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"Raining frogs!"

Raining frogs! is a "novel with ilustrations" that narrates the adventures of Paco, his pet Valentin, and two young immigrant who are coupled to the shaft of his truck, en route to Paris. "Against xenophobia and discrimination, solidarity and brotherhood among children."

Belén Boville

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Paco is a 11 year old child traveling in a truck with his parents handing out hams. After spending several days at Chano farm, they begin a journey through Europe in search of his son, the uncle Jaime, who emigrated in the 70s and never heard from him. Accompanied by his pet, the pig Valentine and two young stowaways from Morocco, and Ahmed and Yusuf, they will live all kinds of adventures until reaching Paris.

The novel describes with humor and tenderness issues of our century: the transformation of the rural world, ecology, migration of globalization and the new family models.

This project begins with the publication of this book, soon to be a feature film, a road movie with truck and stowaways, on the highways of Europe.

How this project arose

For several years we lived in El Palmar de Vejer, a pristine rural beach in Cadiz, where my family and I experienced all kinds of adventures in nature.

We enjoyed an authentic relationship with the Atlantic Ocean, fearsome east wind and animals that lived close. Shipwrecks, births, storms ... even contemplated the landing of a fragile boat full of people, men, women and children who risked their lives to reach Europe.

We lived in a hut with orchard. Our neighbors worked as farmers. Our dogs were gang with neighborhood dogs, and scurried from one house to another: among them was Valentin, an iberian pig that blended with the other dogs, and that is one of the protagonists of the novel's Raining frogs !

Life then brought me to America, and after several months in the Peruvian Amazon, adopted my daughter, who came with 7 years to Spain. Her fascination with "the developed world" is the fascination of Ahmed and Yusuf, which is reflected in the adventures with Paco.

The project was initially a story of environmental education: the transformation of the countryside and rejection of ecological practices.

Gradually the story was taking shape with all the ingredients of today: migration, travel to developed countries and search for the family.

The printed book will give way to the production of the film with 3Monstruos Productions( latest films of Carlos Saura).

This edition is promoted by Divert, a non-profit association.

Atists involved in the project: Valencian painter, Dolors Balaguer has made the illustrations of the interior, and Basque artista, Jon Beltran de Guevara, has designed the cover.

We developed this project while the drama of refugees takes place: the thousands of children who are going through Europe with their families to reach the developed North.

This novel contemplates a similar problem: how northafrican children leave everything they have to reach Europe and get education, work and peace; so it is a reading that makes us think and put ourselves in the place of those children.

How to we will invest your contributions

To get the book becomes editable on paper and ebook. To get the book becomes editable on paper covering the cost of a first edition of 1,000 copies in Spanish (illustrators, model maker, design and printing), partners gifts (magnets, mugs, bags...) and shipments.

If we get far exceed the Spanish edition, we will make an edition in English and French, and if the Germans are encouraged and found sponsorship, also in German. We have two great translators who want to collaborate in the project. Each edition costs approximately 3,000 euros (translation, layout, printing).

It is an ambitious project. From the beginning is presented as a fun way to spread the values of environmental education, solidarity and integration.

We want to reach schools because it is a tool for education in the values that have always been part of our culture. To do this we also want to create a notebook of activities and games related to the book, because you learn best playing.

The book Raining frogs! is going to publish as paperback, with softcover: and a size of 12.7 x 20.32 cms.

Later and with great enthusiasm we undertake the production of the film "Raining frogs!" with producer Tres Monstruos and Movistar plus. That's the next adventure.


The best reward is to enjoy books and reading with a child...


Each book will be accompanied by a bookmark designed by Dolo, and coloured by Jon:


Some of the rewards will have a round magnet for the fridge.

Custom rewards

I want the rewards have a point of exclusivity and originality.

Both tshirts, bags and cups are customized. Besides the design of the rain of frogs (as in the magnet) I will paint each bag and each shirt with something different, even with the name that will receive the gift, and a frog that fall from the sky; also the cups. In my younger years I lived painting shirts ... so, I return to the old ways.


100x100 cotton shirts, custom screen printed and hand. You must tell us your size and your name if you want to appear ....


Bags, cotton 100x100, will have a unique design hand-painted, screen printing plus.


The cups also have a touch chic and unique hand painted with ceramic paint:


All rewards will receive our personal thanks to the Facebook page of the book and on my own, and Verkami blog: what I call gratitude on social networks.

Dedicatoria printed in book

Some rewards include a special thanks: the name of the person, whether adult or child / the institution or company will appear written and printed in the acknowledgments page of the book.

Manuscript Dedicatoria

All rewards are a godsend: I will draw and write a dedication: a drawing and a few words of affection to people who have made the contribution. Their names also will be printed in the acknowledgments section.


Sponsorship is a very strong impetus. Companies or institutions can support the issue for three reasons:

1) because they like the book, and they want to contribute to education in current values, respect for the environment and different cultures.

2) because its brand or institution have something to do with everything that is being told and want to contribute financing the book.

3) because it seems very fun and original the possibility of appearing as part of the plot.

There are several storylines to incorporate a particular brand (hams, trucks and sports, market place) or organization / institution.

