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El camino de la vergüenza, éxodo de los refugiados Sirios.

This is a photographic exhibition on the eexodus of Syrian refugees. All the pictures have been taken in different points of Balkan borders, on the island of Lesbos and the Port of Pireaus, from October 2015 to March 2016. The intention of this exhibition is to bring the reality of refugees.

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El camino de la Vergüenza,*The walk of shame*, is a photographic project carried out in Balkan, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian and Bulgarian borders as well as on Greek territory.

The refugee crisis is a page of our history being written at this moment, a page that will be remembered for the mistakes made by European nations with these people. Maybe history books will tell it in their own way, but those who have been there will take care of telling the truth without covering it up.

The main idea of this project is to give voice to voiceless people, moving consciences using shocking images and showing a key moment of their lives: the exodus towards a peaceful place, away from the sound of bombs, a place where many of them will never arrive.

What will be your contributions used for

Thanks to the collected money, I shall set up the exhibition in one of the most prestigious exhibit spaces of Extremadura: the Asamblea building in Merida.

The exhibition will consist of 45 large-format photographs to be widly enjoyed. I shall also use the money to design the crowfounding rewards. I hope you will like them.

The exhibition will be opened in Merida and then will be travelled to different national and international exhibit rooms.

If I achieve the fixed goal and get 1800€ more, I shall publish a book with the whole collection, and a short text with part of the story told in each photograph and the names of patrons who have helped us make this project real.

With some more extra money, I shall be able to go back to the Idomeni border trying to finance humanitarian aid I shall deliver myself, making you participate by taking photographs of the moment. In case Ïdomeni has been evicted, I will go to any of the 15 camps located in Greece.

Format and printing.

All the photographs will have a 60x40 cm format. Five of them will be framed and have a 90x60 cm format in high quality photo paper.

About the rewards.

I need your help but, in exchange, I would like you to be a part of my work. The rewards go from prints to a personal meeting or a photo shoot.

Rewards will be delivered at the opening of the opening of the first exhibition. We will send them by post to thosewho can not be able to assist, bearing the shipping costs at our charge.

Planned schedule

If I get proper funding, the first exhibition will be help the month afet receiving finacial support. The rewards will satr to be delivered upon becoming effective. I intend to deliver the rewards within no more of one month with the help of the curator of the exhibit.

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  • inés pineda

    inés pineda

    over 5 years

    Hola Mai, soy Inés profe en mérida. En mi centro de secundaria estamos haciendo campaña de sensibilización con el tema refugiados. Tu grito desgarrador l otra noche n l Metabar,m llgó directo al corazón,de ahí mi apoyo. Ers my valiente, y SI SIRVE

  • Caridad Jiménez Parralejo

    Caridad Jiménez Parralejo

    over 5 years

    Hola, cómo puedo ponerme en contacto para seleccionar la fotografía que quiero, gracias


Mil gracias a todos los que habéis hecho posible este proyecto con vuestras aportaciones.

Las fotos ahora mismo están expuestas en la Asamblea de Extremadura hasta el 24 de Junio, han alargado el plazo porque está siendo un éxito la exposición.

Deciros también que la están visitando muchos colegios, lo cual para mi es el éxito de real, porque pienso que es en la educación y en las futuras generaciones donde tenemos que hacer hincapié para hacer una sociedad mejor, más humana y que afronte estás crisis humanitarias con otra visión diferente a la que hoy estamos teniendo.

A finales de Junio podréis ver la exposición en Badajoz y iré anunciando las próximas fechas según vayamos cerrando lugares.


#01 / Buenos días.

Quedan 39 días y ya hemos conseguido un 35% del total, eso realmente es magnifico. Os quiero agradecer a todos los que hasta ahora habéis participado vuestras aportaciones, dicen que el primer día es muy importante y vosotros habéis hecho que este primer día de Verkami haya sido genial.

Seguimos trabajando para conseguir ese total, y si lo superamos haremos un catálogo para que lo podáis tener en vuestras casas, junto a vuestras recompensas.

Un abrazo a todos. !

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