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After "Vulneris" (2015) and "Famelicus" (2013), "Reunae" brings an end to Berjer B. Capati's trilogy. It is the story of Claro, a young man who prepares a special and opulent dinner with the intention of reuniting his family. Would you like to come to dinner?

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Reunae is the third short film of Berjer B. Capati after Famelicus (2013) and Vulneris (2015). It's the story of a young man who prepares a special and opulent dinner with the intention of reuniting his family. Would you like to come to dinner?

If "Famelicus" is about hunger and "Vulneris" is about wounds, "Reunae" is about a reunion.

This is the project that brings an end to the trilogy of the director. The city of Madrid, the vocal talents of Carlos Aznárez and most of all, Iñaki Salcedo are the three elements that this trilogy has in common.

Iñaki Salcedo (Vitoria-Gasteiz), our main actor. Photo by Víctor Sippet 2016


Screenplay, Edition and Direction: Berjer B. Capati

Assistant to the Director: Lance Yee Young

Photography and Camera 1: Víctor Sippet

Photography and Camera 2: María Salto Perea

Stills: Patri Nieto

Original Soundtrack: Luis Miguel Sáez and Chris Briggs

Hair and Make up: Lane Penn E.

Costume and Design: Samir Chikou

Sound: Óscar G. Villegas

Sound Assistant: José Javier Merchán

Coloring: Tawfiq Hasheem Badir

Making Off: Bárbara Jurado

During the filming of "Vulneris" in March 2015. Photo by Patri Nieto


Iñaki Salcedo

Fernando Bodega

Ilanda Ramírez

Nebil Guariach

Carlos Aznárez

Fabio Mejías

Iván Varay

How we delegate your contributions

The money raised through verkami is destined to cover the expenses required in producing the short movie. The big part of the project (as per the story and its filiming, obviously) is interior with minimal exterior set, which means as per:

Pre- production: materials to make, create, sample and try out hair and make-up (there isn't much required), costume and design; rental fee for studios and rooms to rehearse for the actors and illumination tests for the sets.

Film shooting: materials for illumination for the night film shoot (big part of the project is set during the day), sound and recording, rental fee for the studios (in case we don't find an adequate filming location), transportation, props, and small and simple catering.

Post production: material for promotion and distribution, production for rewards, and if so required, budget for the short movie's sound and image editing. As well as a small allocation to hold an exclusive gathering for a private showing of the short film destined for the cast and crew members and their invites, and of course, not to forget, our more generous sponsors!

We already have Chris Briggs composing possible themes with his guitar. You check it out here:


We already have started pre-production. The storyboard is already finished. We are currently making the film planning and order. The director and main actor have already concurred on possible dates of filming. It will be by the end of June or early July. The entire month of May shall be dedicated for production; we also have planned a possible film shoot for Fernando Bodega's scenes and studio recording for Carlos Aznárez.

The rewards, like previously done in "Vulneris", will be delivered during the private viewing of the project. People who will be outside Madrid will be notified and we will have their rewards on hold so we can send it to them.

We are currently eyeing for Autumn this year for this possible gathering.

More Info

You can follow us on our Facebook page/ blog here

Watch the teaser/trailer of "Reunae" here

Watch the trailer of "Vulneris" here

Visit Iñaki Salcedo's webpage here

For more information send us an email to encuentreme@lycos.com


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#02 / Primera Semana/ First week

(English Version at the bottom)

Primera semana desde que conseguimos el crowdfunding. Todavía no se ha hecho la transferencia por parte de verkami. Tardan unos diez días hábiles para realizarla. Se espera. Hemos estado hablando con gente, sobre todo el tema del sonido. José me ayudó mucho cubrirlo. Él es ahora, mi consultor técnico oficial. Ahora mismo, tengo a un par de chicos que pueden dedicarse con el tema del sonido. He hecho castings también; tenemos una posible actriz que va a ser la madre del protagonista. Esta semana, más movidas. Tendremos rodaje con Fernando Bodega y una grabación con Carlos Aznárez. Estamos muy emocionados, entre consultas sobre maquillaje y vestuario. Todavía ando sin ayudante, por eso, la foto. La pared me ayuda. Síguenos mejor por la página web de Reunae en Facebook.

First week since we got crowdfunded. We still haven´t received… read more

#01 / Muchas gracias / Thank you

(English version at the bottom)

Muy buenos días. Antes de nada, muchas gracias a vosotros, nuestros mecenas por vuestras aportaciones. Nos habéis ayudado a llegar a nuestra meta y finalmente, este proyecto ha sido crowdfundeado. Ha costado hacerlo llegar a terminar con éxito pero ¡estamos!

Vamos a empezar ya a organizar los días. Ya he empezado a contactar con los actores y los otros miembros del equipo técnico. Estaremos muy ocupados con el proyecto pero espero poder manteneros informado.

Por ahora, me gustaría pasarlos los enlaces de los dos anteriores proyectos. Ya sabéis que “Reunae” cierra una trilogía y creo que es importante, que vosotros los que no los habéis visto todavía, que busquéis un tiempo para verlos. Primero es Famelicus (2013) que se trata del hambre y luego es Vulneris (2015), de las heridas.

Otra vez, muchas gracias.

PD: para seguir informados sobre el desarrollo de este proyecto, también podéis buscar el enlace oficial de Reunaeread more

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