Carlos Sarmiento

    over 4 years

    ¿Habría alguna forma de participar en el rodaje formando parte del equipo técnico?

  • LonPin Films

    LonPin Films

    over 4 years

    Hola LIDIA, claro que sí. Mándanos una foto a producción@lonppin.com para saber en qué escena podríamos encajarte. Un saludo!



    over 4 years

    Si hago alguna aportación ¿podria salir de figurante en el corto?

    Gracias, ojala lo consigais

#10 / Primeras imágenes del rodaje de PdG

Amigos y mecenas!! En Problemas de Guión hay mucho amor por el cine, tanto como el que nuestros mecenas han demostrado apoyando el proyecto. Como muestra de ello, aquí os dejamos un clip con un cachito de nuestro rodaje. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

#09 / ¡Objetivo conseguido!

Lo hemos logrado, amigos. ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias!

Problemas de Guión se hará gracias a todos vosotros. Tenemos unos mecenas que no nos lo merecemos.

#07 / PDG en Radio SFC

Hoy a las 12h parte del equipo de Problemas de Guión estará en el programa Estilo Sevilla de la emisora Radio Sevilla Fútbol Club para hablar de nuestro/vuestro proyecto. Puedes oírnos en el 91.6 FM y a través de este enlace.

#06 / Primera Lectura de "Problemas de Guión"

Ya hemos empezado a trabajar con los actores de nuestro cortometraje. El pasado viernes hicimos con Carlos Bernardino, Gracy Jaramago, Avelino Piedad y Doncho Montero la primera lectura del guión y el primer análisis de los personajes que interpreterán.

#05 / Problemas de Guión en Radiópolis

Ayer estuvimos en Radiópolis, en el programa el El Limón Revoltoso, presentando nuestro cortometraje y nuestra campaña de crowdfunding. Bernabé Bulnes, el director, Dina Harovic, directora de producción, y Sebastián Haro, productor ejecutivo y director del Laboratorio de Interpretación, pasaron un agradable rato con María Limón hablando de cine, interpretación y financiación colectiva.

#02 / Trailer de Triada

Aprovechando la campaña de crowdfunding de Problemas de Guión, LonPin Films ha publicado el trailer de Triada, cortometraje dirigido por Bernabé Bulnes. Gracias a los mecenas que han colaborado ya en nuestro proyecto. ¡Ánimo a los que aún no lo han hecho!

#01 / Comienza la campaña de PdG

Desde hoy, jueves 5 de mayo de 2016, hasta el próximo 14 de junio estará abierta la campaña de crowdfunding de nuestro cortometraje Problemas de Guión. Si has llegado hasta esta entrada, algo sabrás ya sobre el crowdfunding. Pero si aún tienes tus dudas, te lo explicamos rápidamente: se trata de financiar a través de la participación colectivo. Las personas se unen (nos unimos) para que un proyecto que nos gusta salga adelante. En este caso, nuestro proyecto es un cortometraje realizado por un equipo de jóvenes profesionales del sector audiovisual e interpretado por actores que se han formado en el Laboratorio de Interpretación de Sevilla. Un proyecto extraordinario, pues será la primera producción de original del Laboratorio de Interpretación, que en este caso se une a LonPin Films para seguir contando historias que hablen de nuestro mundo desde una perspectiva comprometida y honesta.

Recuerda: cualquier participación suma, cualquier ayuda cuenta.

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