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ATTITUDES - Acid Snot's debut album

We're Acid Snot, Activist Fast Melodic Punk from Barcelona Beach, Spain! After a whole year of intense writing and recording of the album, ATTITUDES is almost ready, but now we need your support to make it happen! Help us bring this dream to life!

Acid Snot

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Our project

Acid Snot is a 4 piece Activist Fast Melodic Punk band from Barcelona, Spain. After the release of our first EP Hometown in 2013, we've been playing shows and touring with some great names in the Punk Rock world (Adrenalized, Forus, Actionmen, We Outspoken, Darko, Dead Neck...) and headlined a tour around Spain with our brothers in Headache.
Now, after a year of an activity pause and a line-up change, we're ready to release our killer new album ATTITUDES, 13 songs full of energy, speed, passion, shredding riffs, impossible bass lines, supersonic drum patterns, vocal harmonies, and unpredictable silences.
Attitudes has been recorded, mixed and mastered with the help and the incredible amount of work of our amazing brothers and professionals Pau Oltra and Ferran Sanchez.

Acid Snot is:

    Àlex Aubach: Bass & Vocals
    Oriol "Ury" Batalla : Drums & Vocals
    David García  : Guitars & Vocals
    Edu "Eddy" Arqué : Guitar & Vocals

What's the money being destined to?

The money we receive from this campaign will be destined to pay recording, mixing and mastering work; album artwork and merchandising production costs.

If we exceed the mark of 1650€, extra money will be invested in benefic causes and some Non-Profit organizations in which we are involved, such as Nakawe Project or Sea Shepherd.

About the rewards

You have a great variety of differents options to choose how to help us! We are willing that you all hear our new work, that's why from the first to the last reward a digital download of the album is included. We've also created an original and exclusive T-shirt design, that will only be available via this Verkami Project. You won't find the same T-shirts in our merch stands, so there it goes a good reason to help us.

Estimated calendar

The album recording is already finished! The only thing left to do is mixing and mastering. It will be ready within this month.
Rewards will begin to be sent by the end of the month or by the beginning of May.

+ Info

Instagram @acidsnotbcn
Snapchat: acidsnot


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2 backers

UE shipping (outside Spain).
If you want us to send the reward to you and you live outside Spain (but inside the UE) please choose this reward alongside the rewards you want.

6 backers

Digital download of our new record Attitudes.

1 backer

International shipping
If you want us to send the reward to you, and you live outside of the UE, please choose this reward alongside with the rewards you want.

11 backers

Copy with Artwork of our new record Attitudes.
(Includes digital download and shipping to Spain)

13 backers

+ Exclusive t-shirt
(includes shipping to Spain)

9 backers

Love is in the Air PACK!
1 CD
+ 2 Exclusive t-shirts
(includes shipping to Spain)

2 backers

Musician's PACK!
+ T-shirt
+ Guitar and bass transcription of the full album (PDF and Guitar Pro file)

6 backers

Bro Fist PACK!
2 CDs

+ 2 T-shirts
(includes shipping to Spain)

2 backers

Collection PACK!
+ Exclusive t-shirt
+ Signed drum head by all Acid Snot's members
(includes shipping to Spain)

7 backers

Hollywood PACK!
+ Exclusive t-shirt
+ Invitation to appear in Acid Snot's next music video!
(includes shipping to Spain)

0 backers

Ofishal Fan PACK!:
2 CDs
+ 2 t-shirts
+ Music video appearance
+ Signed drum head
+ Double ticket for any Acid Snot's show
(Includes shipping to Spain)

15 left (of 15)

Acoustic Sessions PACK!
2 CDs +
2 T-shirts
+ Music video appearance
+ Double ticket for a show
+ Acid Snot's acoustic private show
(Spain only. Includes shipping to Spain)

2 left (of 4)

Kat Von Die Tattoo PACK!
2 CDs
+ 2 T-shirts
+ Music video appearance
+ Double ticket for any show
+ You can tattoo WHATEVER YOU WANT in Àlex or Ury's legs (10 cm max)
(Includes shipping to Spain)

4 left (of 4)

2 CDs
+ 2 T-shirts
+ Acid Snot private acoustic show
+ Show in your city
+ Ury will cook a vegan dinner for you
+ Signed drum head
+ Music video appearance
+ Àlex or Ury will let you tattoo their legs (10cm max)
+ Double ticket for every single Acid Snot show in 2016-2017 (UE only)
(Includes shipping to Spain)

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