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Alice in Wonderland, The Musical

Punchy, Irreverent and Sexy, Alice in Wonderland is a Victorian fairy tale with a Steam Punk touch. Escapade Theatre Company adds its own musical spice to the classic story of wonder and nonsense, laced with lethal wit, riddles and magic in which everyone, young and old, can revel in the nonsense.


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Escapade Theatre presents Alice in Wonderland, The Musical, at the (Teatre Gaudí, Barcelona). This is perhaps our most ambitious project to date and, as you can imagine, follows the adventures of little Alice Liddell as she falls down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. But this is no ordinary Alice: this is a Steam Punk Musical; a mix between Punk and Victoriana, which requires very elaborate costumes and props for the 11 strong cast, as well as original music, choreography and design.

Why do we need your pledge?

To be able to produce this show, apart from the huge amounts of talent, hard work, imagination and enthusiasm we already have, we are going to need a little injection of funds towards the extra expenses of props, costume, mics and online promotion-(Bums on seats and all that!)

We need to make costumes for 28, very extravagant, characters and supply them with the elements needed to help Alice shrink, grow, eat and drink, among other things!

The money we are hoping to raise is solely for costume (1.431€), props (800€), mics (1.000€) and promotion (725€).


Just reading this far deserves a prize but if on top of that you become a patron we will build a monument to you! And with that philosophy in mind we’ve thought hard about how to reward your generosity. We want the rewards to be useful as well as being a nice memento.

So, you will get tickets for the show, MP3 players, mugs, books and other souvenirs from the play that are really useful. We will be looking forward to present you with your rewards when you come to see the show.

Here is a short description of each reward:

  • The poster is a mosaic made up of tiny reproductions of all the images taken from the oficial photo session and “making of” sessions. A beautiful way to see the whole creation process in one image.

  • The playing card bottle opener: the same size as a playing card, very resistant and practical. Cheers!

  • The Pen Drive contains all the exclusive images and videos of the production and can be put to personal use after. Images to treasure!

  • Everything started with the McMillan original Alice publication, so here is your own personal copy of the original story by Lewis Carroll in English. How original!

  • As in all Escapade shows the soundtrack is bespoke. What better souvenir than the beautiful original soundtrack, all yours in this pocket size MP3 player with 2Gb memory SD.

  • Gorgeous Heart shaped tea mug with the show's image printed on the side. Perfect for your own Mad Tea Party!

  • What's Alice in Wonderland without a pack of cards? These are your special gold covered pack of playing cards...thanks for shining through!

  • Your own personal T-Shirt with the play's image printed on the front. Got the T-Shirt!

  • Amazing original Steampunk theme painting by Albert Penado of Alice in Wonderland. One of it's kind!


The show is on from 12th -29th May. Below you can see links for the company and the theatre.

About us

Escapade Theatre was founded by Sue Flack and Caspar in 1997, in Barcelona. Our aim is to produce top quality, professional theatre, which entertains, provokes and at the same time lays bare the pitiful state of the human condition, all with a dose of the satire and dark humour so customary of the British.

Reviews of Escapade’s previous productions

Dinner For One
“A fantastic comedy”


¡Marvellous! A great way to spend an evening, unusual, fun, tender and evocative. The actors are sublime”


“Interpretation qualities rarely found in this neck of the woods”


“Comparable to the great Peter Sellers. Don’t miss it.”


“Wonderful overtones of white humour... an overdose of laughter”


Decadence (Grec 98, Festival del Sur 99 y Nau Ivanow 2014
“A splendid text but it is, without doubt, one of those plays where not understanding English is only a relative obstacle because the performances of Caspar and Sue Flack, also director of the piece, are so extraordinarily funny, so perfectly English, with facial mime that is so understandable and so comic, that it deserves to be seen just for that.”


“They manage to fill the stage with objects, music and silences, with authentic theatrical magic…An elegant production of remarkable simplicity and rivetting performances. A rare pearl that is worth cultivating.”


Metamorphosis (Grec Festival, 99)
“With few elements, Escapade Theatre Company have treated us, yet again, to an unusual opportunity for jaw ache. Don’t miss it. This is serious theatre to laugh yourself silly to.”


“The most seen show in Grec 99 in the first ten days (93% attendance).”


L´Inspector (The Government Inspector) (Teatre Tantarantana, 2001)
“Sue Flack is a director with very clear ideas…It’s the best show that can be seen in Barcelona at this moment.”


“A feast of observation, a splendid representation, an excellent treatment of the text, the absurd is served up here for your enjoyment.”


Downloand the dossier of the show here

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  • Escapade Theatre Company

    Escapade Theatre Company

    over 7 years

    Hi, I’m afraid the show isn’t really suitable for 2 year olds. We’ve had 5 year olds in, but I think 2 is probably a bit young. It depends on whether she/he will happily sit in your lap! And no, you don’t need a ticket for her/him.

    Sue Flack


    +34 653990632

    [email protected]

    [email protected]


  • Tugce


    over 7 years

    Is there a limitation for child age? I have a 2 yo kid, can I bring her to the show? If yes, do I need a ticket for her?

  • La X del mapa

    La X del mapa

    over 7 years

    Con vídeo me parece genial y lanzo mi granito. Las fotos son magníficas, pero disfrutar el musical en casa... ¡creo que eso os hubiera hecho aumentar los mecenas muchísimo! :)
    (Y más con subtítulos)

  • Escapade Theatre Company

    Escapade Theatre Company

    over 7 years

    Thanks for contacting and thinking about pledging. Yes that is true, but as you will have to pledge three times 25€, probably it'd be better to do 1 pledge of 25€ and another one for 50€, in order to save time.


    Escapade Team

  • Anita Roberts

    Anita Roberts

    over 7 years

    As I pledged 75 € does it mean we have 3 tickets booked for the 1st night?

  • Escapade Theatre Company

    Escapade Theatre Company

    over 7 years

    Hola Dudando (no sé tu nombre),

    La verdad, no nos habíamos planteado algo así pero creo que lo podríamos arreglar, claro que si. En principio como veo que te interesa la filmación de la obra sugiero que por los 25€ te daremos el USB con el video de la obra íntegro.

    Creo que también podríamos hacer la siguiente oferta:

    Menciones y agradecimientos en el programa de mano, en la página web, en facebook, en twiter…
    + Dos posters/mosaico de la obra firmados
    + Un naipe abre-botellas de acero
    + Un Pen drive USB con 8Gb de capacidad (con la peli que pides)
    + Un libro de Alice in Wonderland de MacMillan (la editorial que publicó la primera edición del libro)
    + Un reproductor MP3 con una micro sd de 2Gb (con la banda sonora original de la obra)
    + Una baraja de cartas en "papel Oro"

    Por 50€

    ¿Qué te parece?



  • Dudando


    over 7 years

    No he hecho: es una pregunta previa.

  • Escapade Theatre Company

    Escapade Theatre Company

    over 7 years

    Estimado amigo/a,

    Por el nombre (Dudando) no sé quién eres, ¿me puedes decir con qué nombre hiciste una aportación?


    El equipo de Escapade Theatre

  • Dudando


    over 7 years

    Buenas, tengo un amargo lamento y una pregunta con esperanza: ¡qué pena no poder asistir! ¿...podría ser una recompensa el dvd, o un usb, con la filmación?

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