Our proposal to brands and organizations is, in exchange for financial support with different amounts (300 € / 500 € / 800 € / 2500 €) multiple possibilities:

1) logo on back cover.

2) logo on front and back cover.

3) logo on the cover, back cover and interior illustrations.

4) inclusion of products (eg hams brands / vehicles) or services (market place) in the plot development and logo on the back.

5) exclusivity: inclusion of the brand in the plot development and logo on front, back, inside illustrations and objects / rewards.

In any case we are ready to negotiate any of these sponsorships to adjust to what the sponsor needs.


The rewards include shipping within the national territory of Spain (shipping to the Peninsula, Canary and Balearic Islands).

International shipping has an extra cost of 8 €.

International shipments of large quantities are subject to budget.


The book is already written, illustrated and formated; we just need to get him into print with adequate temperature and energy, which are your contributions.

If the campaign works and get the necessary support the book could be printed for shipment during the month of May / June and become a very original gift because it can be dedicated to children who are going to read.

This coincides with the spring and summer: the book is also a perfect companion for the summer holidays and to read with mom or dad because it has many hidden keys.

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Raining frogs!

Belén Boville
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  • Belén Boville

    Belén Boville

    about 8 years

    Hello Sarah, I´ll be very happy if you read this book in Canada, the cost of international shipping by Correos (Spanish National Mail) is 2.56€ (2,9$) x 1 book.

    If you need more information, please, write to me

    Belén Boville

    [email protected]

  • Sarah Cowley

    Sarah Cowley

    about 8 years

    I live in Canada. Is there international shipping?

#04 / Presentación en La Zafra y vídeos y alguna noticia más

Queridos "Matrocinadores": el libro "¡Llueven Ranas!" ya es una realidad.

El pasado sábado hicimos una presentación estupenda en La Zafra (Villena) vinieron 70 personas, muchos de vosotros y pudimos entregar algunos de los libros y recompensas. La celebración fue en nuestro Califato independiente, y nos pusieron un montón de vídeos en youtube (vídeos cortitos) que podéis seguir o visionar....

Este es el primero y donde se ve la tienda con las camisetas, los libros y todos los regalos asociados:


en este y los siguientes agradezco a todos los "matrocinadores" vuestro apoyo y voy repartiendo las recompensas y libros:


y en este, el locutor y rapsoda Juanma Vera lee un par de capítulos:


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#03 / Sobre las recompensas

Queridos Mecenas:

Estamos en el ecuador de esta aventura empresarial...

siempre me habían dicho que era una emprendedora nata, pero lo que pasa es que soy muy osada y aventurera, pues gestionar una empresa, por simple que sea, es un tema complicado, y más para los que sabemos contar historias pero no números, como me pasa a mí.

Habéis confiado este proyecto y aquí estoy buscando los mejores proveedores para que todo el mundo reciba, además del libro, la camiseta, bolsa, imán o taza, además de los marcapáginas.

Así que, de nuevo os voy a pedir vuestra colaboración. Os voy a mandar un email y un formulario para que todo llegue a buen puerto. En este formulario os pediré vuestra dirección postal, el teléfono (si me lo queréis dar) y la talla de camiseta (aquellos que eligieron esta recompensa).

Os agradezco un montón todo vuestro apoyo. Sigo trabajando, y en breve tendréis noticias mías.

#02 / ¡¡Lo conseguimos!!: Siguientes pasos...

La novela infantil ¡Llueven ranas! va a ser editada por la Asociación Divert, con la ayuda de un montón de personas (más de 100 mecenas) que han apoyado el proyecto mediante crowdfunding. Cuando los anteojos estrechos de las instituciones financieras no permiten apoyar proyectos de interés cultural y social, nos fundimos con la multitud.



A partir de hoy 9 de mayo, cuando finaliza la campaña de crowdfunding, Verkami pone en marcha el proceso de pago: el compromiso que los mecenas han adquirido apoyando la edición, por lo que es necesario que las distintas cantidades aportadas estén en la cuenta del banco utilizada.

Y ahora: ¿cuáles son los siguientes pasos?

Verkami, durante 10 días reunirá los 3.492 €, que es el dinero obtenido mediante la campaña de crowdfunding. En estos diez días gestionará los impagosread more

#01 / Presentación de "!Llueven RANAS!" y relato negro

A todos los que me estáis ayudando y que, con los ojos cerrados , creéis en este proyecto:

estamos de EN HORA BUENA, porque el proyecto para la edición del libro "¡Llueven RANAS!! ha empezado a andar.

Ayer tarde, se inauguró el proyecto en la Plataforma Verkami..... y en menos de 1 hora habíamos conseguido los primeros 100 euros....

HOY hemos hecho una presentación oficial: porque a todo hay que darle su pequeña ceremonia, y luego os contaré por qué.

Han venido a La Zafra, un pueblecito de Villena (Alicante) donde está la Asociación Divert y nuestra casa, un grupo de amigos a la presentación del libro y el proyecto en una pantalla grande.

Algunos de ellos son personas mayores, con muchos años pero también con mucha ilusión y brillo en los ojos, como Carlos Orbe, y muchas ganas de seguir aprendiendo....por lo que he explicado qué es una campaña de crowdfunding y cómo la economía colaborativa permitía desarrollar proyectos culturales prescindiendo de la read more

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