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Alexia Chellun - New Album

The idea for this album is to record a collection of my songs in a live studio setting. Recording instruments live is taking things back to the old fashioned way, where recordings were made to capture an energy, capture a performance or capture a vibe. This is what I want with this album.

Alexia Chellun

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Recording the album

Hi there,

I'm really excited about this album. I've been working on it for about 9 months with the songwriting and the pre-production aspects, and we are now in the final stages with rehearsals and approaching the recording dates. I'm working with some incredible musicians and feel very honoured that they are working on this album.

We are due to record in April and I need your help to get this album finished. In exchange for whatever you can offer I have a list of rewards, so you can choose which one most suits you. I have given a breakdown of the what we are using the money for, so that you can have an idea of what your contributions are going towards.

The great thing about crowdfunding is that there is direct contact between you and me. You are now part of this album, part of this story and part of the creation.

Thank you so much.


Skype chats, digital downloads, tickets to our concerts, personal hand crafted gifts, studio passes, house concerts and many more..

Estimated calendar

We would like to deliver the rewards soon after finishing the album, aprox May/June. Although some rewards might be delivered later on in the year depending on locations.

Cost for making the album

1000€ - Production
800€ - Recording studio costs

1200€ - Mixing and Mastering

1400€ - Musicians work
600€ - Music Video Recordings and photos

This is what the money is going towards. If I go over the target then I will spend the money on promotion so as to get the album heard more. Therefore allowing the music to expand further and in the hope of performing more concerts.

How it works

*I will only receive your money if I reach the budget goal within 40 days and the campaign is successful. Only then will the money will be taken from your account.

Let me know if you have any questions!*

Thank you

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for supporting me and allowing for this creative endeavour to exist.

Alexia :)

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  • Alexia Chellun

    Alexia Chellun

    about 8 years

    Hola Anna.

    Ahora veo tu pregunta. Pues va hasta el 18 Abril 2016.

    Gracias :)

  • Anna


    about 8 years

    qual es la fecha maxima para aportar dinero?

#03 / THANK YOU !!

Dear friends,

We did it !!

We have crossed the finish line together and I am so happy and grateful that it has been a joint venture. This whole process has been exciting, challenging and humbling. Exiting...because of the new music and working creatively each day.

Challenging...because I have never been very good at asking people for help. It has taught me so much and allowed for very deep personal growth. (as much as I like doing things by myself I very much like sharing with others too and so now I’m cultivating a fine balance between the two)

Humbling...because I realise that people have huge heart and are willing to give a when asked.

You have all surprised me very much with all your contributions and another surprise is how far and wide my music has reach. I have received contributions from the UK, France, Ecuador, Argentina, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia,… read more

#02 / New Song

Hi everyone

I thought that you might like to hear a song that will feature on my next album, which will also be graced with soothing piano, double bass and percussion.

Aquí está una de las nuevas canciones que estará en mi próximo disco, que también será honrado con relajante piano, contrabajo y percusión.

I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you again. Much love :)

#01 / 'All that Remains' - Video

Hey folks

Thank you for your contributions. A very kind gesture. Here is a video of one of the songs that will feature on the album that you are sponsoring. It will be with double bass, piano and drums all is a groovy style ;)

I hope that you enjoy it!

Much love



(here are the lyrics)

Dancing on the moonlight of my life

Teary eyed I'm smiling as I stare over the crowd

Surfing the shadows of my mind

I thought I'd been everywhere and still there's more to find

All that I'm left with here is love

All that remains with me is love

Coz love will guide my way, will ease the day, will keep me safe

I may fall once I may fall twice

But I'll get up again on that I bet my life

You take my hand and lead me

A place where you let go until I walk right back to you

So take one look and then walk away

Oh, take one chance and live the words you say

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